Catwoman - The Worst Superhero Movie Ever Made?

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 15:57


Anxious Dumpling
Anxious Dumpling - 2 timer siden
I'm kinda surprised this was called a _superhero_ movie
Antoinette Taylor
Antoinette Taylor - 3 timer siden
This movie rocked. They aught to have been ashamed downing this movie. Halle berry moved like a cat. She shouldve got an Oscar for her performance. But sadly when a black actress out shines a white one who has played the role its always the worst when a black woman or man steps into a role hels by a white woman. Actress junie newmar michelle phiffer and anne hawthway were praised for their role of catwoman. But the second Halle berry steps into the role suddenly its the worst movie and acting ever shown and filmed. Makes you think why was it only bad when halle did catwoman and not when the three others protrayed the role. Oh yes I forgot cause Halle wasn't WHITE!
Shane Jones
Shane Jones - 4 timer siden
Y cause she black
Michael Tieng
Michael Tieng - 3 timer siden
You haven't watched the whole video bro he has reasons
FilmedIt Studios
FilmedIt Studios - 13 timer siden
Wait, this was a movie?
Ziety Firery
Ziety Firery - 15 timer siden
Oh you ain’t seen nothing!

Mortal Kombat Annihilation
Batman & Robin
Batman Forever
Bear Gang Entertainment
Bear Gang Entertainment - 19 timer siden
was gonna watch this video until the intro raped my ears, instantly turned off the video.. damn, thought i found a new channel to like
King Mac
King Mac - 23 timer siden
When shes a villain
jcch - Dag siden
0:10 how is spiderman 2 bad?
BB Slayer
BB Slayer - Dag siden
Come on America stop it only Japan can make this sort of thing work
Pepe - Dag siden
Its not the actresses fault it's just bad wrighting
No Name
No Name - Dag siden
Bruh this exists
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - Dag siden
Batman v Superman was way more watchable than this.
Froh - Dag siden
I didn't even know there was a cat women movie
Sam Pound
Sam Pound - Dag siden
Hey, man sandwich
Steev Rawjers
Steev Rawjers - Dag siden
Jaby Koay junior
Jaby Koay junior - Dag siden
Damn sure the worst super hero movis ever made is Dragonball super
FA2RP - Dag siden
If u r trying to make a masterpiece and u r doing bad, just do it that worse, that all shit that uve done will collide in a candy.
Angus Morris
Angus Morris - Dag siden
I feel ill from watching that many cuts
Vum HuH
Vum HuH - Dag siden
This movie is good
Spider-Man Forever!
Spider-Man Forever! - 2 dager siden
0:11 Wait, Why is Spider-Man 2 in the list!?
SPIDER-MAN 2 is great!!
Carson Stanfield
Carson Stanfield - 2 dager siden
Me - good good
People complaining that cat woman is an anti-hero not a real hero🧐
VašVoljeniStanoje - 2 dager siden
I liked Daredevil movie. Well better not watching that now! xD
Darn it dude
Darn it dude - 2 dager siden
3:22 hmmm... sound like the monty python intermission song... HMMMMMMM . . . .
dylan gaffey
dylan gaffey - 3 dager siden
it hurts my eyes with all the cuts
Jason Price
Jason Price - 3 dager siden
I remember seeing this I think as a kid but I thought I dreamed it
FredoLord22 - 3 dager siden
for some reason the cats made her hella sexy aswell for some dumb reason
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump - 3 dager siden
Daredevil Doesn't suck ya sick moron!
hussein mazeh
hussein mazeh - 3 dager siden
Evil face cream😂😂😂😂
Karen Moran
Karen Moran - 3 dager siden
Who got cat food ad before watching this
ZinxTheDemonSlayer - 3 dager siden
"Except we actually like Spider-Man" too true
James - 3 dager siden
I didn't even know there was a Catwoman movie 😂
Fatima ت
Fatima ت - 3 dager siden
in the movie defense, cats don't give a shit about humans so insulting her boss is just a cat personal trait
Laugh Slap Productions
Laugh Slap Productions - 3 dager siden
*You said the Ramey trilogy was bad. You are dead to all of us.*
MiniMight - 4 dager siden
As a kid, I never knew this was actually supposed to be related to the dc character, that's how bad it is
ko phyu
