Castlevania Season 2 Review - What Games To Play (For New Fans)

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CODEFORTYTWO - 21 dag siden
my love for castlevania started at 13/14 when i found an old gba with no proper battery pack and a japanese bootleg of aria of sorrow in my brother's old desk
simon delisle
simon delisle - 24 dager siden
I am trying to beat the first castlevania game. It’s hard, like SUPER hard, but very satisfying. I am at the level with death as the boss, i can’t freaking beat it 😂.
Link Dog
Link Dog - Måned siden
What about the Lords of Shadow series I have a personal attachment to them as they were the first Castlevania games I ever played but I know they may not be as good as the older games
THE JACOB - Måned siden
I think Super Castlevania IV is the best way to get started with the Castlevania
Blunk Joon
Blunk Joon - Måned siden
Castlevania III is class Marcus, you're not just a grumpy old man
carl basilio
carl basilio - Måned siden
Please do Season 3
Hapsetshut - 2 måneder siden
Sees that 3 is out. Ehem, well then?
pyrolee17 - 2 måneder siden
Season 2 was more Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, while Season 1 was more Dracula's Curse. They snaked the plot through Alucard as he and Trevor were in both games, but i guess Alucard had more of a stake in this plot due to him being drac's son, which would lead to his story being wrapped in to, and us leaning in to Curse of Darkness for a season 3. Mostly it seems like Trevor is used as a catalist to tie things together and introduce characters. From Trevor, we get Alucard for season 2, Hector for season 3, maybe Simon for season 4 and Richter for the final season.
Flopfist - 2 måneder siden
Season 3???
Moggetslittlesister - 3 måneder siden
I have a major soft spot for Aria of Sorrow because it was my first Castlevania game. I disagree that it hasn't aged well, but I can see how the graphics might put off people who haven't played many GBA games before. I'm the same way with 3D PS1 games.
Jaime - 3 måneder siden
Played Symphony of the Night.
Thanks, mate!
RadBear !
RadBear ! - 4 måneder siden
Um castlevania 4?
RomanticPhantom0 - 4 måneder siden
if i could have 3 Castlevania games to last thru eternity, they'd be SotN - obviously - and the Sorrows (Aria and Dawn). SotN is my favorite game, but Soma is my favorite character. awesome reviews for season 1 and 2, as a verrrrry reluctant fan, you've convinced me to watch at least season 1.
Soup Pigeon
Soup Pigeon - 4 måneder siden
I’ve never played any Castlevania games (not yet at least), but this show is so fucking wonderful with gorgeous animation and it makes me want to play the games. Good job Netflix.
Jack Binder
Jack Binder - 4 måneder siden
Well Cosmo? Where is season 3 my friend?
drugged outpennokio
drugged outpennokio - 4 måneder siden
Season 3 is dnd camping and I love it
Midnight Grind
Midnight Grind - 4 måneder siden
Curse of Darkness. The dialogue is hilarious but the game is the closest to a 3D Symphony (complete with familiars with a weapon synthesis system added).
G Wood
G Wood - 4 måneder siden
Season 3
Alibey Bal
Alibey Bal - 4 måneder siden
My biggest problem is, at times our main trio's dialogues hurt my ears.
Chris - 4 måneder siden
I'll be real, i really want a metroid show from the same team after this.
Ionwisdom1 - 4 måneder siden
YYEEEAAAA now season 3 !!!!!!
Infinite pasta
Infinite pasta - 4 måneder siden
Uncle cosmo are you reviewing season 3?
Whiro - 4 måneder siden
New Season? Pls
Magi V
Magi V - 4 måneder siden
I have never played any Castlevania game, and I'm fucking obsessed with the series. While those who know the games no doubt notice all the easter eggs, to me, all the video game-y aspects, the character composition and the quests reminded me of a very good game of DnD. And I absolutely love it.
Buuuut I might have to check out one or the other game once in a while.
