Daredevil - The Worst Superhero Movie Ever Made?

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 20:22


Erik N.
Erik N. - 4 timer siden
I just clicked on this ti just say the catsomen movie was worse even tho i didnt even watch this vid
Nicole Galkovich
Nicole Galkovich - 7 timer siden
this movie sum doo doo
Superyan - 16 timer siden
Everyone is being too harsh on this movie, you have to remember the time it came out. Plus not only they put Evanescence in this movie, Evanescence became popular thanks to this movie.
Mislav Klaić
Mislav Klaić - 18 timer siden
To me, Daredevil is a masterpiece. I loved the last fight in the film with Kingpin.
ej terry
ej terry - Dag siden
So what we have is a “superhero ninja” who needs sound to see. This sounds like one of those “you can have this superpower, but this” scenarios.
Confusion 0015
Confusion 0015 - Dag siden
Well yeah the movie was trash but the Netflix series was good
Tim Martian
Tim Martian - Dag siden
I wanna know if marcus has seen season 3
German Badger
German Badger - 2 dager siden
I want this Movie's Bullseye to have His own movie.
Amilah - 2 dager siden
This was fucking hilarious.
Lacey Ballard
Lacey Ballard - 3 dager siden
Not Elektra slander 🙄🙄🙄🙃 I would argue that a lot of especially male writers just don't know what to do with her. I think that if Erik Oleson got the chance to course correct her writing in a later season, we would have seen the version of her that Elodie Yung (who really did her research) really wanted to do despite the unfortunate direction she was given. But anyway yeah no this version of her was awful and this movie was awful.
However, a friend of mine did say that this is the movie netflix Matt would make about himself and honestly? He's just trashy enough that I agree.
Gael NPC
Gael NPC - 4 dager siden
This soundtrack was hilarious
Mrenderkid prime
Mrenderkid prime - 5 dager siden
This movie sucks and the netflix series does too

