Dragon Ball - The Best Arc in Shonen History (reupload)

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Stavro - 9 timer siden
Every arc of over piece is better lol. Even Davy back.
Gav o
Gav o - Dag siden
Holy shit the Aesop Rock instrumental really caught me off guard. Instant sub whenever i hear someone use his music.
Kenneth See
Kenneth See - 2 dager siden
My man Krillin is way underrated. Glad someone else sees that.
Just Some Guy With A Hot Pink Mustache
cough CHIMERA ANT ARC cough
Cazz1337 - 2 dager siden
Does he have the instrumental from ZZZ top playing in the background?
Nefarious Paradise-James
Nefarious Paradise-James - 3 dager siden
That's a werid way of spelling Steel Ball Run.
Brandon Chavez
Brandon Chavez - 3 dager siden
I like cell bc of dbza :v
Farmer with shotgun
Farmer with shotgun - 3 dager siden
The planet namek saga will always hold a special place in my heart
Admirał Hax
Admirał Hax - 4 dager siden
If Dragon Ball was to end somewhere during Z, I think Vegeta's sacrifice vs Buu would be perfect. It's an unpopular opinion, but I just feel like it would be incredibly interesting and... unexpected?
Colin Tew
Colin Tew - 4 dager siden
Where do you watch dragon ball
CharroArgentino - 4 dager siden
Chimera Arc and Water 7/Ennies Lobby exist.
The Legit DERPY Squid Guy
The Legit DERPY Squid Guy - 4 dager siden
JoJo’s bizarre adventure has 4 time skips.
superequinox - 5 dager siden
Idk if Gohan was friends with Piccolo because he was "pure of heart". I think it's just because he simply wasn't there for the bad stuff the King Piccolo did, he wasn't born yet. So really, its another point for why DBZ's time skip was well implemented.
Reginald Davis
Reginald Davis - 5 dager siden
Best Arc in Shonen is the tournament arc in Naruto
Er¡ck L0ra
Er¡ck L0ra - 5 dager siden
you should see more anime
Omiros Chatziiordanis
Omiros Chatziiordanis - 6 dager siden
Dragon ball peaked from Ten shinhan until the frieza saga. Especially from ten shinhan until piccolo Jr. due to the good character progression and not pulling idiotic power ups (except the magical water which it is still better than whatever Z did like 100g and etc., even the filler) they use real martial arts and techniques like the mafu ba and the deaths actually shocked and were devastating. The beginning of Z part still has some of the same qualities, but when they leave for namek things start to go downhill with things like gravity training, zenkai boosts, after image training and even super sayian( although at freeza saga it is handled differently and it is still really important, unlike what the other arcs do)
Joshua McDonagh
Joshua McDonagh - 6 dager siden
I'd argue Cell does have character. He was exceptionally good at attacking the main character's weaknesses. It was less that Cell was whining to Vegeta to let him absorb the androids and more that he was exploiting his main weakness. His pride. And he attacked Gohan's weakness of wanting to protect his loved once by attacking them, in order to draw out his power.
Noah Fogle
Noah Fogle - 6 dager siden
With out dragon ball we wouldnt have modern battle shonen. That is a definite fact. How ever just because I like Naruto or My Hero doesnt mean you would like dragon ball. There is two reasons i believe this too be. Number 1: Dragon ball (entire series) has little to no character development. Its always people wanting to fight. The little character development there is isnt enough to compare to other manga. Number 2: It was the easiest to watch anime for an entire generation. This series rides harder on Nostalgia then dieing out rock bands. Thats why it hasnt changed its formula. Thats why in super we get galaxys of flat characters for our heros to beat up. Just like every other saga. I grew up on Dragon Ball Z reruns and Naruto. I love both series. Both for different reasons. I just cant be convinced that dragon ball is better then Naruto. For me I love character development. Both will hold a special place in my heart though.
King of Carrotflowers
King of Carrotflowers - 6 dager siden
Me and intellectual:Piccolo Daimao arch is the best
infinitejay - 7 dager siden
Wait this isn't Chimera Ant
Monaka Yuuma
Monaka Yuuma - 7 dager siden
Bruh Buu was great
M K - 7 dager siden
Krillin/kuririn invented the kienzan
Thats why they keep him around
Frank The Fish
Frank The Fish - 9 dager siden
Chimera Ant arc says hi
Frank The Fish
Frank The Fish - 7 dager siden
DiSgUsTiNg . Would’ve been had they focused more on the members. My homie Shalnark needed more screentime smh. Also nah Meruem > Chrollo anyday
DiSgUsTiNg - 7 dager siden
Phantom troupe was better
A_Random_Dude - 9 dager siden
12:45 indeed he was a simple man
Louis Demm
Louis Demm - 9 dager siden
No doubt the Sayian saga was hype as fuck. The whole King Kai/afterlife plot with a bunch of character development from Piccolo and the other characters was awesome. The battles were brutal as hell too. It was just really well written . Felt more like Dragon Ball than Dragon Ball Z ya know?
Theo Lakermance
Theo Lakermance - 9 dager siden
To be fair, I was totally tricked into believing that the Cell saga was superior just because of the stellar work TFS did on it. TFS Cell is legit one of my favorite character across all animation.
endarasman - 11 dager siden
Oh yeah, Goku's Saiyan Blood and Piccoli is Namekian is a real game changer!
Subway Surfer
Subway Surfer - 11 dager siden
What ruined Super Saiyan for me is Android 17 and 18
marça - 11 dager siden
Actualy, I prefer the Dragon Ball before Z, when Goku was a kid, the earthling warriors were strong and the scale were smaller while the emotional impact were higher
Lord Durg
Lord Durg - 12 dager siden
Let us all take a moment to mourn who we have lost in the saiyan and frieza saga from the biggest poopoo hole in the universe...
