Clone Wars Season 7 Didn't Need 12 Episodes

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MX 3
MX 3 - Time siden
When I was originally watched the Martez sisters first episode I’m was not super bored and it brought up some interesting points about how the Jedi are flawed. But the full arc slowed the season down.
Verso - 8 timer siden
So you like the clone wars but hate the prequels? Wtf they’re set in the exact same era wtf lol
Remus - 9 timer siden
I genuinely think the second arc is one of the worst in all of the clone wars
Rage_Mode_ GER
Rage_Mode_ GER - 11 timer siden
The only thing that really bothered me about the final episodes was why d they follow mandalorians you know THE soldiers the masters of war into tunnels on their planet
Jelithebeannn - 23 timer siden
The season 7 and the umbara arc are the best looking arcs in my opinion
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu - Dag siden
Thank God the Sequels are non canon
Elijah Gray
Elijah Gray - 18 timer siden
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu - 23 timer siden
Patrick PFC welp I do
Patrick PFC
Patrick PFC - Dag siden
Akira I didn’t know you watched Star Wars.
Evert Teiva
Evert Teiva - Dag siden
But then you could have complained about why is ahsoka back at all (she disapeared and refused to be a jedi, so her just showing up is stupid).
Gybrush Thriftwood
Gybrush Thriftwood - Dag siden
I would rate all arcs one point higher but I generally agree except for with the Mandalorian "the pandering it looks like Star Wars but nothing actually interesting happens because we want to play it safe and make everyone happy and buy our cute baby Yoda merch show" 5/10
That Gladiator
That Gladiator - Dag siden
The final arc had a different effect on me than it did for you. Yeah, you know she's gonna be ok, but it didn't feel like the 4 episodes were trying to get you to wonder what was gonna happen. Knowing she was safe didn't take away from the viewing, though I will say some things did. This is actually from the 1st arc but echo was a tease. They knew they should've given us more of him. Anyway, I wanted to see more of "evil" rex. He was back to a good guy in no time. The concept of him trying to murder ahsoka didnt really have the chance to sink in. Maybe he doesn't kill ahsoka but i wanted to see him do something cruel or immoral. Something to demonstrate his lack of control under the influence of the mind chip. Also, I was dying to see Kix's pursuit of the truth and his capture. Maybe the producers thought it too similar to Fives' end but I was losing my mind hoping it would be televised and I'd like to think many agree with me on that. Tldr: more order 66 rex, kix learns about order 66, more rex and echo
AraramePlayZ - Dag siden
I think Ashoka could have interacted with obiwan
Sergent Denal
Sergent Denal - 3 dager siden
Lucasfilm was gonna make 2 seasons this season, and an Arc about a large Kyber crystal before order 66 and an Arc about Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress also before order 66.
Will K
Will K - 3 dager siden
6:41 It's not like we KNEW how bad the first eight episodes were gonna be.
Will K
Will K - 3 dager siden
When EIGHT out of those twelve episodes suck, it's a pretty bad fucking season. I feel like people are way too nice to the first arc. The "Bad Batch" are all boring cliches who are just as irritating as the sisters. Seeing Anakin kill Trench wasn't worth what we had to sit through. The last arc was good, but not the game changing masterpiece everyone's hyped it up to be. Like you said, it's tainted because of Rebels. The clones Ahsoka and Rex fought weren't even from the Domino Squad, so why should I care about them dying? Ugh, I think I might hate this season.
rwost kups
rwost kups - 3 dager siden
Your avarage score of this season is 5.7/10...yikes
SvenStereo - 4 dager siden
Markus: It was totally predictable.
Also Markus: But I'm going to throw a fit because things didn't happen the way I thought they would.
Jacob Manning
Jacob Manning - 4 dager siden
No Markus, you stupid dumb idiot, the bad batch arc just HAD to be there. That way, you feel obligated to watch Disney’s Bad Batch spin-off.
