Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Both Brilliant and Flawed

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Bokie - 14 timer siden
i bet the player himself get's to decide who will live or die. it's like the flirt options between tifa and aeris
Alex Sprat
Alex Sprat - Dag siden
I forgot to come back and watch this after I beat the game and now that I have...
Holy shit Marcus enjoyed the story. I actually can’t believe it.
Golden Boy Benny
Golden Boy Benny - 2 dager siden
The train graveyard was in the original I know I played that part not to long ago but I understand why you missed the seaur bit it lasted like 2 seconds in the original.
Hayley Richmeier
Hayley Richmeier - 2 dager siden
I played the remake first and I loved the characters and story, but the ending was super confusing for me. Now I understand it and appreciate it for what it is doing with the story after I went back and researched more. I was always hesitant to play the original because of how outdated the graphics are, but I gave it a shot. Once I got past the visuals I focused a lot more on the story and found it super interesting how it was compared to the remake. I'm not finished with the original yet, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I watched a game movie of Crisis Core because I don't have a PSP and loved that too (it broke me oof). I'm looking forward to watching Advent Children after I finish the original to get even more of the story. When I get into things I get in deep because I love learning everything I can about the universe to fully appreciate all the work put in. So comparing my experience of starting with the remake and learning everything else after to someone who has seen everything and is now playing the remake is really interesting. I'm so glad I got into this game and can't wait for future installments.
LionBoy 27
LionBoy 27 - 2 dager siden
The part of the padding that really got to me was when the second bombing mission was 3 long dungeons in a row.
Tomo Beat
Tomo Beat - Dag siden
They pretty much show how big Midgar is.
FlyyGuyy - 3 dager siden
I loathe Wedge
Brandon Waters
Brandon Waters - 4 dager siden
I love this video but square did say it was only for fans
ThechronocrosserII - 9 dager siden
Didn't they show aerith's death for like a split second at the end? I'm late, just finished this game two days ago.
Tom Weise
Tom Weise - 10 dager siden
I personally hadn’t played FFVII but played all the other FF’s since then (X is my fave). I will say I watched Advent Children and knew enough of the plot of the original game to know Aerith died in the end. Knowing the very basics, I think the game actually doesn’t need to hold your hand or set too much up because for a relatively new player like me, they left it ambiguous enough for me to fill in the gaps myself without needing everything explained. Also, knowing that they’ll explain it in future sequels if they’re made. I also loved the character development in all of the characters and Aerith quickly became one of my fave FF characters of all time so knowing she might die has stuck with me since she appeared and it makes me sad :(
Corbin Markey
Corbin Markey - 12 dager siden
Can I just say that I think the Zack thing works both for FF7 vets and noobs? A newcomer, who's already seen that Cloud has a bit of a tenuous grasp on reality, looks at this guy and goes, 'Wait, who's this Cloud looking guy? He's dressed like him, has the same sword, but who is he? I'm intrigued and want to find out! Etc., etc.' I have a friend who hasn't played the original game playing this game now, he loves it and I'm anticipating that will be his reaction lol.
Thicc Iroh
Thicc Iroh - 13 dager siden
“I usually tune Marcus out when he starts a sentence with ‘the implications’” - Dan
shannon1242 - 13 dager siden
Remake did the best job with Sephiroth then any other character. I think it's because I liked different things about Sephiroth from the original than the reviewer. Sephiroth in other games has a ton of focus on his physical strength but they don't go into his manipulative side that can use illusions outside of the original. I thought Sephiroth in the original went out of his way to mentally torture Cloud. He didn't ignore him. He burned down his town and gave him a fuck you look. He killed Aerith in front of him (after failing to make Cloud kill her himself) and gave him a fuck you look and mocked his grief. He twisted the story of Nibelheim to mentally break Cloud. The remake has nothing BUT fuck you looks from Sephiroth and reminders of how weak Cloud is. Until the end that is....when there is a new tenderness? Remake Sephiroth gives far more of a shit about Cloud then Jenova. He has individual agency now.
