Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - The Weirdest Movie We've Watched

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Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd - 7 timer siden
This movie looks like a Linkin Park music video...but bad.
Sergio Aragón Iturri
Sergio Aragón Iturri - 2 dager siden
I actually watched 1 min into your video and I had to pause it, just hearing that Shrek is better and that it is just ok, you dumb fucks, that movie is awesome and way ahead of its time but what would you know, only by your appearance I can tell your channel sucks and you just talk shit to get viewers since this shit ass society is as fucked up as this channel.
mobius one
mobius one - 7 dager siden
alot of drugs were involved in the making of this film
Hbabamb Roadz
Hbabamb Roadz - 12 dager siden
Looking at the movies visuals, they just don’t look like a movie to me for some reason
Cristian Genete
Cristian Genete - 16 dager siden
Why not call this the Winny Variety Hour? This movie was produced almost 20 years ago...It had pretty great CG models for the time. A good scenario and dialogue. You can feel emotional impact regarding most of the characters. How nice some 25 year olds decided to bash on the movie because the seem to know better, ffs. I'm tired of this channel, really.
Henry Allsup
Henry Allsup - 18 dager siden
Ramen Quest
Ramen Quest - 21 dag siden
I remember being so excited as a kid to see this in theater.
And then walking out going "What the fuck did I just watch???"
Tatsgato - 22 dager siden
I was a kid when this movie came out and I remember it being one of my favorite movies, probably just because it looked really nice (for the time). I also remember thinking the main 2 were Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck for the longest time until I searched it up somewhat recently lol
Héctor Jr. Montes de Oca González
Wait, I thought you guys were gonna say Ben Affleck on minute 3:08.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 24 dager siden
It's kind of amazing how Boss Baby just completely eclipses Alec Baldwin's entire career.
TrueBeachBoy - 26 dager siden
Haha my uncle made this movie, probably why he’s such a grouchy bastard.
solomon sessums
solomon sessums - Måned siden
"His soul hole" some adventure time shit.
JoJoKiwi - Måned siden
I lost it at :6:48 😂😂😂
Dunky Vs Life
Dunky Vs Life - Måned siden
I really like this movie...but I’m not very bright
AR Ramos
AR Ramos - Måned siden
Smokey La Bear
Smokey La Bear - Måned siden
I saw this movie in a theater in 2001. I remember feeling impressed by the motion capture, but the rest of the movie was pretty bland and forgettable.
Scree - Måned siden
the dreams this girl is having and the whole "theyre just trying to survive" is just enders game shit
Tusken Reader
Tusken Reader - Måned siden
It's like the worst ripoff of Titan A.E. ever
(Like if you remember that movie)
fitsum tessema
fitsum tessema - Måned siden
wow, this came out in 2001?...50 sins removed
NiD0 Ravensbeard
NiD0 Ravensbeard - Måned siden
I think the creators were pissed off whenever Final Fantasy fans tried to explain the entire convoluted plot whenever they wanted the creators to play, so they reacted by making a confusing Final Fantasy movie that is everything BUT Final Fantasy and being all like “YEAH. *THIS IS HOW IT FUCKING FEELS MOTHER FUCKERS. EAT SHIT”*
Pickle Nik
Pickle Nik - Måned siden
I realized half this movies plot is just the Alien plot of Enders game. With Alien invaders threatening the world, and humans constantly fighting back, the main character tree also has visions/dreams about the aliens, because it turns out the aliens just want to survive
TearDownGenesis - Måned siden
The graphics of this movie were amazing at the time. If someone is criticizing that they don't know wtf they are talking about. The rest of the movie......
Evan Lai
Evan Lai - Måned siden
What makes me even sadder is that Xenogears 2 got canned for this
Locke Gran
Locke Gran - Måned siden
I only remembered watched this once as a kid and don't remember what happened in the whole movie. I like Aki Ross though, still does and I don't know why. Watching this video, I realize that it need a better pacing for the first part(or just cut it imo) and make it more engaging. Or heck, just rewrote the whole thing and change the title. The fact the villain make a compelling motivation to you instead of the main character definitely speaks volume of the writing.
Adam Caldwell
Adam Caldwell - Måned siden
Gaia is a Greek God
Enrique Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz - Måned siden
I sat, in a theater, all by myself, with some popcorn and a soda, thru the entire thing... God only knows HOW I did not fell asleep...
idk - Måned siden
i saw this in the theater. i don't remember it at all.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - Måned siden
I bet Max Caulfield's thoughts on this movie are more interesting than the actual movie.
Carmelo - Måned siden
I watched this in the cinema when I was like 12. Most impressive shit I had ever seen.
Sam Apple
Sam Apple - Måned siden
Just got done bouncing on my boys dick to this!
