Every Star Wars Movie Reviewed - Pt. 3 - The Disney Movies

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Nihung - Time siden
Luke got training from Ben Kenobi on the Millennium Falcon. Ben gave Luke exercises to practice. So you're wrong on that point.
Marsellus Wallace
Marsellus Wallace - Time siden
Rose didn't tell Finn "Hey you just need to go fight for the good guys!" She said how Canto Bite is filled with awful people mainly people that financially support the First Order, who are fascists basically, and that their ideology will always fail because the downtrodden and opressed will always start a revolution. Not quite the same thing. I personally love The Last Jedi but your take on The Last Jedi was a lot better compared to other people that hated the film so shoutout to you for being one of the better film critics.
Delta YT
Delta YT - 5 timer siden
my opinion is
11. episode 2
10. episode 1
9. rogue one
8. episode 3
7. rise of skywalker
6. the return of the jedi
5. force awakens
4. solo
3. last jedi
2. new h- i mean STAR WARS
1. Empire strikes back
Magags The epic gamer
Magags The epic gamer - 5 timer siden
I hate people that say that “ray doesn’t struggle” here let me give you examples of her struggling. She lives her entire life not knowing who her parents are, she lives as a scavenger to be able to survive, once she finally finds out shit about her parents she discovers that they are nobodies, she finds out that the important person that she is related to is the evilest fucker in the world, and did i mention that she couldn’t even kill him because if she did she would take his place
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 20 timer siden
8. TLJ
7. TFA
6. TPM
3. ANH
1. ESB
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 2 timer siden
Wave Train forgot about them. I’d put R1 between ROTS and Empire then i’d put Solo right abive TROD
Wave Train
Wave Train - 11 timer siden
Iko Ozzie Rouge One and Solo? and ANH is way better then ROTS
Luke Kiashek Music
Luke Kiashek Music - 20 timer siden
I’m sorry ROTS is my favourite with all my knowledge of the CW finale and I just love how dark it is and the fact the Sith wins.
Kyle Hauck
Kyle Hauck - 22 timer siden
Wow. You're an idiot
Wave Train
Wave Train - 7 timer siden
Kyle Hauck I guess you hate The Last Jedi
bully maguire
bully maguire - Dag siden
rogue one vader: im fast as fuck boyyyyyy
a new hope vader:im so slow dude!
Nick Allen
Nick Allen - Dag siden
You named 4 fake out deaths but theres a 5th in Rise of Skywalker lol
Kylo gets thrown into the chasm in the final fight and climbs out.
EagleEye 117
EagleEye 117 - Dag siden
Solo is best Disney Star wars
Bryce Crane
Bryce Crane - Dag siden
the ability to speak does not make you intelligent
Wave Train
Wave Train - 11 timer siden
Bryce Crane You must hate The Last Jedi
Carven - 2 dager siden
crystalpie - 2 dager siden
I think a better ending to episode 9 would be that Rey dies, and Kylo is the only one left alive. He could return to Mustafar and something similar to the "Rey Skywalker" scene could've happened, but instead Kylo adopted the Skywalker name, fully cementing his turn to the light side.
The PriorStone
The PriorStone - 2 dager siden
Sorry man, my girlfriend has got you beat for #1 fan of Solo, it is legit the only Star Wars movie she likes, and she loves to rewatch it
The PriorStone
The PriorStone - 16 timer siden
Wave Train oooooo believe me I made her watch them all when we first met, she’s just isn’t usually into this kind of stuff
Wave Train
Wave Train - 16 timer siden
The PriorStone That’s just because it’s the only Star Wars movie she’s watched
Daude Svoca
Daude Svoca - 2 dager siden
Dude fuck off with showing attack on titan paired with a line about shows that subvert expectations for no reasons. Eren is literally committing genocide in the manga right now and it's amazing.
Robert Cortez
Robert Cortez - 2 dager siden
Y'know what's weirder about Saw Gerrera? It's that he's in his late 20s to mid 30s. He's in TCW age 18-26.
Tim Fitzgibbons
Tim Fitzgibbons - 2 dager siden
rey suck and she a mary sue
Tim Fitzgibbons
Tim Fitzgibbons - 2 dager siden
6:11 kylo ren is just a person who act like a kid slash his lightsaber like a angry kid and also he a gary sue
Phantom citrus
Phantom citrus - 2 dager siden
just realised you used thunder snail
Arboza liyan
Arboza liyan - 2 dager siden
Ren get 2 fake out deaths. There are 5 fake out deaths in the rise of ski walker
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan - 2 dager siden
Finn in the final movie he wants to tell Rey: You wanna fuck?