EDIT: Let's not forget that Dracula teleports his castle with a fucking d20
Zesty Onceler
Zesty Onceler - 4 måneder siden
hey coward, guess what time it is
Zesty Onceler
Zesty Onceler - 4 måneder siden
*_time to watch castlevania season 3 and make a video about it, please sire_*
Ringo 101
Ringo 101 - 4 måneder siden
No, you can't stab a skeleton in Red Dead, but you can in Undertale.
james reedy
james reedy - 4 måneder siden
Hey season 3 is out and I loved it
Phil M
Phil M - 5 måneder siden
Freaky Funzo
Freaky Funzo - 5 måneder siden
Season 3
Inari - 5 måneder siden
I never played much of castlevania cuz order of ecclesia was my first one and while i finished it i always thought it was kinda long and exhausting to experience that for more than one game and now you tell me it's the hardest???? Fuck man
Yani - 2 måneder siden
Aria of Sorrow would be a literal breeze for you in that case! 😂
Matt William
Matt William - 5 måneder siden
Hi, I’d like to get on my soapbox and gripe about Season 3 for a bit. And while I know I should really be doing this on Metacritic or whatever, CVH is what got me into this show in the first place so I’d like to submit my opinions here.
So I feel like the smartest thing Season 2 did was to kill off Dracula; he was a complete character at that point, and having him continue as the main antagonist for the entire series while not getting much development would’ve made it stale eventually. Instead, his death paves the way for the story I think the show actually wants to tell: the transformation of Alucard into his father, by way of living in Dracula’s castle, alone, and surrounded by a wealth of knowledge that makes him a target. To Season 3’s credit we do make progress in this regard - I don’t think Ep.1 Alucard would’ve stuck people on spikes out front of his door. It’s not a perfect arc in terms of pacing and the motivations of the side characters introduced, but I feel I can give it a pass. (And also… I really liked the whole thing with the dolls. :P )
Unfortunately, the other storylines are all kinda crap. Alucard aside, we have three loose story threads going into this season: 1) Carmilla has Hector and is taking him back to Styria, where she’ll try to have him make her an army to conquer the territory left vacant by Dracula’s demise; 2) Isaac was thrust into the desert -somewhere- and now has an army and is seeking revenge on Carmilla (and probably Hector too); and 3) Trevor and Sypha are free and want to go on adventures together. Two of these threads are at least somewhat important to the larger story, and the third… features our protagonists. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if the storylines overlapped at least somewhat. But they don’t, and none of the three makes very much character or plot progress on their own.
- - - - -
Let’s start with Carmilla: SHE DOES NOTHING IN THIS SEASON, which is a problem since she’s the closest we have to a primary antagonist. We get the sense that she’s planning a war of conquest, but to that ends she accomplishes nothing on her own. Instead she sends Lenore to work on Hector, and we get to see Lenore slowly work her way into Hector’s head… right up until she puts a magical slavery ring on his finger. Ughhh… If that was the plan all along, then we could’ve accomplished that in one SCENE rather than a whole season. I was so invested in their dynamic up until that point and Ep. 9 just ruined it…
But anyway, back to Carmilla. I would’ve wanted the showrunners to do one of two things with her: either 1) Develop her backstory, motivations, and relationship to her court to give her more weight as a villain going forward, or 2) Just kill her off and replace her with someone more interesting. Honestly I’m leaning more towards the latter. Carmilla made a fatal mistake at the end of Season 2: she was cruel to Hector, the one person she needs to make her whole war effort happen. This sets her up very nicely to be usurped by someone like Lenore at the end of Season 3. If you think back, the whole reason Dracula was able to convince Hector & Isaac to work for him was by meeting them on their level and coming to an understanding that was mutually beneficial; in other words, he was DIPLOMATIC. Lenore, the self-described “diplomat” of the group, should’ve been the ideal candidate to fill this role. And by disposing of Carmilla, the focus of this arc is placed firmly where it belongs - on Hector, who is easy the most interesting character in this storyline.
But no, instead Carmilla just sits around in her castle for ten episodes and drinks wine. She’s basically the Cersei Lannister of Castlevania at this point, in the worst possible way.
