Bright (2017) - A Hot Mess of a Movie

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EDIT: Lots of people have mentioned that Ayer didn't actually direct training day. OOPS. My bad :^)
Runtime: 24:33


SwerveNation - 2 timer siden
@3:39 your black? Why u sound white asf?
Erik Schiller
Erik Schiller - 4 timer siden
Bright in my opinion is the best movie of 2017 because the only movie that came out in 2017 that I saw aside from this was Star Wars.
Stephanie Ochoa
Stephanie Ochoa - Dag siden
Other races get shit but we don’t bitch like other pepole
iCoM - Dag siden
I liked it and I'am waiting for 2nd part.
Leon Streamer
Leon Streamer - Dag siden
My mum thinks this movie is good
KING HAMSTER - 2 dager siden
Kokonutz 2006
Kokonutz 2006 - 2 dager siden
The show made me wanna cry
Big anime tiddies
Big anime tiddies - 4 dager siden
The tinge to the film looks like a constant Instagram filter
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown - 5 dager siden
Its magic
Luke Mansour
Luke Mansour - 7 dager siden
James Pickin
James Pickin - 7 dager siden
I thought it was in the LOTR world😅😅
Grimnir - 9 dager siden
What made me mad is that they show us a FUCKING DRAGON, half way through the movie, flying over the city. Then we never see it again. Then why show us the dragon. Are they just adding more elements to try to make the movie better, because it is just angering me even more.
Daniel Zeal
Daniel Zeal - 10 dager siden
How many times am I going to watch this fucking video I've never even seen Bright
Dilophosaur us
Dilophosaur us - 10 dager siden
a fun drinking game is to watch one of Marcus's videos and have a drink whenever he says "here's the thing"
Gaming with Cross
Gaming with Cross - 11 dager siden
I tried to give him my full attention but hydrocity got me jammin
obi wan kenobi
obi wan kenobi - 11 dager siden
Real life: #blacklifematter
Bright life: #orclifematter
golden fox
golden fox - 12 dager siden
Am I the only one who loved it
raul sanchez
raul sanchez - 12 dager siden
Fuck magic lmao
Austyn Deitch
Austyn Deitch - 13 dager siden
If a movie is enjoyed by people then it is a good movie. I hate the in depth look at details of movies to judge if it’s good or not. Movies don’t have to always have great themes or a great plot or even make sense. All it needs to be is enjoyable
realdudevision - 13 dager siden
Bright was not bad
Kanye Best
Kanye Best - 14 dager siden
3:50 - 3:56
brandon shorkey
brandon shorkey - 16 dager siden
what? bright was amazing. wtf. and no, that conspiracy theory isnt lunacy, because its already been proven to have happened with other mediums and other movies lmao
G' Legit
G' Legit - 18 dager siden
Bro the daughter gets along with the orc partner, y’all over’s just a movie
Xavier Toll Hernando
Xavier Toll Hernando - 19 dager siden
I watched this movie and I hated it. I didn't enjoy 1 scene. I just felt rage and digust to all the ogre and elve faces and all the decitions the characters made.
Murcia doxial
Murcia doxial - 20 dager siden
hol up... if an orc was the one that united the 9 armies to defeat discount sauron... why do everyone hate dem orcs?...
Benjamin Patrocinio
Benjamin Patrocinio - 20 dager siden
Bright is just a bad version of Onward
Scree - 21 dag siden
fuck max landis all my homies HATE max landis
prawny12009 - 21 dag siden
Why would anyone that has risked exploding to find out if they have the ability to use a wand willingly hand it over to someone else?
prawny12009 - 21 dag siden
The tusk shaving is a cast thing for the orcs in this movie from what i could tell, if you are of a low cast or not part of a clan like jacobi you are not permitted to have tusks.
prawny12009 - 21 dag siden
will there be a directors cut of suicide squad released?
Lucas Papadimitriou
Lucas Papadimitriou - 21 dag siden
At ''probably because they didn't go see Lady Bird'', uncle cosmo earned a like, and a subscriber that remains loyal to this day.
SgtKaneGunlock - 22 dager siden
they should have just copied Shadow Run at least then you don't have to work AS hard to explain Magic and fantasy shit in south central LA
Nicco Stormont
Nicco Stormont - 23 dager siden
shrek is an ogre not an orc
Clayton Frazier
Clayton Frazier - 23 dager siden
If you want to see this but good watch wizard cops by corridor
Paul Vincent Canamo
Paul Vincent Canamo - 23 dager siden
I feel like 10:02 is the right music to this scene
The Cubing Penguin
The Cubing Penguin - 24 dager siden
3:30 we did not know was coming in 2020 at all sadly
GorillaGaming - 24 dager siden
The plot, setting, and theme are excellent. I swear the lines the actors use are just cringy AF. Outside of that i loved it! Would watch a sequel on it
R.M.S Brand
R.M.S Brand - 24 dager siden
One example of good world-building that bright could learn from is Image Comic's Saga series. Although it's more akin to sci-fi-fantasy like Star-Wars, the series takes place in a universe that is quite contemporary in nature. This is mainly reflected in the dialogue, some of the world ascetics, and just some of the general concepts laid out to us about daily life in the cosmos. And this is all layered on top of a world with aliens, space travel, intergalactic war, dragons, magic, and a whole bunch of other crazy things. However, Saga definitely doesn't take place in the same world as ours as Bright does but it still manages to take a fantastical setting and apply it to a more grounded and realistic. It some ways, Bright layers a fantastical tone unto a contemporary setting, causing the world to break a bit, while Saga layers a contemporary tone onto a fantastical setting.
