Designated Driving: The Lost Legacy

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Runtime: 12:13


Chris Marringa
Chris Marringa - 18 dager siden
what is the song in the intro?
InakaGames - 27 dager siden
Love this. FYI for anyone curious: glitches happened because the game was installing in the background while they played. If your HDD is struggling because it's old/slow, the game will miss key read/write operations during cinematics. The game doesn't crash when this happens though, so animations miss some chunks of keyframes and the game just has to "fill in the gaps" with frozen (static) characters moving in X/Y/Z coordinates only, which is why you get Mannequin Mayhem.
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 28 dager siden
Its shame this a great game😂 but this video is gold
AGW - Måned siden
i like the idea of a game that looks and is marketed as a normal game, but is just SLIGHTLY off.
kinda like doki doki but less cringey
Akshat Wahi
Akshat Wahi - Måned siden
Whoverer is with Marcus is so fuckin annoyin.Bitch.
chris robinson
chris robinson - Måned siden
Bring it back!
Tusken Reader
Tusken Reader - Måned siden
5/5, best horror game of 2017
Andre Pires
Andre Pires - 2 måneder siden
Wtf happened to your copy
Fredy Mendez
Fredy Mendez - 2 måneder siden
your game is so broken had no promblems i dont know if you are nitoicking because you have someone else with you but this game is seriously not bad and its only a dlc my game cost me 25 dollars.
Cup of Water_ Diplip
Cup of Water_ Diplip - 6 måneder siden
I have really inconsistent internet and every time the game stops or stutter I think my connection went
Personal Persona
Personal Persona - 7 måneder siden
My professional diagnosis is that you had some kind or hardware or software issue, which made it so while you played during the install process, your shit went all wonky. Professional opinion. From a pro.
Dave Plank
Dave Plank - 8 måneder siden
*game stutters and glitches while simultaneously downloading something massive*
Cosmonaut Variety Hour: This must be Redbox's fault
CreativePlayer - 9 måneder siden
best bollywood film lmao
Jehudi Phillips
Jehudi Phillips - År siden
What's the name of the beat in the start
Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey - År siden
10:33 and I OOP
Wellmetkinsman - År siden
mysticwolf92 - År siden
This video was so fucking hilarious I'm at work dying from laughter.
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards - År siden
I didn’t experience any bugs, but you guys are hilarious
Cody Galicia
Cody Galicia - År siden
I have never experienced any bugs while playing this game.
Roland Vass
Roland Vass - År siden
this was the best thing ever. nothing is more enjoyable than a glitchy singleplayer played together
Michael S.
Michael S. - År siden
Not a huge fan of the game, but when I played it it didn't bug like that. Shout out to Mehgan, need more Designated Driving!
Mike's World
Mike's World - År siden
10:08 When I download a Telltale series and because of some glitch, I am unable to play the rest of the episodes 😉
Oslo Emrey
Oslo Emrey - År siden
It's definitely just ur copy that's the problem
Something Suspicious
Something Suspicious - År siden
Ok I’ve played this game and there were none of these glitches
Digital DJ
Digital DJ - År siden
Why redbox
TheMysticalDude - År siden
7:33 best fucking part
Sebastian W.
Sebastian W. - År siden
I want to get every game I play from Redbox from now on
Dirty Fighters
Dirty Fighters - År siden
The number one thing that I disliked about The Lost Legacy, is that they completely replaced Nathan Drake for Chloe (Which I don't mind Chloe that much) and this chick who we have NO clue about.
Dirty Fighters
Dirty Fighters - År siden
@Sebastian W. That's all true, and hello Last of Us 2
Sebastian W.
Sebastian W. - År siden
@Dirty Fighters This game was originally just going to be DLC for Uncharted 4 and it eventually became it's own thing. The point being, Naughty Dog doesn't want to continue the Uncharted storyline. 5hey want to continue working on other projects instead of driving the same franchise into the ground. Naughty Dog cares so much about their games that they wouldn't just want to milk it for money. All that to say, this is probably the last Uncharted game ever. I'm sorry if it makes you sad that this game doesn't involve Nate and friends, but sometimes you just have to let things go. Not meaning to be mean or anything, just making observations.
Dirty Fighters
Dirty Fighters - År siden
@Sebastian W. I get the whole "A Thief's End" thing in Uncharted 4, but come on, I'm sure that these guys (Naughty Dog) of all people could find a way to bring N8 back. It's just the fact that if they're gonna start an entire new Uncharted series based only around Chloe and Nadine, than I am in NO interest into playing it, though if you are, there's nothing I can do to prevent that. In my original comment I'm not saying that The Lost Legacy's a bad game, I'm just giving my personal opinion about it, which (Since this is the Internet) NO ONE cares about.