- - - - -
Now, briefly, for Isaac. I like that some effort is made to flesh him out this season, but honestly I think he would’ve worked better as a plot device - a ticking clock to provide tension in the Hector/Carmilla arc (pretty sure Carmilla has a spymaster on her court; she should KNOW he’s coming). And to that end, we should’ve had the battle in Styria be in this season; having Isaac fight some nothing town full of mind-controlled zombies is pointless, and it needlessly convolutes the climax. Just have him reach Styria so this storyline doesn’t drag into the next season… :(
- - - - -
And finally, for our breeding pair. I actually like how Trevor and Sypha’s relationship is handled - it’s not plot-relevant that they’re sleeping together, so it’s not made plot-relevant; but at the same time, there’s no reason why their friendship should remain platonic. It’s just too bad they don’t have more to do in the story.
My complaint with this arc is mostly the same one I have with Season 4 of The Expanse - the entire season revolves around the problems of one location, and at the end we abandon said location without it making an impact on the larger story. It feels like the writers just gave our protagonists a filler arc to keep them on the screen because they’re audience favourites. I can understand if Trevor and Sypha aren’t in a good postion to affect the plot; but in that case, at least find a way to develop them as characters. We spend sooo much time setting up Saint Germain and the Judge and the weird cult that it just feels like a waste knowing none of it will matter for the rest of the series. The opportunity cost to Trevor and Sypha (and every other storyline) is huge. Maybe instead they just should’ve just been on the road and doing smaller things here and there; the point would’ve been how they grew as people, not specifically what they did.
- - - - -
TL;DR this season just felt like a lot of wheel-spinning. Maybe two or three things of consequence happened and that’s it. Overall 5/10, disappointed and not too excited for the next season.
guts on the mic
guts on the mic - 4 måneder siden
@Matt William annnnnnnddd none of these are constructiive. Im quite desappointed .I thought i finally find someone who can explain the problems with this season,but that aint happen anytime soon. What you wrote make me question if you give the season a second look to confirm for these to be true ,which they're not.The thing you got right,but wrong at the same time is alucard's arc . What you got right is that he went through change and he could take the series into a new direction. What you got wrong is that he's the only one that does and will.1)isaac's arc wasnt about going to styria.That was his goal.His arc was about self discovering,Learning to be his own person. All of those conversation was meant to give his character more layers,not just one of them.He no longer is someone who just going lash out at eveyone he see because there is good and if he see someone suffering from humanity ,he'll delivery them swift merciful end. Why else did you think he told his demon to get those people who were mind control a death blow. He didnt want them to suffer any longer.He believe he was saving these people in his perceptive. He even told them not to destory the town because he believe people who has nowhere to go can call it our home. Im gonna right the rest in separate comments .Give me a sceond
Matt William
Matt William - 4 måneder siden
guts on the mic ... Okay, here's your constructed argument: Very little story progress was made in Season 3 of Castlevania. Of the four storylines presented in this season, only one - Alucard's - features either a character undergoing a meaningful change or a significant plot development that will carry over into the next season. To wit ~ 1) Hector starts Season 3 as a prisoner of Carmilla, under pressure to produce an army for her. He ends the season still a prisoner, having completed no element of said army. The only major plot development is that he now wears a slavery ring that _forces_ him to build the army, where previously he could've just refused. This requires the whole season to achieve, and invalidates any character growth he could've had with Lenore when it happens. Carmilla makes only token appearances and does nothing. 2) Isaac starts Season 3 heading for Styria with an army of demons. By season's end he still has not reached Styria, nor have his goals changed or developed. We get the sense early in the season that his worldview is evolving - he's stopped self-flagellating, for example - but this does not affect the trajectory of his arc in this season. 3) Trevor and Sypha essentially have a bottle episode that lasts for an entire season. Nothing that happens in the town of [damned if I remember the name] has any story implications going forward, nor are the events given time to register with our main characters in a way that would affect them as people. The only personal development between them - the formation of a relationship - happens off-screen before Ep.1 and is not plot-relevant. ... There you go. As you see, it's exactly the same points I made before but now in a format that you prefer. If you disagree with any aspect of my argument, please respond in the form of an epic poem written in blank verse. :/
guts on the mic
guts on the mic - 4 måneder siden
I still have yet to see anyone with constructed arguments about season3
coconutologist - 5 måneder siden
Glad I stopped by to watch this. Look forward to you video on the latest season.
karloz - 5 måneder siden
You didn't mention Curse of Darkness where you play as Hector and Isaac is the villain, also Saint Germain who is in the new season 3 appears in the game.