Michael Bradley-Robbins
Michael Bradley-Robbins - Måned siden
At least it's waaaay better than Advent Children. Actually, Advent Children had way better action, but the dub was awful and the story was weird. Granted, I haven't played any of the games, so I have zero context. The Spirits Within is definitely one of my favorite scifi films, though.
Timothy Dalbeck
Timothy Dalbeck - Måned siden
Gaia is very important to the plot of this movie. Gaia is the spirit of the Earth and every living being comes from Gaia and when they die they return to the Gaia spirit with the experiences they gained.
fuck2016 - Måned siden
Saw this movie as a kid and it freaked me out the cgi obviously didn’t hold up but in the early 2000s shit was crazy to see
LordGabbe - Måned siden
2:28 Father Gascoigne theme, pretty epic
SonoBryce - 2 måneder siden
I love Dan so much lol
Daniel Guajardo
Daniel Guajardo - 2 måneder siden
I saw it at the theatre. A long time ago. And by then this was kind of awesome. Now it looks dumb.
Hello my Friend
Hello my Friend - 2 måneder siden
We need US Mother fucker merch
jp12x - 2 måneder siden
This needs to be cut into a Riff mp3. You guys are funny.
jp12x - 2 måneder siden
I thought the guy looks like Ben Affleck.
The more I watch your videos, the more we agree. You are awesome. Hoping I like this one, too.'re awesome.
Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?
The only reason people hate on this movie like they did was because it had the same name as the games, so the FF kids got mad seeing an adult sci-fi drama when the FF kids were the wrong target demographic for the film.
If they'd called it something else and marketed it diffently then this film might have had a revolutionary effect on America's receptivity to 3D animation.
It's infuriating seeing this film getting completely passed over despite its absolutely gorgeous aesthetics and inspired production design.
Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?
Watching films like this is a travesty, and you should be ashamed, Marcus. The other guy is acting like a petulant cretin.
This film was an absolutely amazing experience in the theater, and the sheer beauty of the production design alone is more than enough reason to not go in with such extreme prejudice and petulance. No work of art deserves this, and it's a loss for anyone who does go into a film like this.
_Bookleman - 2 måneder siden
Saying “they made the enemies translucent to only make half a render” is like saying “they didn’t film it in front of a green screen, that way they won’t have to remove the green screen behind the actors!” It’s not easier that way, it’s harder.
Skittlesbug - 2 måneder siden
i watched this movie a bunch as a kid. it was really confusing and weird, and i was especially terrified of all the red ghosts flying around. it has a very special place in my heart for that haha
also as a tiny very gay child, i firmly fell in love with the main character
Christian Raymundo
Christian Raymundo - 2 måneder siden
so happy someone remembers lost planet
Thiha Oo
Thiha Oo - 2 måneder siden
hey, i liked it tho. did you know netflix has the same live action movie lol same story with this final fantasy, Spectral.
Johnny Salami
Johnny Salami - 2 måneder siden
“My father’s in here”
Bruh that shit had me dying
D-RgK Pink
D-RgK Pink - 2 måneder siden
16:36 watch as this man’s corpse clips through a pipe
logan findecanose
logan findecanose - 2 måneder siden
why does cartoon Ben affleck sound like Alec Baldwin???
Gurgle - 2 måneder siden
The ned was like the first World Of Light cutscene.
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash - 2 måneder siden
I found it a nice movie. One of those movies that others find boring/etc but I can find something in it
Some Random Somalili Saatçi
Some Random Somalili Saatçi - 2 måneder siden
8:42 Well they are walking sooo...
micca903 - 2 måneder siden
Come on kids, be reasonable. This was 2001. There really weren't any semi realistic full CGI movies made until this one. The PS2 was just about released. Final fantasy 9 was just released or had to be released.
Troy Blackford
Troy Blackford - 2 måneder siden
There's NO acknowledgement from you two dudes that this movie is just about your age. It's 19 years old. You act like it's five years old. The tech isn't impressive NOW, but it probably was in 2001.
Raul Olivas
Raul Olivas - 2 måneder siden
My buddy dragged us to this in theaters.. all three of proceeded to fall asleep within the first 30 minutes of it. Woke up mid-credits.. needless to say, it was a very quiet ride home..
katesicle - 2 måneder siden
Okay at the time those graphics were AMAZING and tbh I think it holds up well as an animated movie
weaponxa - 2 måneder siden
Final Fantasy: The Movies Within
Armando DABR
Armando DABR - 2 måneder siden
I love this movie
Vito C
Vito C - 2 måneder siden
0:45 - EVERY movie looks worse than Shrek.
Shrek is peak cinema.
Taz041 - 2 måneder siden
It’s sad how the acting in this movie is still better than Kristen Stewart in Twilight
Feels BadMan
Feels BadMan - 2 måneder siden
"Florida! That's where we are"
Oh... *closes tab*