Birds of Prey - Cosmonaut Quickie

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Superpiair1 - 19 timer siden
This movie is almost as bad as suicide squad. Only good thingvis Harley
Michael Mark
Michael Mark - 3 dager siden
This is a movie you watch when your drunk... wich means it’s not really that bad
Michael Mark
Michael Mark - 3 dager siden
Marko Delich
Marko Delich - 3 dager siden
I saw Birds of Prey earlier today. It was a disappointment. The second act was so boring and I couldn't like care for the characters, it was soulless comedy with an iconic character trying to be funny and badass bur failed
frederik drost
frederik drost - 5 dager siden
You should watch Corridors Crew breakdown of the fight scene from this movie :) It's literally the scene to show what not to do!
El Jorge
El Jorge - 10 dager siden
The person who choreographed the fight scenes was the director of the John Wick movies
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy - 13 dager siden
Way to go dude. You start doing half scores in 2020 and look where that got us
Elías MG
Elías MG - 15 dager siden
Why does my girl Mary Elizabeth got so wronged on this movie, how dare they?!
riannooman - 16 dager siden
I forgot this came out
cookiekai414 4
cookiekai414 4 - 18 dager siden
The movie should have just been Gotham city sirens Introducing poison ivy and catwoman and then did a legit birds of pray with lady black hawk oracle and black canary. the writing for this movie seems super lazy. acting was good but dc has to get some actual writers
Surgeon of death
Surgeon of death - 24 dager siden
1:38 Shounen Anime in a nutshell lmfao
Jmoz_3415 :p
Jmoz_3415 :p - 25 dager siden
when are they rebooting the DCEU?
Ben Flynn
Ben Flynn - 27 dager siden
I completely forgot this movie even existed if I’m being honest
Catalyst X
Catalyst X - 27 dager siden
I’ve only watched this video after I saw both Birds of Prey and Suciude Squad
Celaear - Måned siden
i didnt really like how blackmask was played off as some petty manchild while in other comics / shows hes more of a dark mobster, it felt disingenuous and it really made his character feel less like a villain and more like a child with a lot of money and weapons whos throwing tantrums all the time and killing people. By far imo the weakest part of the movie
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker - Måned siden
Dirt - Måned siden
Hey Marcus you should check out the Harley Quinn cartoon and comics if you haven't already. I enjoy Margo as Harley, but the writing in the movies just doesn't do her justice. they try make her like a PG 13 Deadpool and for me it doesn't add anything. Harley in the comics is great. In her own comic she is a land lord who fights interdemensional ants, has a roof top garden, fights crime with wonder girl, and has a great on and off relationship with Poison Ivy. The cartoon does this really well, but the comics where she shares the main character spot are just as good. Whether her and Ivy are in a goofy slice of life comedy like the Betty and Veronica comics, or her adding a comedic touch to a depressing Suicide Squad mission where Black Manta just wants to be anywhere else besides leading a bunch of goons.
i started rambling rambling so just read the first sentence
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada - Måned siden
Cassandra cain is supposed to be batgirl, she's capability to fight should have dwarfed everybody else's.. Maybe br not huntress...
Mr Tentacles
Mr Tentacles - Måned siden
It doesn’t make sense how she goes around murdering people and then saying that trying giving up that weird kid was a dick move.
Djinn_29 - Måned siden
Personally I felt that the third act went by to fast and that the 2nd act was nothing but talking about characters past
H. Haussermann
H. Haussermann - Måned siden
I Loved This Movie. Harleys A Wreck Because She's Coming Into Her Own After Running With Mr. J. Which Lets Face It That Guy Runs The DC Villain Racket And Nobody's Fuckin' With Him. If She Was Riddlers GF She Would've Been Killed In The First Act And The Movie Would've Been PG-13. (And The Riddlers My Favorite Villain).
Tertullian Quintus
Tertullian Quintus - Måned siden
why wasnt black canary as hot as the comics
SoLongSidekick - Måned siden
You are the worst kind of douchebag.
TrixiLovesYou - Måned siden
I guarantee that if and when Harley Quinn returns to the big screen next time, it will be as male gaze Harley Quinn again, with or without the actress.
Jukemaster - Måned siden
I feel like the feminist energy is heavily there more then you mentioned, name 1 male character in the whole movie who wasn't crazy, creepy or just a straight up asshole, even the one guy who's nice to Harley sold her out
Elijah Tackett
Elijah Tackett - Måned siden
I hated this movie
M Fritz
M Fritz - Måned siden
It really bothers me that shes wearing a shirt that saus harley quinn on it. Like, thats dumb.
Emilee Coady
Emilee Coady - Måned siden
Lesbian paradise ❤️
Power Melodic Dragon Records
But shouldn't the Birds of Prey be at least in the movie?
zekrom jr
zekrom jr - Måned siden
Wait obi wan is in this movie??!
keanan macneil
keanan macneil - 2 måneder siden
“I like how this movie had feminist energy without be obnoxious”😂 was that a joke? FR?
