Every Star Wars Movie Reviewed - Pt. 1 - The Original Trilogy

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 21:00


Joseph Pomele
Joseph Pomele - 3 timer siden
Han Breaks his Neak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Martian
Tim Martian - 7 timer siden
So Marcus.... did you watch the originals illegally?
Gavin Banks
Gavin Banks - 23 timer siden
I don’t give a fuck what you say, anything that’s not the Ewoks is Jedi is perfect and was everything the first two lead up to. Yo suck
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld - Dag siden
Hard to swallow pills the best special edition is the empire strikes back.
SEXY SNAPE - 2 dager siden
wouldve given return of the jedi a 6.5 or 7
Hawkeye Gough
Hawkeye Gough - 2 dager siden
Watching this post twilight upload is honestly amazing BC “id feel the same way if I couldn’t get watch the original cut of twilight” is amazing
edwin rivera
edwin rivera - 4 dager siden
“Brave souls playing battle front” really called me out
Robert Cortez
Robert Cortez - 5 dager siden
Where can I watch the original version of A New Hope????
RK 800
RK 800 - 5 dager siden
“I can not give it a good score”

RK 800
RK 800 - 2 dager siden
Wave Train I’d say that’s a fairly good score
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
RK 800 That’s not really a good score
RK 800
RK 800 - 2 dager siden
Wave Train exactly!
Wave Train
Wave Train - 3 dager siden
RK 800 A 6 is above average
The PriorStone
The PriorStone - 5 dager siden
I love how anyone could change the context of Vader’s thoughts at any point in these movies. Honestly Vader could just be napping and no one would know
Meap - 6 dager siden
original vhs gang
Mason Hamerston
Mason Hamerston - 6 dager siden
Mason Hamerston
Mason Hamerston - 6 dager siden
We hit one mill 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🙂🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🙂🙂
immortalbeast84 - 7 dager siden
Revenge of the sith is the best
Wave Train
Wave Train - 3 dager siden
immortalbeast84 Yeah it is the best Prequal
Mark Lechman
Mark Lechman - 7 dager siden
You had me at "I'm kind of mad that this movie got changed to 'A New Hope'"
Julian Sebo
Julian Sebo - 8 dager siden
The Problem is:
Neither the sith really understand the force, nor the jedi.
Boath of them are just the opposit side of each other and dooming to other side as Bad.
To really understand the whole spectrum, you have to embrace the force as a whole.
Both sides are equally important.
One can't live without the other, and if you want to se force as a whole, you must go difficult way of the middle path, like Revan did.
Jedi are ignorant and delusional.
Sith are Power hungry and hateful
TheDirtyRoom _
TheDirtyRoom _ - 8 dager siden
All of the movies should’ve just been titled!
Star Wars episode 1
Star Wars episode 2
Star Wars episode 3
Star Wars episode 4
Star Wars episode 5
Star Wars episode 6
Star Wars episode 7
Star Wars episode 8
Star Wars episode 9
And so on ( I know the Skywalker saga is technically over but common we all know it’s not)
Wave Train
Wave Train - 3 dager siden
TheDirtyRoom _ No that would imply that Phantom Menace is the first
Fluffius The Great
Fluffius The Great - 8 dager siden
20:33 The final boss after my D&D Character rolled a 20 to persuade him to a dance battle.
(Yes this happened)
Dylan Hensley
Dylan Hensley - 10 dager siden
Can watch oringal on Disney plus now. Thank goodness
Wave Train
Wave Train - 3 dager siden
Dylan Hensley Yes you can
Some Guy 99
Some Guy 99 - 10 dager siden
Maybe it's nostalgia but I completely disagree about Return of the Jedi.
Some Guy 99
Some Guy 99 - 10 dager siden
"The Jedi master he meets in this movie is a weird goblin who eats his hot dogs!" I fuckin died lol
JoelJoestar - 10 dager siden
U know the sad thing is that the first time I watched Star Wars is in chronological order
Also I like the sith because they can have sex
Wave Train
Wave Train - 10 dager siden
JoelJoestar It’s better to watch it in chronological order
ACEOSIZZLE - 10 dager siden
wait i have the theatrical release legally. i thought every one had it
Johnathan Dearnaley
Johnathan Dearnaley - 12 dager siden
"Greetings Gamers!"
Me: Hello there.
Movie Buff
Movie Buff - 12 dager siden
Battlefront 2 is better than Jedi fallen order and is better than clone wars and mandalorian
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
Movie Buff No it’s not
Lucas Farmer
Lucas Farmer - 13 dager siden
I thought the prequels were pretty good
Luca Patel
Luca Patel - 8 dager siden
Have you watched them since you were a kid? 3 is alright but 1 and 2 are kinda bad.
Master Chief
Master Chief - 13 dager siden
pizza man and stromboli guy
pizza man and stromboli guy - 14 dager siden
I stopped watching the third original trilogy movie at the speeder part (because I want rewatching them) because I was just to bored
Dairyable - 14 dager siden
One of my favorite things on YouTube, is watching Marcus go apeshit on bad movies.
Finley's opinion
Finley's opinion - 17 dager siden
I cant stop laughing at the editing.
Elías MG
Elías MG - 17 dager siden
Is it ok to call star wars the JoJo's bizarre adventure of American cinema?
Gabriel Padilha
Gabriel Padilha - 17 dager siden
Me: "This video couldn't be any better"
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour: *Finishes the video with I'm Han Solo
