Cosmonaut Tabletop - Dungeons and Dragons Ep. 1

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Party: Vertego (dragonborn bard), Ferdinand (human paladin), Ida (half-elf fighter), Dola (gnome artificer)
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Runtime: 1:18:03


Friendly Hive Tyrant
Friendly Hive Tyrant - 8 dager siden
Here's to the possibility of us one day seeing a Warhammer40k video.
Dustyn Bedia
Dustyn Bedia - 3 måneder siden
u should try the cyberpunk roleplayng game
Donovan Dycus
Donovan Dycus - 6 måneder siden
69 dislikes nice
Paxul HD
Paxul HD - 6 måneder siden
I can't find it on Google play
Mr. Moon
Mr. Moon - 7 måneder siden
An actual video of your sessions would be fun to watch.
GamingAce - 7 måneder siden
Not gonna lie, I'm kinda getting some FF7 vibes from the plot.
Kara Maulud
Kara Maulud - 7 måneder siden
Make a second channel for this I fricking love this
Kyle Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd - 7 måneder siden
Overall the show is a lot of fun. The first few episodes are dope as FUCK...but by the end of episode 3/beginning of 4 onward, they’re just standing around fucking talking and it’s garbage. Marcus has to essentially force them to take actions like 6 dozen times cause they’re just standing around talking, trying to force the humor instead of letting it happen organically. But in the first 2-almost-3 episodes that humor comes very easily and I was laughing my ass off.
Nerobyte - 7 måneder siden
for the past couple of minutes ive been trying to find out why cosmonaut tabletop rhymes, it it syllables WHY
BNB _ - 7 måneder siden
So is it weird that I wanna play this but can’t figure out how and have been trying for months?
Nerobyte - 7 måneder siden
yes... jk
Nico Uzcategui
Nico Uzcategui - 7 måneder siden
Thank you cosmonaut, very cool!
Ishmael Hannah
Ishmael Hannah - 9 måneder siden
Please make a YouTube channel
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson - 9 måneder siden
Heck yeah!
Hunter Bowser
Hunter Bowser - 9 måneder siden
You know, this channel is chill as hell 👌
Nikolai Crowley
Nikolai Crowley - 10 måneder siden
This is the nerdiest shit I’ve ever heard
Minnesota fatts Pool legend
Minnesota fatts Pool legend - 10 måneder siden
Mad blood borne vibes
Stark*Azure - 10 måneder siden
There's a non-binary bard. I literally listened to this after entering an RPG as a non-binary bard.
Gonk goes the conq
Gonk goes the conq - 10 måneder siden
“Ok so my character is Dragonborn”
Alright that’s pretty coo-
“He’s non binary”
Ok that’s fine hope theres not too much of thi-
“WOMEN can wear PANTS”
JCFnetwork - 10 måneder siden
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro - 10 måneder siden
d&d anime style and I love it
FireWorks - 10 måneder siden
pretty darn cool, keep it up :D
Christopher Rocco
Christopher Rocco - 10 måneder siden
Okay, call me or fashion but I don't listen to pod casts, so if you could just create a YouTube channel to play these I'll tune in
Strobeeboy Studios
Strobeeboy Studios - 10 måneder siden
Mr Mister5555
Mr Mister5555 - 10 måneder siden
Fucking Fern Gully lmfao I knew this was gonna be great. :)
I_1_I_1_I - 10 måneder siden
I made my character like 2 days ago
"Cicolas Nage, The High Priest"
Background: Criminal
Class is Bard
Justofar _
Justofar _ - 10 måneder siden
You say Alethyis in the intro, then GoldCrest.
Megatronium 2
Megatronium 2 - 10 måneder siden
You should record video too would make these get more views i bet bc ppl should see this!
Nico Uzcategui
Nico Uzcategui - 7 måneder siden
Megatronium this is a podcast ep. 1 just premiers on NOburn
dusk to midnight
dusk to midnight - 11 måneder siden
for some reason them calling the adventure zone a small show is very funny to me
Everything Geek
Everything Geek - 11 måneder siden
please make a second channel
LethalPhenomenon 60
LethalPhenomenon 60 - 11 måneder siden
I listen to YouTube as if it's a streaming platform, honestly. I don't understand why you wouldn't post the series on YouTube when that's seems to be your main audience. Either way, thank you for the content.
M10 - 11 måneder siden
cosmonaut PLEASE read like fanfiction- I don’t care what just read something so I can fall asleep
Joslynch - 11 måneder siden
When I was listening to the beginning story I was like, "Is this Anastasia?".
Pei-Jhen Wu
Pei-Jhen Wu - 11 måneder siden
Separate youtube channel +1
Dooger Macaroninsbane
Dooger Macaroninsbane - 11 måneder siden
"follow us on [...]" absolutely no links
NewKidOnTheBlock - 11 måneder siden
As a youngster, this sets off my uncontrollable imagination like CrAzY!
Jerk Offavich
Jerk Offavich - 11 måneder siden
I don't think a seperate youtube channel is neccessary. I do think you guys should be on camera if you are ever plan on doing it on Youtube.
Caleb Reynolds
Caleb Reynolds - 11 måneder siden
My favorite d&d moment I’ve ever had, I was playing a Dragonborn barbarian (who was exiled by his tribe for worshipping Kord rather than Bahamut or Tiamat.) our party started out in the game suspected of assassination since we all arrived right before an official was murdered.
I was the only one put in cuffs. The guards kept being dicks, and right before they unlocked my cuffs after our innocence was proven, I rolled a D20. The dm was like
“Ugh, what did you do?”
I made a nat 20. My character had a nat strength of 18 or 19 I believe so he was stronk boi.
“I broke the iron chains like paper clips in front of the guards before turning and walking off.”