They nailed his over the top body language that his lego sprite did. Raising his hands up and to the side. Looking up dramatically. Making an over dramatic kneel. He even flies! In the original, he floated and teleported a ton and they did a bad job of explaining why and you just sorta went with it. They brought that back with more context.
Sephiroth is both pretty and scary. Most of the time you see Sephiroth is a POV shot so Sephiroth stares directly at the player and walks towards you with such purpose it makes you flinch. When you see him you are agitated and worried. The final fight gave you similar anxiety and excitement as the original. (Music helps a ton). I also liked how understated his voice was. Not a huge focus on texture but just soft and not so much menacing but just...quiet confidence.
shannon1242 - 13 dager siden
100% in agreement on LOVING the ending and the implications of it being an old fan. I don't understand why people are trashing on a concept that "might" be bad but we haven't seen it executed so why not wait to see what they do with it before worrying about it? Watching playthroughs with those who have zero experience with the game actually seemed to make them more forgiving and the majority of them liked the ending as confusing at it is. The only ones mad are the ones who liked the original and want zero changes.
I think new players experienced the same things old players did even if they introduced things differently. Midgar is huge! Whoa, Sephiroth is intimidating. Is Cloud crazy? Who is the guy who kinda looks like Cloud but has black hair? Everyone wants a piece of Cloud! This music is amazing! etc. Same things we did for a lot of the game in 96.
Liam Andrews
Liam Andrews - 16 dager siden
Pokémon still uses turn based combat, and even kids like that. If turn based combat is done correctly it can be really fun
Jonathan - 16 dager siden
Technically, FF12 was turn based, just the ATB was backwards. Instead of waiting for it to fill and selecting an action, you'd select an action and each one had a certain amount of time to ready. Some actions would be instant, or very fast like items or attacking, but some like high level spells would take longer to charge. It's still functionally the same as any other ATB turn based game though.
Reborn Kusabi
Reborn Kusabi - 17 dager siden
I had no interest in playing this game at all. I'm barely a FF7 fan, much less a Final Fantasy in general (I love literally two games in the series, and that is FF1 and FF14). But I've played FF7 (got a platinum trophy out of it) just to say- yeah, I still don't like it. HOWEVER! I legitimately love this remake. I love that it wasn't just a remake, I liked everything it changed, and furthermore like you said, I like that it goes the fuck off the rails at the end because it really does mean anything can happen now. Will it? No idea! But the fact that I think that means I'm more excited for a part two than I would have been if this game was just... Final Fantasy 7, again.
Radin V
Radin V - 17 dager siden
I love the remake. I liked the combat, I loved the characters and I don't mind the story changes, I also really like the story changes exactly for the reasons explained in the video.
innerbloom - 19 dager siden
you haven't enjoyed a square game in many years? you didn't like nier?
malachi knox
malachi knox - 20 dager siden
Cosmonaut variety hour: I’m gonna give Final Fantasy 7 Remake a 7/10.
Me: B-but why? That score hurt my heart
RichaDee - 20 dager siden
I dunno but the "this wasn't in the OG therefor its unnecessary padding" seems like a bad mentality tbh.. Great vid btw, thumbs up :)
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
You know damn well though if they make the next game a lot shorter and more focused that ppl are just gonna bitch about it not being as long as the last game.... You know damn well that's what will happen if they go that route. And considering they're already talking about trying to rush the next game out the door, that's probably what will happen.
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
Am willing to bet ya that fucking TIFA dies in the next game, and if that happens I WILL BE PISSED!!! Know that little game The Last of Us 2? If Tifa gets killed off in the next game, I might actually understand what everyone is so pissed off about.
Or.... How cool would it be if you actually get to CHOOSE which one dies and which one you save?? LOL how absolutely BANANAS would that be??!!
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
We gotta remember that in this "retelling" of the story, there is a reason why he continually shows up. That is because this is NOT the same game, obviously. The end of this game makes that VERY clear. He shows up because he is trying to re-write history, the history where you destroyed him. THAT'S why he now gives a shit about you, and you are essentially his greatest focus. He knows that you're not to be fucked with in this game. He didn't know that in the first game, naturally.