Sebastian W.
Sebastian W. - År siden
@Dirty Fighters Two things: 1. It's all in the same world, what characters you play as shouldn't affect what the game is called. 2. Nate's story ended in Uncharted 4. Uncharted 4 is the final Uncharted game that involved Nathan Drake, insinuated by the title "A Thief's End."
Dirty Fighters
Dirty Fighters - År siden
@Sebastian W. Except why would they throw away Nate and the Gang and replace it with a woman be barely know and Chloe? They shouldn't have called it Uncharted
Joe M.
Joe M. - År siden
If the Game was really this bad i would buy it for sure.
SB Productions
SB Productions - År siden
Got a bad disc
Chris L
Chris L - År siden
@8:23 Chloe: (Shits)
Defaultiboi - År siden
But the writing is pretty good
Aidan Wright
Aidan Wright - År siden
My cousin and I had literally the exact same experience and it was great
H 73X
H 73X - År siden
I did not have any problems with my game and I got it day 1. Maybe your ps4 is jacked or the disc is damaged.
Quiet Time Gaming
Quiet Time Gaming - År siden
i literally haven't laughed that hard in forever. Literal tears are running down my face.
reincarN8ed - År siden
I almost pissed myself watching this.
Sam - År siden
Miss this series
IndigoPhoenix21 - År siden
Is Chloe wave dashing? These bugs are wild XD.
RaiseTheApple - 2 år siden
Damn... that PS4 is screaming hahah
James the PlayStation Guy
I think it was just your copy 😂
James the PlayStation Guy
Or maybe it just wasn't downloaded 😂
Da Dong Chen
Da Dong Chen - 2 år siden
I'm sorry your copy of the game was broken but this is one of the most hilarious videos I've ever watched.
Skinnypumba1 - 2 år siden
Please do an Uncharted 4 play through, even a review of your fave parts. Because that game is a masterpiece. It is one of the few happy endings done perfectly that didn't even feel a little cheesy.
Blörgus Feörgus
Blörgus Feörgus - 2 år siden
How bow you let the game download
jokerayray - 2 år siden
Yo I'm dying
DtoonerGames 7
DtoonerGames 7 - 2 år siden
wow your copy is so broken
Ignacio Cañas
Ignacio Cañas - 2 år siden
What do you expect, they buy it on redbox.
Sorrow - 2 år siden
You got a wack ps4 cuz that never happened to me
Ignacio Cañas
Ignacio Cañas - 2 år siden
It's not the ps4, its the disk.
DtoonerGames 7
DtoonerGames 7 - 2 år siden
Huh, this never happened to me when I played
Nik Fury
Nik Fury - 2 år siden
lmao. do they figure out the download issue
JakeTS1992 - 2 år siden
I don't understand, I have LITERALLY played all the Uncharted's and The Last of Us multiple times, and never run into any bugs or glitches. Not saying Naughty Dog doesn't accidentally have any bugs in their games but I have yet to run into one. I've Also never run into any glitches in any Gears of War games or God of War games.
ariana moore
ariana moore - 2 år siden
When Megan started singing Sonic I died
Chicken Strips
Chicken Strips - 2 år siden
it probably had a seizure because you didnt let the game finish downloading, but the game is shit either way
Ignacio Cañas
Ignacio Cañas - 2 år siden
Nah, it's because they buy it from redbox.
Caleb Kelsey
Caleb Kelsey - 2 år siden
This is a real life creepy pasta
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee - 2 år siden
This glitchy shit has literally never happened during any of my NaughtyDog playthroughs. Wtf are you playing
Ignacio Cañas
Ignacio Cañas - 2 år siden
A redbox edition.
albmrsky - 2 år siden
You were playing the game when it was still downloading, what the fuck did you expect? 11:20 Yeah. It’s almost like it had finished downloading.
Ghost Tactician
Ghost Tactician - 2 år siden
Hugh Mungus you're taking the video a little too seriously
albmrsky - 2 år siden
Ghost Tactician Who said I wasn’t calm?
Ghost Tactician
Ghost Tactician - 2 år siden
Calm down
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner - 2 år siden
Well you got it on redbox
kyuubii29 - 2 år siden
i hate when people play the newest uncharted and just hate it like that uncharted is like the best game ever
Ignacio Cañas
Ignacio Cañas - 2 år siden
Watch the video, mate.
I didn't have any glitches that you two had. It worked great the whole time. Odd.
Keefs41 CTX
Keefs41 CTX - 2 år siden
Everybody in this game has a big booty lmao
Keefs41 CTX
Keefs41 CTX - 2 år siden
Damn it this is such a good watch. Lol I laughed the whole vid
blackorean - 2 år siden
The WORST impression uncharted could possibly leave on someone lmao