Dragonball Evolution - Cosmonaut Picture Show

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 12:22


10 K
10 K - 5 timer siden
The first time seeing this not knowing about the anime I thought it was cool
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd - Dag siden
8:32 Joker in a nutshell
Rafael Jamas
Rafael Jamas - 2 dager siden
That Pulp Fiction comparison was genius LOL
GameZedd01 - 2 dager siden
I'm just curious for the context at this point but what Sasha Grey video is that? 😂 I'm guessing some sort of "self pleasure" one but you've peaked my curiosity now so screw you for that lmao 😂
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd - 3 dager siden
"Prepare to eat *D I R T"* is my new favorite bad movie line.
Alan Castro
Alan Castro - 7 dager siden
999k subs
The Legit DERPY Squid Guy
The Legit DERPY Squid Guy - 7 dager siden
I’d like to see this movie animated by Funimation for April 1st
Aksel Raya
Aksel Raya - 7 dager siden
Horrible movie, of course, but I did like the “perfect” wish line. As opposed to Genie Wishes, where the genie misconstrues what you wanted, the Dragon Ball/Shenron try to be as faithful to your wish and if they cannot or if there’s any complications Shenron tells you.
poopandpee jr
poopandpee jr - 8 dager siden
I thought a saiyan in real life would look cool...safe to say im disappointed
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas - 8 dager siden
Still laughing at the twilight "the pack" scenes
theasianinvasion - 9 dager siden
Jiren didn’t have shit on Fuller
Cee Truth
Cee Truth - 11 dager siden
I'm still pissed this movie exists, instead of an actual good DB movie.
Son Ocampo
Son Ocampo - 13 dager siden
His name is normal??? His name is Goku!!! LOL!!!
shadowbwoy bmo
shadowbwoy bmo - 14 dager siden
5:12 "you need to take that at face value" lmao
mangenkiou - 16 dager siden
Now I like Mortal Kombat Annihilation...
Yes...I hate this movie so much that it made me borrow hate from another movie.
Christian Cinnabars
Christian Cinnabars - 16 dager siden
"Beware the Nameks."
I like to think that Namekians are an established race already, and everyone in the class was just looking at Geeko for saying a racist phrase.
Christian Cinnabars
Christian Cinnabars - 16 dager siden
My favorite moment in Dragon Ball was when 18 y/o Goku fought King Piccolo in the arc following Grandpa Gohan's death. _After_ getting with Chi-Chi.