Still, I agree that they did a very poor job describing who he is, but then again that would spoil a lot of the original game's plot I think. He's kind of supposed to be an enigma. But they still probably could have done something to explain him, maybe even just through a short cutscene of Cloud giving some backstory on him... Or not, considering how closed off Cloud is. It does actually kinda make sense that we wouldn't know much about him in this game.
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
Oh I SO agree! The Music in this game is fucking AMAZEBALLZ to the 10th degree! Just listen to the fucking Crab Warden Boss Theme & tell me that shit doesn't get you fucking HYPED for life! Listen to that shit when you work out sometime & tell me that you don't end up doing 10 extra reps, or listen to it while driving & see if you don't get yourself a speeding ticket!
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
The A.I. isn't meant to do anything in this game, otherwise it'd be FAR too easy! I mean hell, if you can't play the game in a manner that assumes that the A.I. will do absolutely nothing at all when you're not controlling a character, then you're not playing it right and have not come even close to mastering the battle system.

The battle system is MADE so that you have to CONSTANTLY switch between characters to keep their ATB building so that you can consistently unleash strong moves and spells against the opponent. Once you master that, it won't matter at all that the A.I. does nothing, as that's the entire point! You're supposed to be the one controlling the flow of battle, not the A.I.! The ATB gauge is SUPPOSED to build incredibly slow when not controlling a character. That is so that you are encouraged to constantly switch between characters! Sounds to me like you might kind of suck at the battle system in this game, and that's ok! you most definitely aren't alone.
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
Honestly tho, the combat I feel is simply fantastic in this game. If the enemies feel like HP sponges, it's because you're not playing the battle system properly. The game encourages you to get better and better at the combat, to the point of finding the ways that will straight up melt the HP of enemies, including bosses. If you're doing it right, even boss battles shouldn't take very long.
And hell, even if it doesn't, I find it to be quite fun having to to engage in an extremely tough, drawn out battle of attrition. I like that sort of thing personally. It's not like the game doesn't give you all the resources you could possibly need, it straight up feeds you with WAY more items and Materia than you'll ever need. Hell, I ended up not having to use ANY items in battle my first time thru the game, ever. Not a single item used during battle, not once, and it was STILL easy! The game really isn't that hard at all once you get the battle mechanics down and learn to use elemental weaknesses and each characters special mechanics to your advantage.
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
I completely agree.... The whole section when you first join up with Aerith is boring as fuck.
skins4thewin - 23 dager siden
Lol see, now this is a man that plain gets it. I am right there with ya man. I have not liked a Square Enix game in a LONG time either. And that's mostly due to the HORRIFIC narratives in them. I mean jesus, the game's stories have turned into nothing but this insanely convoluted and nonsensical fantasy bullshit that is in no way relatable by anyone calling themselves a human being. The shit is so absolutely nonsensical! I mean when did having a story and characters that are grounded in reality become so taboo? It makes no fucking sense! It's like the more time that goes by, the stranger the stories coming out of Japan get.
You can even see this with Anime. The shit has just gotten weirder and weirder as time passes. So much so that I very rarely enjoy anything modern coming out of Japan, while the older stuff is still freaking fantastic. They need to get back to that, the kind of narratives told in games like the original FF7. That game was relatable, because it was set in a relaistic (ish) world that felt like it could actually exist! Not this fantasy realm in the sky with flying unicorns & shit.
Irish Kaoss
Irish Kaoss - 25 dager siden
I scored it a 9/10 the only reason it's a 9 not a 10 is the ending I'm afraid they're going to mess it up with kingdom hearts crap
neptune - 26 dager siden
3:39 yeah it was
Satans Waifu
Satans Waifu - 26 dager siden
I will die saying if you were gonna remake ff7 you best have given it turn based. The combat in the remake was so jank and it stresses me out as someone who loves the original.
starlyn - 27 dager siden
Correction: Cloud got a hand job which is why they came up with the hand massage idea
Crypto - 27 dager siden
Let's all agree that FF7R is better than TLOU Pt 2
ffejpsycho - 28 dager siden
My only problem with what they have done, is that it is NOT Final Fantasy VII...