Thicc Nappa's cheeks
Best girl Dodoria
Totally hetero big boi Zarbon
Guldo's head and lungs
Recoome's bum
Kabal (I mean Burter)
Kano (I mean Jeice)
Dishonorable mentions
Bulma's babymaker
Yamcha's self esteem
And the countless frieza force soldiers and the saibamen known as Paul
You will be remembered...
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut - 12 dager siden
You should do more anime content
Mr Zon
Mr Zon - 13 dager siden
Unpopular opinion:The older you are,the more boring shounen has become
Jake the snake gaming
Jake the snake gaming - 13 dager siden
I liked kai, but gohans voice was annoying
Catalina Reyes
Catalina Reyes - 14 dager siden
I love how "in the west" disregard hi different things where in Latinamerica (I used to think it was only here in Chile, but now I've read online it was like that in a lot of of countries in Latinamerica). XP
Peter W
Peter W - 14 dager siden
Dragonball Z is a perfect Trilogy:
Saiyan Arc
Frieza Arc
Cell Arc
Er¡ck L0ra
Er¡ck L0ra - 5 dager siden
The Cell arc? Don't make me laugh
Lance Lee
Lance Lee - 15 dager siden
Damn Marcus. You have great content
ThatOneLoudFriend - 17 dager siden
I know no one asked but, this video makes me want to go watch dragon ball
Ganondorf: XJ-0461
Ganondorf: XJ-0461 - 19 dager siden
Before watching this video, I had only heard of the show through references and mentions. This video made me start watching it, and now I am fan, having watched every episode and reading the manga. Thanks man!
ThePelican17 - 20 dager siden
Hearing the OG theme song at the end, not Z but the very first one would have been enough to make me rewatch the series
Kakarot - 21 dag siden
Dragonball was released on vhs by a different distributor before Z came out. But it wasn't popular.
Ricki47 - 21 dag siden
8:20 that dr.doom theme tho
Firey Piranha
Firey Piranha - 21 dag siden
The reason why people like Cell, is because of the Abridged series, he becomes the greatest thing in the entire series.
SuperBoy Prime
SuperBoy Prime - 21 dag siden
Bro he became my favorite character in that series! He’s Perfect song confirmed that for me😭😭😭 Ppl still like Cell form the original tho, I’m more of a fan of 1st form Cell
Reborn Kusabi
Reborn Kusabi - 22 dager siden
Disagree on Cell because after Frieza, all of his lackies on Namek and Vegeta, I enjoyed that Cell was just... a monster. And not in the bad, boring way Buu was, like... in the horrific, nightmare almost-Lovecraftian way. He has no goals beyond pure hunger and his goal of fighting Goku only comes from wanting to consume him for power. Frieza, it was a vice and conquest. Vegeta it was power and subjugation. But Cell? He was just hungry.
But also, the reason I like Cell is because it really did feel like that was an ending in the same way something like End Game or Return of the Jedi did. The heroes won, everyone grew and the day was thoroughly saved without a single loose end left to tie up.
Jagg1901 - 24 dager siden
Okay, soooo, might be a bit late. But, what would it take to get a one piece video?? cause let me tell you i'd love that shit
It’s me Johnny downtime edition
I agree with you but I love gohans arc so I like cell arc so gohans gets the spotlight
juan martinez
juan martinez - Måned siden
I dont know if Dragon ball had a impact in the US as it did in Mexico but growing up Dragon ball was everything. I remember glimpses of the original Dragon ball just like i remember glimpses of my childhood. After we moved to the US and started watching Dragon ball z i was thrown off that they had thrown in rock music during the fight. In Mexico we got the orchestrated fight song that Japan got and i think that only made Dragon Ball that much more enjoyable.
Funny fact. After i moved to the US and i first saw a blonde kid with blue eyes i thought he was a super sayan lmfao
JoelJoestar - Måned siden
I think the reason why the character problem does not happen with other series is because other series know when to throw characters away and not waste personalities
Anthony Urda
Anthony Urda - Måned siden
Would love to hear your take on my favorite anime: Digimon Adventure!
Adam Morales
Adam Morales - Måned siden
Why are they so offended over the love that you have over the saiyan and frieza saga but I agree they are pretty cool
a guy who exists
a guy who exists - Måned siden
A thing i love about it is that the dub isnt complete shit
carcass 87
carcass 87 - Måned siden
Each character should have their own movies.
Jino 2000
Jino 2000 - Måned siden
Do some more anime shit Man.
Michael Healy
Michael Healy - Måned siden
Piccolo baby!
miguel - Måned siden
krillin and kid gohan are a great duo
Marty Wittenberg
Marty Wittenberg - Måned siden
I cannot deny it. Dragonball was always crazy good. Especially from the beginning. But the best Saga will always be Frieza. Up untill then i was on the edge of my seat. Goku Becoming the legendary Super Saiyan. Pinnacle of his power. You know..when power levels actually still had numbers. When a planet only had 5 minutes before blowing up but that took like 40 episodes to happen. Gotta love it. But it was around the Cell Saga it slowly started to go down. Buu was good but not better. GT was just to slowpaced and weird but i loved the transformation and basically had no trouble accepting it as the end. I mean seriously it had reached the end of the cookie a long time ago. Can't feed you crumbs anymore. And power build ups became a joke..
Capital-E - Måned siden
They should release a Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Kai.
Khonsu - Måned siden
The boy the boy ain't right 😂😂
Kanye Young
Kanye Young - Måned siden
One piece is calling
17RaysPlays - Måned siden
Listen, you can hate on most of the Buu Saga, but you'd better show the adorable baby that is Majin Buu some *respect!!!*
東勝男 - Måned siden
you're racist