Me: Well, you have proven yourself
Charules - 19 dager siden
6:59 he is an insane surgeon
Valen Arizio
Valen Arizio - 20 dager siden
As a 17 year old that never lived in a world without the prequels I actually kind of got brainwashed into hating them by the internet. I said I didn’t like them because I was supposed to hate them. I mean I now recognize that they aren’t really that good but fuck it, I love them anyway and it’s totally okay if you don’t. To be honest though I think I only like Star Wars because of Lego Star Wars the complete saga, I don’t know if it’s relevant to my statement but I just wanted to say it
Hugo Camacho
Hugo Camacho - 21 dag siden
6 is a good score
Hugo Camacho
Hugo Camacho - 2 dager siden
@Wave Train yes, 6 is a film that may not be brilliant, but it's good
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
Hugo Camacho It’s only above average
Hugo Camacho
Hugo Camacho - 21 dag siden
Nothing can ruin this movie for me, george lucas: hold my special edition dvd
Jeop - 23 dager siden
Would have been clever if after you released the prequel video yoj renamed this to part 2 and that video to part 1
Robin Anwaldt
Robin Anwaldt - 23 dager siden
For those of you who are interested in getting the theatrical versions, here’s a rundown of some ways to get them;
- 1993 VHS and LaserDisc, pretty much straight up the original versions.
- 1995 VHS and LaserDisc, remastered, but in some countries the crawl is replaced with a cheap computer recreation.
- 2006 Limited Edition DVD, rather hard to get, non-anamorphic picture, same transfer as 1993 but badly executed with motion smearing and minor audio errors.
- Despecialized Editions, a fan edit combing multiple sources to present the theatrical versions in HD.
- Project 4K77, 4K80 and 4K83, a fan restoration of 35mm distribution prints, scanned in 4K resolution. ESB is still in production.
Bugsy! - 24 dager siden
there is genuinely a group of people on tiktok who STILL argue about han shooting first... that app sucks.
Noobplayz - 26 dager siden
"You cannot legally watch the original version of ANH."
*Laughs in 1977 dvd*
Dylan McKenna
Dylan McKenna - 26 dager siden
"The original is illegal to watch."
Me: Has Star Wars Vhs from 1992
mr gomez
mr gomez - 27 dager siden
*Reviews Star Wars
Intro: Appears like Star Trek
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 28 dager siden
Fleepers - 29 dager siden
Yes the prequels suck as movies but if you're a Star Wars fan and hate them then you're a jerk. They just have too many lovable things about them
Nuyxo - 24 dager siden
If not wanting to sit through terrible movies makes me a jerk then so be it..
Fleepers - 26 dager siden
Yeah true you can hate them lol idk why I said you're a jerk if you do but I just don't see how you could I guess
Sane Person
Sane Person - 26 dager siden
Ppl can have opinions
crazy-hook 179
crazy-hook 179 - 29 dager siden
Anyone else with the feeling that this is one of the few peaceful Star Wars comment sections? Most of the time those sections are a total war zone but not this one (or at least not that much)
Euan Fuller
Euan Fuller - 29 dager siden
1:08 Battlefront 2 is really good
Euan Fuller
Euan Fuller - 13 timer siden
Wave Train I meant it’s now good. They’ve fixed it a lot.
Wave Train
Wave Train - 13 timer siden
Euan Fuller At scamming people
Emperor Joshiana
Emperor Joshiana - Måned siden
He sounded like a old dude who’s never seen the show
Justin Willis
Justin Willis - Måned siden
4:44 😂😂😂😂
Steven Bailey
Steven Bailey - Måned siden
The way he started talking faster during the lighting round gave me anxiety for a bit till he slowed down
Oliver Wijk
Oliver Wijk - Måned siden
I haven’t even watched star wars I juz rly dig the shit out of this dude.
Colonel Stars And Stripes
Colonel Stars And Stripes - Måned siden
Even when I don’t agree with what he says, he’s still really fun to watch
The Animator
The Animator - Måned siden
An evil cyborg sameri wizard 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
kj gj
kj gj - Måned siden
i actually have a LEGAL special edition of the original trilogy containing both the 2004 (?) version and the original theatrical release. So, yeah you can watch it legally.
edit: probably 2011 version
Bob Bubbles
Bob Bubbles - Måned siden
Luke is a moisture farmer.
Top Leader
Top Leader - Måned siden
He’s black
Ruben Olguin
Ruben Olguin - Måned siden
Hey o, you’re a 93 baby like me.
Tings2Do Studios
Tings2Do Studios - Måned siden
Maklunkey this movie so good
SN0WZZ - Måned siden
I honestly expected a Return of the Jedi hater and Solo defender like you to adore Rogue One. Not trying hate on your opinions, but it looks like you have that vibe to say Rogue One is apart of your Top 5 favorite Star Wars movies.
SN0WZZ - 2 dager siden
@Wave Train I know, I agree with you, but for me with my eyes with how Cosmonaut's vibes are like, he looks like the person that would defend Rogue One.
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
SN0WZZ It’s really boring and forgettable for the first two acts
Darragh Clarke
Darragh Clarke - Måned siden
Literally cannot believe he predicted the graphic male nudity in The Rise of Skywalker.
SAMIR - Måned siden
I swear 50,000 views on this video are just me rewatching over and over
Metal pizza
Metal pizza - Måned siden
Nice I have the vhs