ko phyu - 4 dager siden
wanna be spider man so bad amazing spider man basket ball scene is even better
Geoffrey T Baker
Geoffrey T Baker - 4 dager siden
I checked right out of this movie after hearing the phrase "man-sandwich" but I could watch those ethereal anime pixies dance all day
MAHMOUD - 4 dager siden
Why do people hate this movie so much. I really like it in my opinion
Karen Moran
Karen Moran - 3 dager siden
Too many cuts, the story is really bad, and it's not comic book accurate and it's not Selina Kyle's Catwoman
Molly Gaming
Molly Gaming - 5 dager siden
Your channel is like only to say negative things to movies. like, just stop
Just Mister P
Just Mister P - 5 dager siden
The Catwoman basketball scene was just as bad as the playground fight scene in Daredevil. The playful campyness of both scenes sucked at showing the male/female love interactions
jr - 5 dager siden
when you realize catwomans not a hero or a villain lmfaoo
garrick dugan
garrick dugan - 5 dager siden
Short answer: she's a woman
Vir On 60 HZ
Vir On 60 HZ - 5 dager siden
13.39 is straight facts😂
I'm not here
I'm not here - 5 dager siden
Anyone notice this movie is just about makeup? Has nothing to do with actual catwoman?
Nuno Filipe
Nuno Filipe - 5 dager siden
Because the hero is a woman.
Air-headed Aviator
Air-headed Aviator - 6 dager siden
This is merely a recap and yet it hurts so much to watch. Catwoman is such an awful film
Spykid Gaming
Spykid Gaming - 6 dager siden
When me and my brother watched this, when we saw her die, my brother said “what is this the cat A-team?”
In short, this movie was the most horrendous thing i ever saw
W Russell
W Russell - 6 dager siden
Why are the kids watching a over sexuall basket ball game
victorsha powell
victorsha powell - 6 dager siden
I actually think Catwoman wasn't a bad movie. You guys are comparing the movie with recents movies, in which technology is advance now than back in those days.
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 4 dager siden
victorsha powell I hope you’re trying to be funny
joaquin simons
joaquin simons - 6 dager siden
Did this exist
Fikri Hentai
Fikri Hentai - 6 dager siden
Yes, sorry
Siddharth Mahajan
Siddharth Mahajan - 6 dager siden
Greatfull that Catwoman was done justice in arkham city. Although in tas, she was pretty good too.
Fahad Okami
Fahad Okami - 6 dager siden
Don't compare daredevil to this garbage.
Josué Olivares
Josué Olivares - 7 dager siden
I love the use of Komm in this because you really just end up embracing sweet death after watching about 10 minutes of that horrible excuse of a film
Mattyman1987 - 7 dager siden
You know a movie is truly special when the bad guy can teleport randomly out of thin air.
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl - 7 dager siden
It's so bad that the director had one name (who the fuck calls their kid Pitof) so no one would know the reason for this huge fail
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl - 7 dager siden
This movie was sogoddamn awful I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy
Kazu Pippin
Kazu Pippin - 7 dager siden
The Nicholas Hammond spider man movies are terrible, even if the wall climbing was real
Miles Morales
Miles Morales - 8 dager siden
I feel like if written A LOT better this movie could’ve been at least ok
Spoon - 9 dager siden
Magical cats burping on a dead woman to bring her back to life and give her superpowers relating to cats
Archie Lovell
Archie Lovell - 9 dager siden
This movie wants to be so many things a fantasy, action, drama, comedy but unintentionally 😂, romance and they don't decide which one to stick with. Oh wait I forgot the writing is terrible and I can name a few reasons why. 🐱🤮, 🤵🏽 🥪.
Fikri Hentai
Fikri Hentai - 6 dager siden
And a porn parody
vinny noll
vinny noll - 10 dager siden
Please do a picture show of The Velocipastor. Please.
vinny noll
vinny noll - 9 dager siden
Good grief Sam Everyone should see this film. It’s a new fundamental
Good grief Sam
Good grief Sam - 9 dager siden
Nah Cody Ko already did it