Danieluss 87
Danieluss 87 - 4 dager siden
Imagine if instead of being 4 episodes it would be a theatrical movie
hank neal
hank neal - 4 dager siden
What they should’ve done is make the last arc a movie and just release that
Joe G
Joe G - 4 dager siden
I don't think the martez sisters arc was the worst thing ever, it could have been condensed a bit, but I think you need an Ahsoka centric arc for this season to show what she's been up to since the end of season 5. If it just jumped straight to the siege of mandalore it would feel a bit rushed imo. Personally I would have preferred if maybe the martez sisters arc was squashed down to 2 episodes and then we had the planned arc where she explored the sith temple underneath coruscant. Also I think if they could have done a full season instead of condensing it I would have loved to see the planned Cad Bane and Boba arc aswell as the son of dathomir comic brought to screen to put maul where he was needed.
ThaLukesta 2112
ThaLukesta 2112 - 4 dager siden
In that case the prequels and clone wars were pointless, because we already knew how everyone would die or that the jedi were dead
Mvdwraptor - 5 dager siden
you need to get over your views on prequel material. Like anything that's prequel like is automatically inferior for the simple fact that it's set before. you're ruining your own enjoyment of things
Ell Bob 242
Ell Bob 242 - 6 dager siden
What are your forts on Star Wars restance
RedCloud - 6 dager siden
I agree The Bad Batch arc was kinda useless. Actually a whole lot of the 7th Season is useless
The Hamster05
The Hamster05 - 8 dager siden
Come on guys let's just get this man to 1 million subs already
Moise Tibasima
Moise Tibasima - 8 dager siden
They should have animated Dark disciple that would have been way better. It's still an overall good seasons not the best clone wars season, but it's a fantastic finale.
Grant Paulsen
Grant Paulsen - 9 dager siden
I just reviewed the final arc separately from the other two because it really wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t. And I didn’t watch Rebels so this whole “it should’ve come out years ago” argument doesn’t really apply to me at all.
Star Platinum: The World
Star Platinum: The World - 9 dager siden
Also, I know it's weird but I thought the older sister kind of hot, annoying but she could get it
Star Platinum: The World
Star Platinum: The World - 9 dager siden
The ending with Vader "silently" looking at the graves and Ahsoka's lightsaber was pretty powerful to me
E. Corellius
E. Corellius - 10 dager siden
the second i saw the martez sisters my FIRST thought was, "what are rebels characters doing in my clone wars . . ."
Mustiboi Salman
Mustiboi Salman - 10 dager siden
They could have turned the Revenge Of The Sith Movie into a arc
jacktube - 10 dager siden
Channel M
Channel M - 12 dager siden
When season 7 first came out I skipped over the first two arcs cause I got bored soo fast so then I just watched the last 4 episodes and was amazing
doom guy
doom guy - 12 dager siden
Blue girls name is aylaa secura
Edit:Oh shit sorry
Delicashilous _
Delicashilous _ - 12 dager siden
Rebels isn't even... Moment, what I was walking about?
Trempton - 14 dager siden
"I DrOpPeD tHe SpIcE"
Teenage Stacker
Teenage Stacker - 14 dager siden
This is why I didn’t watch rebels all together and never will!
tommyboi108 ontwitch
tommyboi108 ontwitch - 14 dager siden
the ahsoka novel spoiled it for me
Fchy Gaming
Fchy Gaming - 14 dager siden
Now you need to change this cuz of the bad batch show being announced
General Grievous
General Grievous - 15 dager siden
It didn't need 12 episodes....

Michael Chen
Michael Chen - 15 dager siden
Does he announcement of the Bad Batch show change your perspective of the first arc?
Revan Skywalker
Revan Skywalker - 15 dager siden
Rebels animation was inspired by Ralph McQuarrie the original design artist for the star wars movies that George lucas showed to the FOX execs back in the 70s
Akiva Rotenberg
Akiva Rotenberg - 16 dager siden
I didn't watch Rebels before I watched S7 still haven't and don't intend to so the Seige of Mandalore and Order 66 arc had way more of an emotional impact on me.
