Death Note (2017) - Why it Sucks

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Big greasy nut 125
Big greasy nut 125 - 2 timer siden
The movie isn’t sub.
StylzeTheSupremeRuler - 2 timer siden
I'm so mad that I watched this before the anime.
Amilah - 2 timer siden
The Japanese death note movies were actually good tho.
Glen Stout
Glen Stout - 10 timer siden
Willem dafoe is always fun as a villain though
Abel Rojas
Abel Rojas - 10 timer siden
At 9:13 how do we know that
Shrek of the swamp
Shrek of the swamp - 13 timer siden
The people in the movie dont even look at all like the characters
Rrreedking dod
Rrreedking dod - 19 timer siden
The japanese drama is actually better than this as original series
Joshua Zhao
Joshua Zhao - 19 timer siden
3:49, actually if he made it so he was able to kill a criminal that was only broadcasted in Japan like the original series (but in this case its intentional rather than accidental) than this actually might have been a really smart move.
anormous 690
anormous 690 - 20 timer siden
I liked L and i liked how riuk looked. thats about it.
first, I didnt like that most of the killings were NOT heart attacks. they were very gruesome and didnt have to be. im not the kind of person who gets super unconfortable when it comes to gore, but in the firs 15 min a dude get decapated by a ladder, there is way too much unecasary gore and it takes away from the movie. second, i didnt like that riuk was basically like the main villain of the story and lite even told L that he wasnt fully in controll. lastly, although L as a character was okay, the scene where he was in public was stupid as all heck, the movie would be just as long if they made L have a voice changer and no face cam instead of one fricking mask.
sorry for the spelling errors and controversial opinions, this is what I think, not what anyone else has to think.
asami i
asami i - 21 time siden
How tf did they manage to make Light Yagami a fricking pussy?
Jackson S
Jackson S - 22 timer siden
Death Note seems like the ONE Shonen that MIGHT actually work in live action and they somehow fucked it up so much more than anyone thought possible.
AnTi_ Spiral
AnTi_ Spiral - Dag siden
4:48 like saiki?
brittany mullins
brittany mullins - Dag siden
lion king trailer 2019 official
Mystic - Dag siden
This is Light’s punishment. Instead of going to hell he became a Netflix adaptation
Gizel Z
Gizel Z - Dag siden
the worst part of every adaptation is L, all the rest i can somehow live with it, but not L.
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer - Dag siden
bobs - Dag siden
I think the biggest thing they could've gotten wrong was - who Light is before he gets the book. In my opinion the greatest aspect of Death Note was it was an exploration of... that perfect person you know... That perfect person who nobody really knows anything about, but everyone knows they're valedictorian and they're just "Good". The series was an exploration on what might happen if one of those people were to get a hold of godhood - in an instant, essentially. You would think he would have a good and noble idea of what to do with that power; but he quite literally immediately devolves into a dictatorial campaign of power and greed
Blake Weston Halliwell
Movies so bad hahahhahaha
To make it ambigumous weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Nick Socha
Nick Socha - Dag siden
Ghh Jj
Ghh Jj - Dag siden
I’ll love how he dosent address the fact that L is black.And I’m not racist because I am also black
Cali Qm
Cali Qm - 2 dager siden
🤣L wouldn't kill Light without proving he was Kira first,in the anime he could've done that at any time,but he wanted to beat him in this "game",he had way too much pride to do something like that
Mohamed Aladle
Mohamed Aladle - 2 dager siden
Aleta battle angel wasn't that bad
Trylie Try
Trylie Try - 2 dager siden
When i first watched the movie, I THOUGHT it was gonna be like- "In a world where Someone that wasen't light picked up the book" Or something like that- but when they said that the main character was "Light" And his rival was "L" And there's a girl named "Mia" I lost all hope. But i really think it would vbe cool to see someone else pick up the deathnote, and see what they would do,
Cj Cuarez
Cj Cuarez - 2 dager siden
Its like im Watching a Collage
People Roleplaying Death Note
Squiggly48 09
Squiggly48 09 - 3 dager siden
Song name at 1:59?
LemoniDrop - Dag siden
death note opening 2
Swiggity Swoater
Swiggity Swoater - 3 dager siden
The only good thing in the film is willem Defoe as ryuk
Ya'suf Dany
Ya'suf Dany - 3 dager siden
Ouch, is it actually movie. I think it just the parody ones
DiscardedVidz - 3 dager siden
Death Note Anime: Two intellectual individual trying to out wit each other
Death Note Netflix Movie: Two absolutely idiotic individual trying to figure out which one is more idiotic.