CheshireCat - 2 måneder siden
All I want is a movie about Harley leaving the Joker for Poision Ivy
Nerdy Hunter
Nerdy Hunter - 2 måneder siden
My big problem with this movie is how the characters look. They look way to different from the comic versions (except harley quinn)
joy travis
joy travis - 2 måneder siden
8 out of 10
GMYSTERY ICTNF - 2 måneder siden
When Black Mask said
"Shoot her" I said it at the exact same time
We both Wanted her Dead
the gaming tanktrooper
the gaming tanktrooper - 2 måneder siden
Cat+bird=dead bird
the gaming tanktrooper
the gaming tanktrooper - 2 måneder siden
True results
GhostPants - 2 måneder siden
I had a really great time with this movie
drtirtha das
drtirtha das - 2 måneder siden
man this movie is just a joke completely ruined the characters from their looks to their character portrayal
imaginepeace63 - 2 måneder siden
I hate that this movie did not have Bat-Girl in it. I liked Huntress but WTF! I wanted this movie to follow comics. Black Canary needed to look more like she does in JL animated series too. I hated this movie. Get Jane Levy to play Bat Girl!!
Nah - 2 måneder siden
I like Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street, *for obvious reasons*
menoloe homobavones
menoloe homobavones - 2 måneder siden
2:48 i said this about spider man 3!
dsfc ga
dsfc ga - 2 måneder siden
I think people thought it was gona be too over sexualized because of the costume of harley quin in suicide squad
Pinocchio the real boy
Pinocchio the real boy - 2 måneder siden
This movie was very annoying.
Dingo13550 - 2 måneder siden
Still better than aquaman
Alex Denton
Alex Denton - 2 måneder siden
Loved that movie, I did re-watch it and I will probably do so again. Very fun and visually interesting. I only had 2 issues : I'm glad the action wasn't cut a millions times, but you can tell a lot of times that nothing connects. A step in the right direction, but it felt a little weird. And Cass is almost nothing like comic book Cass, and for once it felt really wrong. Like, Canary and Huntress aren't copies of their comic book selves, but with Cass it really bothered me somehow.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion :)
Sam - 2 måneder siden
why so much hate on the white mans... jeez.. every vid... i enjoy most of them but sometime you got a way to say it that only reminds me of brie larson....
I personally didnt like this movie, not because it didnt give me a boner, but because None of the Bird of Prey are represented well.. you said it yourself you have no idea who is cassandra kane is in this movie... Harley is not even a Bird of Prey... she's a Gotham siren, and this is how the movie should have been call, the side characters should have made more sense to be Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Vs Black Mask.
Calum Yeaman
Calum Yeaman - 2 måneder siden
What are you about talking DC movies can’t pull of good writing. They have The Dark Knight, Superman the Movie, and Wonder Woman
Calum Yeaman
Calum Yeaman - 2 måneder siden
_-Living-_ Deadz03, why not let’s agree to disagree
_-Living-_ Deadz03
_-Living-_ Deadz03 - 2 måneder siden
@Calum Yeaman It really does, but thats your opinion
Calum Yeaman
Calum Yeaman - 2 måneder siden
_-Living-_ Deadz03, I said the writing was sloppy at points but that doesn’t make it terrible
_-Living-_ Deadz03
_-Living-_ Deadz03 - 2 måneder siden
@Calum Yeaman Being more entertaniment than Thor 2 its not a hard job, and does not make Aquaman a example of a good movie with good writing
Calum Yeaman
Calum Yeaman - 2 måneder siden
_-Living-_ Deadz03, See it has positives. I think it’s on the same league as Rouge One first two acts Bland. But Third act makes it worth it
Spencer Kraisler
Spencer Kraisler - 2 måneder siden
What is your favorite movie?
ceo of cringe
ceo of cringe - 2 måneder siden
nDrw - 2 måneder siden
There was one thing that I took away from this movie: this was a little too feminist, there are literally no male protagonists and no female antagonists
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards - 2 måneder siden
So the fact there isn't a male protagonist and isn't a female antagonist means you didn't like it. that's like being annoyed in a male driven story cause there isn't a female main character and a male antagonist.
Big Boy
Big Boy - 2 måneder siden
ngl this movie (by the way you described it) seems like a feminist dp2..
Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger - 2 måneder siden
The only part I didn't like about the movie was all the toxic feminism behind it
Brian Joestar
Brian Joestar - 2 måneder siden
Ewan is a villain?
"You have become the very thing you swore to destroy"
Robert Hayden
Robert Hayden - 2 måneder siden
Me over hear only hearing the cuphead and mugman music at the beginning
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - 2 måneder siden
Lol your complaining I'm cheering "GO MCU "
JI studios
JI studios - 2 måneder siden
movie was decent but made me want egg sandwiches
Ruth Lopez
Ruth Lopez - 2 måneder siden
This was just far-left propaganda going south.
On the other side, I kind of like the fact you can find a lot of enjoyment on many films others would bypass inmediately.
P.S: Male fans can actually dislike a movie with female protagonists and has nothing to do with sexualization but everything to do with bad writing and propaganda of such film saying: "this film was not made for you".
With love,
A girl who loves your show but hates political agendas in films.
Vicki C
Vicki C - 2 måneder siden
I think you were too generous with that rating. I'm still thoroughly pissed off they used Cassandra Cain in name only.
jamal robinson
jamal robinson - 2 måneder siden
I hate how one time someone said show don't tell and after that everybody hates everything
Mr. Cinematic
Mr. Cinematic - 2 måneder siden
If you like this video or this channel then be sure to check out mine! I post good shit I promise
Erez Asken
Erez Asken - 3 måneder siden
Just make the score out of 20
s1lncdb01 - 3 måneder siden
0:41 but this movie... does put a smile on my face