Yung Majin Buu
Yung Majin Buu - 24 dager siden
This dude hasn’t seen end of watch and wants to rate movies lol
tPeter Aesersen
tPeter Aesersen - 25 dager siden
Pretty sure shrek is slur at this point, I mean, look at Jakobi's face.
Aparup - 26 dager siden
So, shotguns are still a thing in the future
J Hallenbeck
J Hallenbeck - 27 dager siden
There is nothing redeeming nor likeable about Max Landis or his work. He's a shit stain on the underpants of Hollywood.
YRN_ Stokely
YRN_ Stokely - 27 dager siden
They can’t give it to the guys chasing them because if they do then they are gonna get hunted down then they would get murdered and then the Elf girls would destroy the world
Sam Hertz
Sam Hertz - 28 dager siden
How dare you out Carlos like that you stupid Florida man
Chris Hurlburt
Chris Hurlburt - 28 dager siden
Less than 3 minutes in and 2 comments digging on people that work menial or service jobs as tasteless. Great commentary, man.
James Long
James Long - Måned siden
couldn't get past the opening tune... will smith wants to be the face of black victimhood... he can go fuck his rich-as-fuck self.
Marcus Howard
Marcus Howard - Måned siden
The Disney movie Onward is like Bright, but it doesn't suck!
God Of Spaghett
God Of Spaghett - 21 time siden
its just boring and cliche in every possible way
I Like Everything
I Like Everything - Måned siden
I bet some people say it’s good because will smith is in it
Angelo Acevedo
Angelo Acevedo - Måned siden
11:48 I thought that was CallmeCarson
Matt Brian
Matt Brian - Måned siden
Guys, I really like this movie and I want to help make it better. How can I sign up as a writer for this with netflix?
Edit: I like atleast the concept. Like he said, very crazy but not too crazy and its a fresh and totally new idea that open up a whole new world. Probably be its own genre. This movie wouldve paved the way for this concept if it was done right.
Matt Brian
Matt Brian - Måned siden
It probably would have made more sense if Tika had the third wand, a bright in training with a wand defecting to the enemy would be a more probable cause for Leilah(?) to personally go with her killsquad to go after her.
VexX - Måned siden
You ugly bro kk i love u
Aviators - Måned siden
15:08 Been a fan of movies for years and this is the first time I can say I've heard a Kung Pow reference
Solar Wings
Solar Wings - Måned siden
NGL, the movie was decent. I personally wouldn't go back to re-watch it, but it was defiantly enjoyable to watch if you're bored and just looking for something to watch. Anyway, I REAALLY loved the premise of the story. It's just unfortunate that it wasn't done better. Hell, I actually believe that this movie would've been better as a series. I feel like we could've explored more with the movie if it was a series, could've done it more better, considering the pace would've been slower. I just wish it was a series instead of a movie. Probably would've been WAY better!
Mr. Gecko
Mr. Gecko - Måned siden
I’m so fucking sick of people pretending that black people are systematically discriminated against in the US.
Gross Kid
Gross Kid - 29 dager siden
Steroid Sausage yeah and ice isn't basically becoming a concentration camp, Asian families aren't being killed due to being blamed for the coronavirus and natives aren't being killed all the time and not looked for and they definitely weren't forced into boarding schools until the mid 70s racism was never real lol
Steroid Sausage
Steroid Sausage - Måned siden
Shit you’re right bro. Racism isn’t a thing. Black people definitely aren’t arrested and incarcerated more often and for longer amounts of time than whites for the exact same crime. Black people definitely aren’t born into poorer houses and communities because whites forced them to due to racist policies. I’m glad you figured out that all the professionals are actually incorrect, and racism just isn’t a thing. 👍
Arvindhkandhavel R
Arvindhkandhavel R - Måned siden
Ok you know what you are the worst.. Watch a filmento video and learn from him nitpicker
Silent Solitude
Silent Solitude - Måned siden
I really liked this movie
William Johnstone
William Johnstone - Måned siden
Is that chemical plant?
Mac Green
Mac Green - Måned siden
Shrek in this reality isn't spoofing "Fairy Tales," its spoofing History
Kevin Chia
Kevin Chia - Måned siden
My favorite characters were:
Kiki McTitty