Varun Gangalam
Varun Gangalam - 2 dager siden
I only saw Solo for the first time recently about a month ago and I'm gonna be honest I loved it. It's got good action and I loved Woody Harrelson and the whole heist aspect of it. And I liked Paul Bettany and Donald Glover a lot as well. The train sequence had to be my favourite part of the movie, so cool
Leighton de Rosenroll
Leighton de Rosenroll - 3 dager siden
Dumb clone wars cartoons? Excuse me?
Josiah Summers
Josiah Summers - 3 dager siden
nah man these movies suck sorry
Tim Fitzgibbons
Tim Fitzgibbons - 2 dager siden
Nathanael Waters
Nathanael Waters - 3 dager siden
Honestly one if my biggest complaint ls that finn just enthusiastically kills his stormtrooper brothers and sisters whole yelling in glee. It's super fucked up
Mikki Millie
Mikki Millie - Dag siden
I watched some videos on how the First Order handles Storm troopers. They were never allowed to talk to each other or have friendships, they grew up with them but barely knew each other, so it makes sense why Finn is so okay with just killing them.
mustafa fatme
mustafa fatme - 4 dager siden
angry joe
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 4 dager siden
Its a well known fact that most Star Wars fans hate Star Wars.
ACTUALGAMING - 4 dager siden
Honestly the first two movie were really really good but I don’t like how Disney panicked and rewrote everything in the third to satisfy fans who didn’t like aspects of the first two
Marvin Martinez
Marvin Martinez - 4 dager siden
22:38 that face when he’s talking 🤣
Marvin Martinez
Marvin Martinez - 4 dager siden
Kylo is no main antagonist cause he can’t even beat Rey
immortalbeast84 - 4 dager siden
Rey sucks
Samuel Smiderle élève
Samuel Smiderle élève - 4 dager siden
Solo is so good
The Lego Bros
The Lego Bros - 5 dager siden
They should've made Rey related to Luke because its called the Skywalker saga not the Skywalker and Rey saga
Henry Hsi
Henry Hsi - 2 dager siden
Why does every single fan just ignore the effort the writers put into writing new characters and demand the new characters be related to old? thats a bad thing.
Jonah Hensley
Jonah Hensley - 5 dager siden
I don't like Rise of Skywalker but I'll at least say that I get a little bit of enjoyment out of Palpatines plan for the whole galaxy.
He literally just says "Fuck it, if I cant rule the galaxy then no one can" and just decides to try and blow it all up.
At least I think that was his plan with the thousands of star destroyers with death star lasers.
Mark Lechman
Mark Lechman - 5 dager siden
It’s not that Rey is good at sh*t, it’s that she’s better than everyone at everything.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Dwayne The Rock Johnson - 5 dager siden
Why do you sit like that while playing games it looks so uncomfortable
Olivier Audet
Olivier Audet - 5 dager siden
I didn't watch this when the third movie first came out, but watching it now, it's pretty close to how I feel. The first two movies had their problems but I thought they both did pretty interesting things and I felt pretty good about them. And then the third one, well... on some level, watching a Star Wars adventure is just fun, but the whole Palpatine situation is dumb as shit, it undoes most of the interesting turns in the first two movies, and it really just makes it obvious in retrospect that Disney never had a plan or couldn't stick to it.
I guess where I disagree is Kylo's arc never struck me as satisfying, especially with the third movie. His relationship with Rey feels like it goes back and forth for no reason, and it just seems to resolve the way it does in the third movie because... it just had to end that way and they had no credible way to do it, so they just... *shrug and fart noise*'d it I guess. They set him up as the villain in the first two movies, and then Palpatine is the villain immediately in the third movie and they have no real way to redeem Kylo, so it just kinda happens because it has to. I also feel like they made it end that way to please the reylos (or maybe this is just a bad take on my part), which would be fine if it were set up appropriately, but it's just not.
Leo - 5 dager siden
This Little shit just called Clone Wars a Dumb Cartoon?!