It's more like, say Final Fantasy VII-2
Cooperjack - Måned siden
Who the fuck is Zach
MrLightlike78 - Måned siden
I honestly am kind of excited to see alternate time lines where Aerith doesn't die and Zack is still alive. I'm happy they're not just re-telling but really hope they (Nomura) doesn't go too crazy...keep him on a leash!
ezechi Ikpe
ezechi Ikpe - Måned siden
I could have sworn that was Aki Ross talking to the shinra middle manager in the train. Maybe i'm just seeing things
Shawn Mitchell
Shawn Mitchell - Måned siden
Weird how people swear they hate nomura yet all their favorite games are made by him lol. Ff6, Ff7,ffx,kh1, kh2, dissidia, crisis core, XCronicles.
People need to stop being so damn fickle lol
Also, it just seems like he isn't that good at the combat. Also, while Short, the sewer and graveyard was in the original.
Faxanadu - Måned siden
"both brilliant and flawed" ...So I'm having this dilemma where I 100% agree with this statement, but I still want to fight you for saying it.
Brian Sanichar
Brian Sanichar - Måned siden
There's a train graveyard in the original game. Your not really a big fan of the original FF7 game I guess. Do some more research man.
Brendan Rickey
Brendan Rickey - Måned siden
I already watched this video a while back just came back to say..
Jvin Santos
Jvin Santos - Måned siden
When Cloud tried to Omnislash Sephiroth at the Edge of Creation but he blocked them all then saying "Not yet.." so badass AC Sephiroth!
Diego Grimaldo
Diego Grimaldo - Måned siden
Unpopular opinion: the haunted level was pretty sick to me, it was thrown in a pretty bad point in the story since you NEED to go to sector 7 ASAP but i was lying if i wasnt hype during it. Same for the sewer levels, the second time around was pretty crap with leslie besides the last part of it when you find out about his girl n stuff, but for the majority part of this game, whenever there was a flaw there was a plus that overshadowed it while playing. And i wouldnt notice until someone pointed it out. Like whenever there was padding, gameplay music and dialogue and relationship building saved those parts for me. This game is just straight up amazing.
Redd Dizon
Redd Dizon - Måned siden
yo you can set your party members general play style when theyre not controlled by you
Mark - Måned siden
please try out radiata stories
Adan Luna
Adan Luna - Måned siden
Worst thing about this game were those dumb hand crane puzzles aside from that I enjoyed most of the game
SinsTenshi - Måned siden
Wow! I agree so much with you about the story and the end of this game! Having played a remastered game would not have had the same impact on me as playing this remake and allow myself to be suprised or genuinely worried for the characters.
Having Barret almost die (if it hasn't been for the whisper saving him) makes me stay on my toes for next game, 'cause someone else might just pass on and nothing would be there to change it!
I'm so looking forward the next games ^-^
A - Måned siden
What are your top 3 games of all time?
Give Me Your Pity
Give Me Your Pity - Måned siden
*Says he doesn't like Tetsuya Nomura games*
Me: *cries in The World Ends With You*
Rynn21 - Måned siden
I don't agree with most of these. I loved the train graveyard, and most of the side quests didn't have to be done. The game warns you if you're going to miss doing them all, but they are mostly optional. Also, you are supposed to switch between characters.
I do agree though that even though the devs said this would be a game for the old fans and newcomers it in no way is good for newcomers. They won't understand shit without having played the original.
Switch Universe
Switch Universe - Måned siden
Patrons amazing
Matias Merlo
Matias Merlo - Måned siden
I played FF7R first, and then played the Midgar section of the original twice.
It's 8 hours long if you want to steal Aerith and Cloud's weapons from the random encounters, talk to everyone and search everything. But of course, Idiots like this guy only remember and play the Midgar section by memory, not experiencing it at all even though "they love this game" or whatever.