My opinion on the season:
First Arc (Echo): 7/10 I really liked it and had fun
2nd Arc: 2/10 FUCKING hated it and only watched in because I wanted to watch the whole thing
3rd and final Arc: 9/10 wasn't perfect, yeah you know they gunsta live bc of Rebels but didn't watch it (it = Rebels) and was almost emotionally shattered by Order 66 for some reason TCW Order 66 had seemed sadder but I did just watch TROTS Order 66 so that might have added to the sadness.
Devski Gaming
Devski Gaming - 16 dager siden
I really liked the scene where the venator came out of hypersonic all destroyed
The Letter 3
The Letter 3 - 17 dager siden
Mesa be thinking that they teased us with echo because of the new bad batch show
James Wells
James Wells - 17 dager siden
I feel really lucky that I didn't even start Rebels till I watched the 7th season of Clone Wars😂😂😂
DeadlyLazer - 17 dager siden
Omg same. I didn't even know that season 6 and 7 of TCW had a huge gap until i finished it. So glad i got to experience TCW the way it's supposed to be experienced
Eres Muele
Eres Muele - 18 dager siden
They got the same stuntman who did maul's fights in The Phantom Menace
Charules - 18 dager siden
I thought that trace was useless unless they were gonna make them have a romantic relationship.
Jason Farah
Jason Farah - 18 dager siden
The first 4 episode are nice and setted up another series so why hate always
Jason Farah
Jason Farah - 18 dager siden
Complaining like always
NetHands - 18 dager siden
Here's what I wanna know... if Marcus hated the Martez sisters arc so much, why give it a 3?? I wanna know where those 2 points come from that elevate it from a 1?
SLICK - 20 dager siden
They should make a new series or even a movie about ahsoka. I would literally love that
Suntzu - 20 dager siden
Kore ijou no jigoku wa nai darou to shinjitakatta
Saredo jinrui saiaku no hi wa itsumo toutotsu ni
Tobira wo tataku oto wa taezu hidoku busahou de
Manekarezaru saiyaku no hi wa akumu no you ni
Sugishi hi wo uragiru mono yatsura wa kuchiku subeki teki da
Ano hi donna kao de hitomi de oretachi wo mitsumeteita?
Nani wo sutereba akuma wo mo shinogeru
Inochi sae tamashii sae kesshite oshiku nado wa nai
Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Subete no gisei wa ima kono toki no tame ni
Sasageyo! sasageyo! shinzou wo sasageyo!
Susumu beki mirai wo sono te de kirihirake
Henry Allsup
Henry Allsup - 20 dager siden
I straight up skipped the middle arc when it was airing while waiting for the final arc
Nuña Bisness
Nuña Bisness - 20 dager siden
Same, screw that
Gumball Goof
Gumball Goof - 21 dag siden
I liked season 7 but the martez sisters arc was pretty bad
TheShadow Assassin
TheShadow Assassin - 21 dag siden
Honestly I would have loved if the second arc was replaced w grievous capturing palpatine and some other shit but dont show anything from the movies like anakin buming dukoo so gracious could have had a 1bug uh rah for the shows finale instead of feeling like fucking team rocket like when I saw previous I thought he was gonna have a super badass send off yoinking while escaping the city and fending off jedi and palpatine helping him wo him knowing it and give dukoo some last thought before his death about yoda or palpatine telling him that anakin is importint but dont show anything from the movies becuse I loved this factor in the finale
OGfrickinMoM - 21 dag siden
You’re right it needed 22
Yoshi World Gaming
Yoshi World Gaming - 21 dag siden
He mentions how he thinks mo-cap was used in Ahsoka vs maul.
That’s because there was. They brought back ray fucking park for motion capture
Richard Kim
Richard Kim - 21 dag siden
Didn't need to doesn't mean shouldn't be. A real didn't need to would be the new trilogy. Star Wars new trilogy didn't need to exist, Disney just wanted money
Mr. Japperlingo
Mr. Japperlingo - 21 dag siden
I hate the sisters they hate the Jedi because they saved a bunch of people and their parents died because a ship crashed on to a wall with their parents behind it the Jedi didn’t know where their parents are
Xghuh T2
Xghuh T2 - 23 dager siden
Rebels ruin every thing