Can someone just make a proper daredevil series/movie already, its not that hard
Alfie Bou
Alfie Bou - 5 dager siden
Why did this video make me feel like bullseye was the giid guy
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
Bull's eye is hilarious, a douche, and a badd @ss. & Yeah--Collen Ferrell didn't *even* care...
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
JUST!! a hot dangerous Ninja?? What more do you want out of life?!?
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
Iron Man doesn't hide his ID either. Bfs & girlfriends don't snitch~
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
5 senses minus 1 equals 4. Not "very few."
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
He chewed Vic in the shower. Thawas cool...
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
It wasn't 90 flashback 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ It's "mostly just Matt & Electra"--being hott~ QED. 💥
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
Is Waaay better than Justice League dude...!!
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
The show looks Amaazing...
fartsniffer2020 pissdrink
fartsniffer2020 pissdrink - 5 dager siden
This is the worst superhero movie ever made??? Nah..i mean its bad nut captain america 1990 amd fantastic four 1994 is far worse than this
fartsniffer2020 pissdrink
fartsniffer2020 pissdrink - 5 dager siden
Lol i just noticed that Robert iler was in daredevil
Jake Dittburner
Jake Dittburner - 5 dager siden
Who is his second favorite superhero please answer
Shivam Khkenkhoen
Shivam Khkenkhoen - 6 dager siden
But, bullseye was still alive at the end in the hospital bed
Charles Isbell
Charles Isbell - 6 dager siden
DD movie is better then cat woman
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 6 dager siden
Why would someone sleep in a sealed coffin filled with stale water, so that they can get ear and skin infections and also suffocate and die in their sleep.
Jayson 101
Jayson 101 - 2 dager siden
It’s a sensory deprivation chamber
GUPIA - 6 dager siden
movie yup but i can't say that about netflix daredevil
Buddy McKane
Buddy McKane - 6 dager siden
I owned the VHS of this 15 years ago, and the first two Spideys! Oh, the last years of the Video Tape!
C. D
C. D - 7 dager siden
The only reason i lile it is cause theres not alot of things with daredevil in it to love or hate
Mr Zon
Mr Zon - 7 dager siden
i see.....your a man of culture as well
Ember power
Ember power - 7 dager siden
Endgame was "ok"
MineDan Taken
MineDan Taken - 7 dager siden
I mean, evanescence has good music. Not suited for a movie tho.
Afro king plays
Afro king plays - 7 dager siden
Who are those anime girls
Andre Alexander
Andre Alexander - 8 dager siden
Worst?!...lets take a trip down memory lane where we find Batman and Robin
Im TheLizardKing
Im TheLizardKing - 8 dager siden
How is it the very worst superhero movies daredevil and the punisher have the best superhero shows
Malia Ferry
Malia Ferry - 8 dager siden
The Nexflix show is Awasome
Tanner Barnes
Tanner Barnes - 8 dager siden
I think you’re nitpicking in this video for the most part... The only thing that bothers me is the falling and jumping like he has leaping superpowers. Other than that? Good movie. I’d put it at a 7/10
sengiko - 8 dager siden
Dude please follow up this series, I am still waiting after your catwoman video
Amanda B.
Amanda B. - 8 dager siden
when i saw the scene where elektra tries to catch the knife thing and it gets stuck in her hand, a deep memory from my childhood surfaced and suddenly i remembered watching this movie when i was like 6 oh my god
Всеволод Нёйтенс
Dude come on, DD is not that bad
Kyle Samuel
Kyle Samuel - 8 dager siden
daredavil movie is not one of the best super hero movies buy i enjoyed it . you should've given him 5 or 6 .
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin - 8 dager siden
FINALLY, someone who loves Colin Farrell's Bullseye almost as much as I do!
Mcbam 100
Mcbam 100 - 9 dager siden
Idk, I kinda enjoyed this movie
Mcbam 100
Mcbam 100 - 9 dager siden
This is too funny, now watching this vid is kinda changed my mind. I still kinda like it. But yr really funny dude
mohammad toOLbaR
mohammad toOLbaR - 9 dager siden
The series is the best
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas - 9 dager siden
Yes bullseye was played fine and I thought it was funny that he hypes himself when no one cares
Angel Feliciano
Angel Feliciano - 9 dager siden
I liked Daredevil. I don't think it was outstanding, but it was still okay.
Brutal Inferno
Brutal Inferno - 9 dager siden
No... But Bullseye was the worst villain in the MCU
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl - 9 dager siden
That Catwoman and Batman part made me laugh I'm never unsubscribing from this channel
Сергей Якимов
Сергей Якимов - 10 dager siden
I Like Director's cut of Daredevil, and of course it could be better, but in this movie Bullseye, Electra and Kingpin are really great!!!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 10 dager siden
This is actually a good movie minus 3 cringe scenes
jcpennington183 - 10 dager siden
The bully in the Daredevil movie is fucking AJ Soprano.
The Seeker of Dankness
The Seeker of Dankness - 10 dager siden
"Smells a hot lady"
> Anime character starts dancing
Ye not gonna lie pretty hot
Blaq_Senpai-chan - 11 dager siden
Ahh yes he watches “Amagi Brilliant park” anime
Dio Scorpion
Dio Scorpion - 11 dager siden
Marcus, nothing makes me more dizzy than shaky cams. Just as you get dizzy with dutch angles lol
Debanjan Mani
Debanjan Mani - 11 dager siden
Oh come on, Daredevil was dumb, but not definitely the worst. It should be Supergirl and Catwoman combined 😁😁
Brendan Hanley
Brendan Hanley - 12 dager siden
Ironically, Daredevil’s best superhero show ever made as well
Shadow Binder
Shadow Binder - 12 dager siden
Always wondered this,
Who would win?
Ben Affleck's Daredevil vs Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man
123 456
123 456 - 12 dager siden
Daredevil is one of my favorite comic book characters the tv show one of my favorite shows so I've purposefully avoided this movie, among others (cough Ghost Rider) but wHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THEY PUT WAKE ME UP IN THIS MOVIE UNTIL NOW
Moone Shadow
Moone Shadow - 12 dager siden
Fantastic Four (2015 film) is the worse superhero film ever. So DC is off the hook with this category.
Pieter Rogge
Pieter Rogge - 12 dager siden
Marcus laughing like Emperor Palpatine at 16:53
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia - 12 dager siden
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia - 12 dager siden
"An Evanescence song"?!
I freaking love this soundtrack, I truly love it, i also has a Fuel song "Bring you Hell".
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia - 12 dager siden
19:09 There is the Fuel one.
Isabella C
Isabella C - 13 dager siden
Also this whole vid has me CACKLING