It was so cool to imagine in my head and seemed like something straight from a movie or comic.
allither - 11 måneder siden
NICOLAS FILIPPSEN - 11 måneder siden
Im fuckying surprised that you like anime and D&D, it need a BIG BRAIN for someone embrace such unique entertainments in these days, probably people will like it more in the future, but nowadays... man im still surprised
yuzu - 11 måneder siden
NICOLAS FILIPPSEN >high iq for simple interests this don’t make sense
Trenton Tolbert
Trenton Tolbert - 11 måneder siden
Marcus I just wanted to let you know that because of you I decided to start my own group with some friends of mine. You probs won’t see this message but I can not tell you how much fun we are having :)))
Yash Nanda
Yash Nanda - 11 måneder siden
Channel no. 2 please man i soo wanna watch this on YouTube
Daniel Black
Daniel Black - 11 måneder siden
When’s the next episode?
Aitor Carreño
Aitor Carreño - 11 måneder siden
Please Markus , make a separate channel
Zen Brown
Zen Brown - 11 måneder siden
Thank god D&D is back from Marcus.
Why Me
Why Me - 11 måneder siden
Why isn’t part 2 on Spotify yet
TacocaT 1534
TacocaT 1534 - 11 måneder siden
You should get someone to animate this shit! I would especially love to see that intro with an animation!
Some Cynical Asshole
Some Cynical Asshole - 11 måneder siden
Make a separate youtube channel for these.
Dutch Duk
Dutch Duk - 11 måneder siden
"Are you naming your god damn paladin Ferd Gully?" Oh boy, here we go
ps2mdew1 - 11 måneder siden
Anyone seen Key and Peele skit, when hip hop and D and D collide? Cosmonaut looks like Key in that sketch lol.
James QUinn
James QUinn - 11 måneder siden
Do Star Wars armada
Mr. Pancakes
Mr. Pancakes - 11 måneder siden
I would love a separate dnd channel
Ryan Mcnamara
Ryan Mcnamara - 11 måneder siden
dude youre late wheres episode 2!!!
moist_lmaonaise - 11 måneder siden
Kaden Lohman
Kaden Lohman - 11 måneder siden
Please make another channel
Kabab Seller
Kabab Seller - 11 måneder siden
Benjy - 11 måneder siden
Why do you suck at uploading my man
Trevor Hennebery
Trevor Hennebery - 11 måneder siden
hey can you please do an episode about Avatar: The Last Airbender? i think that it is the best cartoon ever and is a perfect example of a kid show that is deep and emotional and gets better with age
Moinmax40k - 11 måneder siden
Plz second channal
DocDoesGaming - 11 måneder siden
I'd also like this to be on YouTube, I'm not using any other platforms tbh
Pedro G. B. Silva
Pedro G. B. Silva - 11 måneder siden
Why can't i find this episode on Spotify?
Tasch Draws
Tasch Draws - 11 måneder siden
Here you go!