Heat Wave
Heat Wave - 5 dager siden
I liked solo up until the ending
Magma 196
Magma 196 - 5 dager siden
I like prequels and I think sequals suck and solo made me sleep
Wave Train
Wave Train - 16 timer siden
Leo It’s an opinion, you would’ve made fun of him if it was the other way around
Leo - 5 dager siden
You're Very strong, wise and I'm Very proud of you
Real Networks
Real Networks - 5 dager siden
When watching rogue one, the scene when Darth Vader came on and started using the force, our t.v froze and it was one of the coolest things to ever happen.
Erica Nishe
Erica Nishe - 5 dager siden
Erica Nishe
Erica Nishe - 5 dager siden
you know how to you know if someone makes good content?? when their analysis is so intriguing that star wars virgins (me) will sit through a 3 part analysis of the movies totaling in 2 HOURS and listen and genuinely enjoy the content as if i’ve ever seen any of these movies
pakyomadapaka - 6 dager siden
Once you see 7-9. 7 becomes pointless. 8 was always shitty. 9 was meh. I got sick of star wars after 9. :(
Leo - 6 dager siden
S t ∆ π w ª ® S

$ H 0 U L D 🅱️ E

$ | M 🅿️ L £
Wave Train
Wave Train - 16 timer siden
Leo It is true
Bananakin Skywalker
Bananakin Skywalker - 6 dager siden
I’m sorry but I love revenge of the sith. It exhibits all the dumb shit that makes the prequels terrible but it has slightly less of it so it’s still funny when it’s dumb but it doesn’t ruin the movie for me. The scenes last too long and the script is bad but I enjoy watching it every time. I grew up with the clone wars tv show so a lot of the problems people had with the movie like how anakins turn was unconvincing weren’t a problem for. I know objectively it’s not but this movies great
P Hughes
P Hughes - 6 dager siden
Rey is too good without any training is the problem
Leo - 6 dager siden
People say anakin is a Gary stu, even with him having +10 years of training and using anger as an motivation sometimes
Sith Parasite
Sith Parasite - 6 dager siden
6 fake out deaths.
Ben gets thrown off a cliff and is supposedly “dead.” And Zorri bliss gets a fake out death.
Jonah Hensley
Jonah Hensley - 5 dager siden
Not to mention our boy Babbu Frikk. So technically 7 fake out deaths
Dominik :D
Dominik :D - 7 dager siden
Star Wars 9/10
Empire Strikes Back 9/10
Return lf the Jedi 7/10
Phantom Menace 3/10
Attack of the Clones 2/10
Revenge of the Sith 4/10
Force Awakens 7/10
Last Jedi 6/10
Rise of Skywalker 5/10
Henry Hsi
Henry Hsi - 2 dager siden
@Leo Honestly, Force Awakens having the same plot as anh is a good thing because at this time after the prequels so they tried to recreate what made people fall in love. Last Jedi is actually okay, better then ATOC to be sure. Luke has a intresting new character Arc, He went into hiding because he didn;t want himself and the jedi to cause the galaxy any more pain. I ain't got anything to say about the rise of skywalker the moment it had tie fighters with hyperdrives i lost faith in JJ. Revenge of the Sith on the other hand, is incredibly overrated. The soundtrack is good and the effects are better and i like Ewans performance but its still bad if not average. The acting has barely improved and the villians are all unintresting and Anakins fall is rushed af. The Original is 10/10 but since Lucus felt the need to add this cgi filler shots its 9.99/10. Empire strikes back is a masterpiece okay moving on and Rotj is the most flawed of the orignials.
Leo - 6 dager siden
@Dominik :D 1.Empire _Master Piece_ Strikes Back 20/10 (If I have to explain you Just didn't watch star Wars) 2.A New Hope 10/10 (The Big Ol' Classic) 3.Revenge of the Sith 9.5/10 (Prequel utimate conclusion) 4. Return of the Jedi 8.5/10 (OT Golden Conclusion) 5. Attack of the Clones 6.5/10 (Have it's flaws but is a good movie) 6. Phantom Menace 6/10 (Have a slow passing, and too much burocracy but it's not horroble. It's the Begining of the Movie Saga After all) 7. Force Awakens 5/10 (Pretty Good from a A.N.H Bootleg) 8. Last Jedi 3/10 (Burn It with Fire: Not my Luke, Worst sub Plot, Worst Villain and Worst Love Story) 9. Rise of the Skywalker 0/10 (At least is the Last one Right? Right!?) (It's really unfair being a Sequel to the Last Jedi. But It invalidates Anakin's redemption Destroying the EP 6 ending Just to give Rey a final Boss, the Plot relies too much in mcgufins, (It even looks like a JRPG Full of Side quests) Rip off the Avengers Endgame Ending *TWICE,* The Kiss was Cringe and don't make sense and Finally: Grandpa Palpatine is really Stupid in this movie, why Doesn't he stopped shocking himself!? (he did It in EP3 to make Anakin fell pretty of him)
Dominik :D
Dominik :D - 6 dager siden
@Leo what are your ratings?