Jeb NJimbo
Jeb NJimbo - 5 måneder siden
If you really want the ultimate Castlevania experience, play:
1) Super Castlevania IV (it's like the remaster of the first NES game)
2) Castlevania Dracula X/ Rondo of Blood/ Dracula X chronicles (Different versions but they have the same plot, so feel free to choose)
3) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
TheMudKip 3490
TheMudKip 3490 - 5 måneder siden
They did my boy hector dirty who’s with me
spigui500 - 7 måneder siden
This show kicked ass 😁
I've only played Symphony of the Night, but it definitely helped me enjoy it more
Jude Ramsay
Jude Ramsay - 8 måneder siden
Thanks Marcus, I’m hoping for dawn of sorrow for Christmas
CycloneMetal - 8 måneder siden
Super Castlevania 4 and Bloodlines are my current favorites.
Luigitakesover - 10 måneder siden
You get a medal for beating a boss without getting hit in Order. Only "achievement run" I've ever given up on. Dracula is just too hard and there's not a single weapon combo that I was aware of that you could cheese him out with.
Judge Druss
Judge Druss - 10 måneder siden
0:39 Sans dog
Blizzard1942 - 10 måneder siden
My Dad never played or even heard of the games, but he loved watching this show.
TheHero136 - 11 måneder siden
My game of choice is still Super Castlevania IV on the SNES! So much fun!
Cartel Jameson
Cartel Jameson - 11 måneder siden
"Aria of Sorrow hasn't aged that well"
Lol. What? That's a stupid take if I've ever seen one.
TheBoiVenom - 11 måneder siden
Cartel Jameson I know right? If anything dawn of sorrow has aged worse because of its stupid touch screen gimmicks with the Seals( still love that game).
Adam Aksoy
Adam Aksoy - 11 måneder siden
Super castlevania 4 is a Nice starting point
Charlie Freerunning
Charlie Freerunning - År siden
To me castlevania is the nes games and super nintendo
Glorious counterfiet
Glorious counterfiet - År siden
Actually, the best Castlevania anyone can play? Castlevania 64
CM Chuck
CM Chuck - År siden
When that iconic Castlevania 2 music came in at 7:40 I immediately started singing Dan Avidan’s lyrics to it. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Brendan Rickey
Brendan Rickey - År siden
What you don't think Castlevania 4 is the best, the gameplay is so smooth.
Hallaxfors Hallerfors
Hallaxfors Hallerfors - År siden
I gotta say, you got me into castlevania games. Played symphony of the night, it's awesome. Probably gonna play the nintendo DS ones next
Uranium Shock92
Uranium Shock92 - År siden
Hell yeah, you definitely got me into the series man, and I need to say thanks for it, cuz I’ve had some of the most fun playing castlevania games, so thanks dud
Kevin Roth
Kevin Roth - År siden
At least you can admit ur an old shit who inherently hates new games hahaha
Yannick Khalil
Yannick Khalil - År siden
btw, Fuck Dracula, Fuck Vampires and Fuck all creatures of the night
AvalonianSkies - År siden
i fucking HATE, HATE, HATE. Carmilla. she ruined so much of Season 2 for me.
Scott Riley Adrueno
Scott Riley Adrueno - År siden
I disagree with the Aria vs Dawn of Sorrow part. I still prefer Aria over Dawn because of the artwork and the story. The main reveal about Soma's true nature blew my young mind back then.
ghosty06 - År siden
For masochists: play castelvania order of eclisia, unlock hard mode and play with max lvl 1, and use no healing items or consumables. Also use a new save slot so you don't get your previous equipment and beat every boss without getting hit.
It's hard but fun.
Mark Burns
Mark Burns - År siden
The third season will be 10 episodes and I'm sum what worried about the animation budget but this is Netflix so I'm doubtful that it'll be a problem.
Mark Burns
Mark Burns - År siden
I'm pretty sure Netflix will put there money in this then Sabrina .
Mark Burns
Mark Burns - År siden
Screw Sabrina the teenage which this is what I'm watching this Halloween.
Mark Burns
Mark Burns - År siden
Really hope he reviews the third.
naomi - År siden
If you like AUs and ship trevor x alucard you gonna love the lords of shadow games ;)