Game of Spoilers - A Telltale Series

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Collided Worlds
Collided Worlds - 6 dager siden
Tortilla Jackson
Tortilla Jackson - 18 dager siden
Reborn Kusabi
Reborn Kusabi - 21 dag siden
Oh cool- this game reflects the show- meaning it's a total fucking waste of time!
So accurate!
Артем Мячин
Артем Мячин - Måned siden
The game is actually really good tho. Shame they'll never do a sequel now =(
Gabriel Poggio
Gabriel Poggio - 2 måneder siden
Markus G
Markus G - 4 måneder siden
I legit swear that if anyone actually reads this, the tudors is surprisingly a good show. My x forced me to watch it and yea it's not like thrones but its still a good show through and through
Clarion XL
Clarion XL - 4 måneder siden
1:51 What everyone is here for
EK X - 5 måneder siden
Dull affair.
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen - 5 måneder siden
Fuck TellTale.
Elliot Deverell-White
Elliot Deverell-White - 7 måneder siden
Blood? Blood. Blood, blood, blood. Blood.
Mr. Obunga • 20 years ago
Mr. Obunga • 20 years ago - 7 måneder siden
Jamie got saved by the Bells right there
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy - 7 måneder siden
Why would he say “the north remembers” before the red wedding happened
Haprna lters
Haprna lters - 3 måneder siden
I think the north also remebers that one time when Ned got his fucking head chopped off, but idk thats just a guess
Djory Charles
Djory Charles - 8 måneder siden
"Oh, look, it's the main character of Game of Thrones"
Yea, that aged like a pair of broken legs
John Doe
John Doe - 8 måneder siden
I just see the White Tree of Gondor on the banners.
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 8 måneder siden
"oH i CaN cHoOsE wHaT mEmE i SaY!"
"The north remembers!"
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 9 måneder siden
Though the kazoo intro is great, I think we needed the villager parody.
Mark Burns
Mark Burns - 9 måneder siden
So I'm guessing you didn't like it.
Dion Evans
Dion Evans - 9 måneder siden
Marcus: "Huh. So, the Forrester family is pretty interesting. I can't wait to see where this story will take them and all of the important decisions they can make!"
*Marcus Kills the Forrester Family and Destroys Any Lasting Effect They Could Have Made*
Kymani E
Kymani E - 9 måneder siden
This is a fucking thing WTF!
Shade - 10 måneder siden
"Now you might be wondering how I got into this situation..." lmao too good
Jonathan Griffiths
Jonathan Griffiths - 11 måneder siden
The game is so lame, they want to punish you for every "choice" you made. Then they lead to the same fucking ending every time
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura - 11 måneder siden
You think you can make meaningful choices!? were gonna KILL your hopes and dreams!
WhiskeyJack - 11 måneder siden
I just stopped playing after they kill the boy character regardless of what you do. Twist shock deaths are a staple of the series, I know, but in a videogame? It's bullshit.
The Extermina6
The Extermina6 - År siden
the not-names killed me!!!
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend - År siden
0:55 wow...
cky0444 - År siden
I wish I could see this entire play through
totes jokin
totes jokin - År siden
Your use of Darkplace quotes pleases my soul
J S Ellery
J S Ellery - År siden
Duuuuude! Loving the content - not sure how many people know about Garth Marenghi though... that could definitely be a fun thing to talk about... (the perfection of how purposefully BAD it is and yet... it's not bad for trying to be bad, like so many other things that try to be bad for the laughs... like... everything is perfectly bad; the lighting, the editing, the dialogue, the effects, the AR, the music, the everything it's all awful and yet it's all absolutely on purpose... I love it...)
The tutor's was actually really good and it's success was one of key reasons for green lighting of got
Dana Himrich
Dana Himrich - År siden
"So I guess that's Not-Bran...and he's the king..."
Dude you freaking called it.
Nikolai Gaming
Nikolai Gaming - 11 måneder siden
I see all came here to see we've been beaten to he punch
M Z - År siden
I was about to write that xd
jim zimmer
jim zimmer - År siden
J.M. Berenswick he might be the three eyed raven
MarkSoupial - År siden
"Not-Bran, and he's the king" the spoilers were real
Alibey Bal
Alibey Bal - År siden
Omg! This game's shit!