Leo - 6 dager siden
@Dominik :D Well If you're think this good for you. But I heavily desagree.
Dominik :D
Dominik :D - 6 dager siden
@Leo TLJ had one very good plotline and ROTS had only below decent ones at best
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 7 dager siden
I am convinced that this guy is getting bribed by disney.
Henry Hsi
Henry Hsi - 2 dager siden
So he can't have his own opinion?
Leo - 6 dager siden
Even speedwagon agrees with you Dio
DJ Rashad Hayes
DJ Rashad Hayes - 7 dager siden
The reason why they gave Finn side missions and an asian love interest was becuase they didn’t want the Black man being a romantic interest to the white woman savior. That was the only reason why. The audience (rightfully) had a backlash to Rose & then they give him a Black love interest. It was appalling and insulting. The romantic chemistry between Rey & Finn was one of the highlights of TFA.
Louiemeister - 7 dager siden
“People put this higher than they have any right to” fuck off it’s an opinion. You don’t have any right to tell people they’re wrong for living a film you croaky voiced moron
D-RgK Pink
D-RgK Pink - 7 dager siden
I honestly don’t understand how people hate Solo so much
It’s just
Pola Bear
Pola Bear - Dag siden
@Pathogen 142 Yep and I see so many comments always saying on videos completely unrelated to star wars "this has better characters than all the sequels combined!" It like they want to start unnecessary arguments at every opportunity. Smh
Pathogen 142
Pathogen 142 - Dag siden
@Pola Bear on the other end of the spectrum write prequels bad and everyone hates you.
Pola Bear
Pola Bear - Dag siden
Pathogen 142 Honestly I think you could just write “sequels bad” on any Star Wars video and it would get thousands of likes and all the reply’s would love you.
Pathogen 142
Pathogen 142 - 4 dager siden
Because "Disney bad" and thats enough reasoning to some folk
Some Guy 99
Some Guy 99 - 7 dager siden
The Force Awakens- I've gone back and forth on this over the years, like you I started off loving it then didn't care for it but I think it's great now.
Rogue One- Fun the first time you watch it but it isn't super re-watchable. Darth Vader is definitely the best part of this movie lol.
The Last Jedi- It's not bad it's well directed and gets more hate than it deserves, but it's a disappointing movie and a weak follow up to episode 7.
Solo- Didn't like it the first couple times I saw it, but I think it's entertaining now.
The Rise of Skywalker- My opinion hasn't changed on this movie over the last few months, I think it's entertaining but messy.
I'd rather watch any of these movies over the prequels.
nelsito 44
nelsito 44 - 7 dager siden
I am 2# at thinking that solo is a good and fun movie
The Otter
The Otter - 8 dager siden
Ranking of all Star Wars films and Tv shows:
1. A New Hope 10/10
2. The Mandalorian 10/10
3. The Empire Strikes Back 10/10
4.Solo 8/10
5.The Clone Wars 8/10
6.Return Of The Jedi 7/10
7. The Force Awakens 7/10
8.Revenge Of The Sith 7/10
9.Rogue One 7/10
10.Star Wars Rebels 6/10
11.The Attack Of The Clones 5/10
12.The Phantom Menace 4/10
13.The Last Jedi 3/10
14.Star Wars Resistance 2/10
15.The Rise Of Skywalker 2/10
Pharaoh Lords
Pharaoh Lords - 8 dager siden
people hate these movies way to much
Nicolae Zenoaga
Nicolae Zenoaga - 8 dager siden
Greate and thank you.
Erich Pobatschnig
Erich Pobatschnig - 8 dager siden
solo is the most heavy handed garbage ever. You dis fan service, but every 5 seconds it's like HEY CHEWBACCA reminding you that here's an original SW character.
Robin Schicha
Robin Schicha - 9 dager siden
Digital Tarkin killed the Movie 🍿 for me! They not replaced Mon Mothma Actor for God‘s Sake!