Ryuk Netflix Movie:" HAHAHAHA Look at these two idiotic individual HAHAHA, Humans are so Interesting HAHAHA"
kristine gangman
kristine gangman - 3 dager siden
Animes should stay as Anime..
We love Anime because it IS Anime
aaron4094 _
aaron4094 _ - 4 dager siden
I just finished the anime... and the ending is too sad
Blue Springflower
Blue Springflower - 4 dager siden
"Just Watari."
FAT OBESE KID - 4 dager siden
idk how peeps would like this movie, its trash also i only made it half way when i watched it like a year ago.
SRrodolfo gg
SRrodolfo gg - 4 dager siden
so u want series
arifiarian1998 - 4 dager siden
If they ever made a sequel. Hire a new writer, keep Ryuk, give the 'Death Note' to a new character.
Then make it a crime thriller, with a detective (maybe introduce an older Near), trying to solve the case.
Something in the tone of Se7en or Zodiac. Let it be slow pace, with a 2h and 30m runtime.
iamL - 4 dager siden
Netflix sucks period it never has all the seasons all skips my intros
Dash Man
Dash Man - 4 dager siden
5:05 that might be my favorite “what the fuck” I’ve ever heard.
Musicpuzzle - 4 dager siden
This movie is a bloody version of the live action dragon Ball
Fingerlikingood - 5 dager siden
The only thing I found weird is that L’s black...
(No racism)
Some call me Chunky
Some call me Chunky - 3 dager siden
What’s wrong with him being black
richez explanations!!
richez explanations!! - 5 dager siden
But the thing is they made ryuk evil ryuk wasn't evil he was funny in the original anime
L Dragneel
L Dragneel - 5 dager siden
To the creators of this movie
*Kira wants to know your Name and Face*
Darkry - Gaming Space Studio
the original movie was actually good, but what the hell is this crap? :D
Fadorfox - 5 dager siden
I watched this before the anime so I wouldn't know anything.
I thought it was pretty good
Ryuk - 6 dager siden
This light would have gotten the shinigami eyes had they been a thing just to kill some random guy
jordan levy - kislev
jordan levy - kislev - 6 dager siden
Why is L black and with short hair
Mrssnoopa9 - 6 dager siden
You sound like Sidoh.
Ghastyy - 6 dager siden
9:18 don’t worry, TenTen from naruto got less screen time than a pig
Mountain Dewott Studios
Mountain Dewott Studios - 6 dager siden
3:50 when you have ears and hered anime the actuall japanese word for killer is "koroshi" Kira was the english word for killer because japanese cant pronounce the "L". Perfect law there american light
Indigiedent X ray
Indigiedent X ray - 6 dager siden
I just realized the person who plays Ryuk's voice is the same as Norman Osborne/ Green Goblin from the first Spiderman movie.
Jimena Diaz
Jimena Diaz - 6 dager siden
The only smart thing that they did was that they were killing in different continents. It always pissed me off that in the anime they never did this.
Hiro2Dachi 4u
Hiro2Dachi 4u - 6 dager siden
yeahh its pretty dum
Alex avetisyan Alexisbetter
Alex avetisyan Alexisbetter - 6 dager siden
i actually got mad from watching this crappy movie especially since death note is my favorite anime
Jesse Mccree
Jesse Mccree - 6 dager siden
Comparing this to the anime is like choosing Captalism over Communism and I am a true slav
Vivienne Goh
Vivienne Goh - 7 dager siden
The stuff I didn't like:
Me: I can go all day long :)
Irrelevant - 7 dager siden
The manga: patrick stars house
The anime: a rock
The Netflix adaptation: Dwayne the rock Johnson
Agent 995
Agent 995 - 7 dager siden
If you haven't watched the anime or read the manga then the movie is alright but if you have it's a huge downgrade
VityZero - 7 dager siden
30 IQ Light yagami
i love anime and manga light yagami Limitless IQ
he even killed a fricking shinigami
IceBlueLugia - 7 dager siden
The thing that made the anime so great was that every little detail mattered, especially in Light’s plan. Ever time L said something to him, he carefully considered how to respond so as to not raise suspicion. You have stuff like his plan to hide the Death Note which he explains in detail and is never brought up again, but they explain it because that’s the kind of thing that Light still has to take into account just in case. The movie doesn’t have any of that kind of development
M&R - 7 dager siden
the worst part in this movie is that L isn’t white
Lama Su
Lama Su - 7 dager siden
I actually watched the japanese adaptation and surprisingly, while it had a low budget, was enjoyable.