Ben Day
Ben Day - År siden
I want "I am the boy King and I demand your sticky fingers! Chop Chop!" as my ringtone
wilder cerrate
wilder cerrate - År siden
This game is lowkey one of my favorite telltale games. I killed that lowborn kid to save meera lmao lil tucker didnt see it coming
that one stormtrooper
that one stormtrooper - År siden
I'd rather play this than watch season 8.
ravenesse - År siden
Excuse me, but a horsey falling down on you is not as lame as getting bitch-stabbed.
Gui c
Gui c - År siden
This game was a letdown ,😥
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss - År siden
"the north remembers" ... the red wedding .... which is about to happen....
Outofvlue - Måned siden
Or that time when Ned's dad was tortured in front of his older brother? Yea, theyve got a lot lf stuff to remember
isaias chacon
isaias chacon - 2 måneder siden
No he remembers that neds head got chopped off
Mr. Obunga • 20 years ago
Mr. Obunga • 20 years ago - 7 måneder siden
He's clairvoyent it's a subtle character trait that requires the audience to have at the most 200 IQ
Ryay Meh
Ryay Meh - År siden
So what was the point with all the characters if they all just died with little to no impact
Rohan Kishibe and 『Heaven's Door』
Ah yes, the game Telltale acquired to cash in on the popularity. The game where the entire plot is "Nothing Happens, This Is Just Set-up For The Next Season (That Will Never Happen)".
Ethan Forrester - Dead because Plot Armor Psycho kills him.
Ryan and Talia Forrester - They do nothing important, maybe next season (never).
Gared Tuttle - has to find the Mcguffin Place that will be important in the future seasons (never).
Rodrik and Asher - Determinant. You can choose who can die, doesn't matter, Telltale choices never mattered.
Mira Forrester - Not-Sansa either gets the Neddy Stark or she marries a guy to be written off the game.
Lord Touch Me
Lord Touch Me - År siden
*The background doesnt care anymore*
Yeah every telltale game
Basios Rasian
Basios Rasian - År siden
I hate watching shows weekly it’s so annoying.
sam pettey
sam pettey - År siden
4:02 Tyrone Lancaster
DerajAzden - År siden
Is this the greatest gaming video of all time?
Scruffy Looking Brantforder
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Awesome
MUTILUX - År siden
Yo don't ask why but I need to know where that "Beep beep!" Is from
I'm Batman
I'm Batman - År siden
I like the Castlevania: SotN music in part of it.
ACD - År siden
UHM sorry yes the the use of a rumjacks song at the end of your video!! Like nobody knows them!
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor - År siden
What the fuck man Why. wasn’t there a SPOILER WARNING!
TheSaiyanPrincess89 - År siden
Uh, that's "Not-Robb," you fucking heathen.
Study Allen
Study Allen - År siden
@7:30 I love how you just go from this is the boring plot line to being totally invested
Obli - År siden
he looks like human shrek but small lmao
Rachel Hewett
Rachel Hewett - År siden
And you can't forget the one whose trapped in Kings Landing. Y'know...not-Sansa
Fred lol
Fred lol - År siden
Wtf The Tudors is gr8/8
thegamingchance - År siden
Gared and Mira storylines are pointless, Rodrick and Asher are fun though
Biscuit Boi
Biscuit Boi - År siden
Were you drunk during this 🤣
M N - År siden
it annoys me to see how many people spout that nothing matters or that gareds storyline pointless.
1. its telltale, its common knowledge that the "choices matter" thing is bs. take it as a narrative story you curve, and not a choose your own adventure dnd. this game was done in like 2014, a video game dnd wont really happen til 2030, divinity is the closest we got.
2. obviously gareds storyline doesnt go anywhere yet. its season 1. nobodys stories will go anywhere because this series was basically cancelled. you can say that everyone else is worthless in the context of gareds story (which is arguably the more significant)
Rohan Kishibe and 『Heaven's Door』
1. Plenty of games have branching choices that at least tries to beat you off the path. PLENTY. Text based games have this better since they only need to focus on text, and many visual novels have done this to the point where the Zero Escape games have this as a meta-narrative. Narrative is a poor excuse when they're well known for being the "choice based" game. 2. Gared is off to find Mcguffin, you can tell they don't really know what the Mcguffin is because all they tell you is it's super important and by the end of the season you still learn so little about it and is just one big filler set-up to keep this going, because it's GoT, gotta have many controllable characters, see? Like the show? These not-Starks are so much like the show? Do you get it?
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya - År siden
This game was great I don't know why you're ripping on it so hard
Dave Gunner
Dave Gunner - År siden
Very funny, nice vid
Bell Matthew
Bell Matthew - År siden
The Tudors was good doe.