Where's Pilaf and Shu?
Noddle Foodle
Noddle Foodle - 16 dager siden
Hearing the English opening of db is such a heartwarmer you don't even know.
Andy Tan
Andy Tan - 18 dager siden
9:35 is that her nipples?...
Erin Bockenstedt
Erin Bockenstedt - 18 dager siden
andrew garfield is goku and zendaya is meechee
russian d
russian d - 19 dager siden
The commentary on this video is great. I wish I could have watched it with you guys!
James Wells
James Wells - 26 dager siden
Bro they got the guy from shameless
Mr sky
Mr sky - 29 dager siden
It's horible
Cody Gamble
Cody Gamble - 29 dager siden
Watch the speed racer movie
alex - 29 dager siden
the way yall are fake laughing so loud is grating...
maXim beEfus
maXim beEfus - Måned siden
thats why they call it 'hot sex'
rafacake - Måned siden
Am I the only one who notices that when the old guy dies cosmonaut said I don't feel so good and then made a Spider-Man reference straight after 2 yrs ago
Jamie Chuck
Jamie Chuck - Måned siden
No wonder this guy turned out to cook meth with his chemistry teacher
D0GE 1277
D0GE 1277 - Måned siden
Goku gas no tail
Also goku just becomes an ozaro
If you still say boomer, you need to be executed.
Marcus had waaaayy too much fun with this.
Pablo Morales
Pablo Morales - Måned siden
He looks like Billie Joe Armstrong
Saveon - Måned siden
My boi piccolo said sum piccoNOOOOO
Betamax - Måned siden
Yo why are fiona and steve doing karate
javier mauricio
javier mauricio - Måned siden
I comment something but I can´t, I'm just too horrified, even if they didn't know abything about DBZ they had to know they were making a bad movie, when this movie aired in my country ii was in theaters for a week and then it was removed
Magnus Karlsson
Magnus Karlsson - Måned siden
Not a good movie - but I recommend everyone to watch it.
Because the actors knew very well what kind of movie they were in and went all in with the ham - you can tell that they were having fun.
torikelly4131 - Måned siden
this movie is worst than the last air bender live action😂🤣i really forgot how garbage this was🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
carbonara is just not that good
omg is that fucking park joonhyung as yamcha
YoStefan - 2 måneder siden
Man, this movie is even worse than I remembered fucking hell
Code Me
Code Me - 2 måneder siden
I understand Goku is an Alien but you can’t expect me to not be weirded out about this white guy is constantly being be called Goku. I also am so confused with the casting of this movie. Are they close to Japan or America?! You never know.
Plazma Fett
Plazma Fett - 2 måneder siden
so i got bored and searched justin chatwin (goku) on IMBD. two of his quotes from there include.
"I didn't go to acting school.
"I was completely open to learning about different aspects of Scientology... and I believe in a lot of it."
think of this what you will
Wait for it
Wait for it - 2 måneder siden
this movie is fucking shameless
patrickdhart - 2 måneder siden
I love that Spike from Buffy is Piccolo.
Ben Haney
Ben Haney - 2 måneder siden
When i heard you guys were Dragonball fans, and had never seen this movie, i was like, "oh man, your in for a treat!"
tyrel humphrey
tyrel humphrey - 2 måneder siden
Fuller (Base Form) 🤣
Michael Yudha
Michael Yudha - 2 måneder siden
I just realised that this Piccolo looks like Skrull
Seba Tolle
Seba Tolle - 2 måneder siden
white goku
So Sick And Tired Of All The Needless Beating
Dragon Ball Evolution : "America's biggest insult to Japanese culture"
The Last Air Bender : America's biggest insult to American culture"
Brett - 2 måneder siden
Lmfao Fuller BASE FORM, I just died!
CruzPro - 2 måneder siden
Fuller (Base Form)
I lose it every time
Dani - 2 måneder siden
6:56 the ultra scream crema pie kkkkkkkkkkk
Lazu Imani
Lazu Imani - 2 måneder siden
This Goku is just a normal dude who'll later gone apeshit.
Jose Mari C. Monsanto Jr.
Jose Mari C. Monsanto Jr. - 2 måneder siden
They wrote at the end. RIP In peace. Means Rest In Peace In Peace.
Jose Mari C. Monsanto Jr.
Jose Mari C. Monsanto Jr. - 2 måneder siden
With a great power comes with a great kamehameha. 😂😂😂
Daniel Rednor
Daniel Rednor - 2 måneder siden
I needed this to cheer me up thanks Marcus
MKZ 2.0
MKZ 2.0 - 2 måneder siden
Marcus's laugh is very contagious lol
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles - 2 måneder siden
I really wish I had your friend group. Just a bunch of nerds that I can be myself around cause I can never talk about this stuff with my friends😂
Ketul Haria
Ketul Haria - 2 måneder siden
I laughed n cried at the same time.
Laughed as you made jokes .
Cried cus this movie made me 😆😆😆
Enan - 2 måneder siden
Fuller is the half-human son of Cooler
Double Dose
Double Dose - 2 måneder siden
palmieres - 2 måneder siden
"One perfect wish..."
Remember when Oolong got to make the first wish we see in the DragonBall TV show, and he wished for some panties? Yeah...
LQKing’s Personally Channel
That’s what I kept thinking ever time they said PERFECT wish