What idiots like this don't realise is how little sense the original makes, and how much is fixed in the remake world building wise Just For Them!. "BuT It's PaDDiNg!" Shut up! If you love that world, you would want to know why the fucking train graveyard, a section that was only 2 screens long in the OG, has fucking ghosts and a Chariot asshole,. Now it makes sense! The chariot asshole is trapping the souls of other people there! BOOM! Explanations! World Building! Character moments! Drama!
If you really want the same games that were acceptable 20 years ago, look no further than FFXV, were everyone dresses casually in a world full of monsters. There are no defenses in the cities, people act like monsters don't exist, the world doesn't make logical sense and that pulls you out of it immediatly! Even FF1 had cities with walls, guards and the like to make you feel like things belong, but then they abandoned that in favor of "whatever the fuck! It doesn't matter! Just give people new enemies to fight and new loot to get!" leading into that weapon quest where you go down to an unnamed basement and fight a Dragon created by a chinese assets bulker, that has no rime nor reason, so it has no tangible pay off.
Time and Time again I have listened to this Idiot "OG FF7" fans complain that this part was short and shouldn't be expanded, when they should be the first to be glad floor 64 of the Shinra Headquaters isn't a fucking GYM that makes no sense why it's only for high tier executives or floor 63 is just a puzzle to get 3 prizes from tickets collected there for no fucking reason! But they aren't! They want their OG game again! With the nonsense and all! BOO-Fucking-HOOO! Grow up already!
Matheus Souza
Matheus Souza - Måned siden
From all reviews i've seen yours is by far the more grounded and rational one, there's too many hyped reviews for the bad and for the good stuff. Just achieved Platinum and i agree with almost all points you've shown, for me its a rollercoaster, but the good surpasses the bad beats. I loved the guts of changing the end but until the next part comes out and proves to be great I'm not optimistic, curious for sure, but not optimistic. The game is great overrall, i believe they will work on AI team options for the next game and for the flyers naturally they'll become more manageable because of the new teammates, Cid, Vincent and Yuffie all have mid to long range mechanics. Out of that, all you've said resumes my thoughts about the game. Thanks for the great job.
liz5100 - Måned siden
I hope they bring Zack into this some how, the emotional heart of this story for me was always the tragedy of Sephiroth. Maybe Zack can talk him down if he's alive and not just another thing hes guilty of. FF7 is a tragedy for me which is not an overly popular view of the story. Zack and Sepiroth were friends, Seph's first human connection, Zack takes Cloud in and helps train him. He is the center of it all. I was so upset at how the original ended, not that it was bad, but that it got to me. Here's this hero that you have to hunt down and put down like a rabies diseased dog. Sephiroth meant something to them all once upon a time, he's also a person too who matters to himself not just a plot object, and his insanity/death is a tragedy. A proper Greek tragedy.
Nero Pasta
Nero Pasta - Måned siden
Sewers in FF7: 2 screens
Sewers in Remake: 2 Chapters
Nick Calleja
Nick Calleja - Måned siden
I’m a noob and I just beat it. I have no idea what the last hour was about. I was so confused
Hey Y'all Scott Here
Hey Y'all Scott Here - Måned siden
Re4 and FF7 are in Marcus’s top 3 games of all time. We gotta find out the other game
Panda Deadpool
Panda Deadpool - Måned siden
What level and or song is this? 8:44
Guga Ulguim
Guga Ulguim - Måned siden
And the “deaths” of avalanche without any blood just some dirty on them, and the blood path that is changed to purple shit, aaaand cloud arc in the original game is to start liking the guys, he does that in this game sooo what will he develop next games???
Guga Ulguim
Guga Ulguim - Måned siden
It took me a lot to beat the game cause i couldn’t play more than a chapter per day, cause all the filler just annoyed me, so much usless thing going on, and every time I started getting fun i just thoght “oh i wish i could see the hole game and how the other characters gameplay looks like”, no mather how intersting metting jessie’s family i wish i could see juno, or cid, or vincent, or cosmo canyon or anything from the original game, it really draggs to have a hole game in only one city when you have so many places to visit in the original, also sepiroth doesn’t make any kind of sense in this game, cus in the original you see him for the first time where this game ends