Avengers Endgame - Super Spoiler Review

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 10:09


Luyanda Zakwe
Luyanda Zakwe - 21 time siden
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 4 dager siden
I think if Thor was a fat drunk, but they played it straight like with Hawkeye, then it would have worked. But because they were shooting for memes rather than storytelling it started to get annoying.
boi - 4 dager siden
Theory: Loki was the rat that got Scott Lang out of the quantum realm
hey hey
hey hey - 4 dager siden
torture dance
Ian Lagala
Ian Lagala - 5 dager siden
why its hard for u to understand a plot of the movie? how u didn't get the point of recollecting of the stones to undo Thano's doing?
Thanos Pog
Thanos Pog - 6 dager siden
Its decent, but Infinity War is way way way better
Life N Stuff
Life N Stuff - 7 dager siden
Just the power and emotion in this movie is incredible it brought laughs tears and amazing memories in the theaters and I couldn’t have but keep going back just to experience the emotions that I felt the first time around.
Tricia Poremba
Tricia Poremba - 8 dager siden
everything stays
GD Tacos
GD Tacos - 8 dager siden
*t h a t s a m e r i c a s a s s*
Artemis - 11 dager siden
Ok I know I’m a little late but after hearing all the new movies coming out I’m happy and sad. I really enjoyed the original avengers and even though they had so many movies I still feel they could of done more with them. And I’m excited for eternals fantastic four and xmen but I’m sad that the original feel of the mcu is fading. I just really hope all the movies there hyping up will make me not as upset that basically the avengers are gonna be no more.
lil dripnation
lil dripnation - 12 dager siden
this movie felt like four hours
Chaz Ellison
Chaz Ellison - 13 dager siden
I think it was intentional that black widow has kinda been shallow up till this point. That’s who she was trained to be and despite working for the good guys, she still employs the same tactics she used to when she worked for the bad guys. She’s guarded, quippy, sexy, all that jazz. Then in this movie she actually becomes a part of something, it’s no longer just a job and a mission with people she’s warming up to (best example of this is in civil war, when cap starts to really question his trust for her bc it totally seems like this is just one more mission with a dude she thinks is alright but doesn’t get too close to). It’s her actual personal cause now, and she’s part of a family. You can tell in the scenes where she’s touching base with everyone at HQ that she’s really trying to lead and help people because now she has real beliefs, things matter. She feels less like the cold sexy black widow and more like a real human being who’s hurting. Maybe they could’ve exaggerated that arc or brought more attention to it before but for me it just works.
Charules - 18 dager siden
KruIsReallyDumb - 21 dag siden
So close to one million.
MachSpeed - 25 dager siden
If it's a 10 year wait then it should receive a 10 out of 10
Aaron Flynn
Aaron Flynn - 28 dager siden
I loved thor cause it showed how he suffered and he was also funny
Johnathan Roan
Johnathan Roan - 28 dager siden
I agree with the Thor thing
My penis Is extremely small and
3:49 👀
Carium - Måned siden
The biggest problem this movie has is Thanos. This is not the same Thanos as infinity war, from personality to motive. He's a basic mustache twirling villain in this film.
Carium - Måned siden
@Wraith Lord /Son of Gondor yeah but now you can't sympathize with his goal even a little. He went from utilitarian to nazi over a bump in the road.
Wraith Lord /Son of Gondor
He wants to exterminate all life in the universe because the avengers reversed what he did, also the avengers made things personal so he’s more aggressive
SCI X - Måned siden
They should have gotten moffat for the time travel writing
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith - Måned siden
Swear I'm the only person that dislikes this movie
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins - 25 dager siden
Yes you are
Owen Martin
Owen Martin - Måned siden
Avengers endgame 10/10 my favourite MCU movies
jesus himself
jesus himself - Måned siden
yo this film was trash, y'all just have a nostalgia boner
jesus himself
jesus himself - Måned siden
@Wraith Lord /Son of Gondor yeah okay "wraith lord/ son of gondor"
Wraith Lord /Son of Gondor
You are not Jesus
Ajay Maharaj
Ajay Maharaj - Måned siden
my g is a bit of a dick for someone who isn't talented
SgtKaneGunlock - Måned siden
i dunno I never took thor Being out of shape as a joke(other than the Intial reveal )him getting PTSD and Depression really resonated with me cuz i go through periods of Depression like that, i dunno different strokes for different folks
James Kiago
James Kiago - Måned siden
"Rocket Raccoon attacks Natalie Portman with a dildo" LOL I am dead. Somebody come and get me
Tusken Reader
Tusken Reader - Måned siden
"Rocket Raccoon assaults Natalie Portman with a dildo"
That's a YouTube clickbait title if I've ever heard one
J N - Måned siden
Didn’t mention Hawkeye once, very telling.
Errordemn6 - Måned siden
Hawkeye becoming a serial killer and then just hopping back with the squad was dumb as fuck.
shadownight 2000
shadownight 2000 - Måned siden
I’m sorry this movie is really kinda dumb I mean a RAT literally beats thanos, time travel is a lazy, dumb, and not creative, Tony Stark LITERALLY FIGURES OUT TIME TRAVEL IN A FEW MINUTES and they try to play it off as cute with Morgan like “hey let me see if I can LITERALLY figure our TIME TRAVEL oh I just did” like there is so much convenient krap in this movie just to get the plot going in the middle and the cgi mess at the end 🤔
Simon Andriessen
Simon Andriessen - Måned siden
This movie also fixes the problem you bring up in one of your previous video's about how Captain Amerika should be able to pick up Mjölnir. Because he could. He just didn't want to embarras Thor and that's totally in character. Also I think Thor definitely knew. Like none of the others budge it even a single nanometer yet it audibly moves a bit when Steve tries. Thor immediately looks suprised, and then upon Steve playing it of as a fluke, he awkwardly looks at him and plays along. But it's delivered so sublty and in such an "unimportant" scene that we, the audience, get intrigued for a moment, but as it isn't brought up in any grand manner (up untill THE moment). So yeah. And to people who say it's a rectification done well, I refuse to believe that it wasn't intentional.
Rant time:
Also I don't think Thor gets handled that badly in this movie. It's a sad reality, but if everyone is dealing with a lot, even your friends aren't going to make your personal psychological issues a focus of their actions. Thor gets laughed at a lot because people can be dicks. If they sugarcoated this and made all the heroes supercompassionate that just would be a delusional fantasy. And yes, they are 'heroes' but they are flawed, that's what makes them characters. Also, the people that laugh at Thor or in any other way put him down are mainly War Machine and Rocket Raccoon, and then Tony Stark, who makes one joke. All of these characters (especially Rocket and also Tony) are shown to be very bad at the being nice and caring thing. Also, Thor is basicly a god, so the humans and the Raccoon-experiment are actually punching up, despite how it all looks. And lastly and most imporantly, Thor's story is the only one of the six main ones that isn't finished, and he isn't redeemed. I believe that's mainly because they didn't have enough development to work with. Tony develops in all of his movies, and even in Civil War, defenitely Age of Ultron, Spiderman Homecoming by kinda adopting Peter, Infinity War... Captain America doesn't chance, but the world does, he can't trust the government, you've heard it all. Same thing. Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Hawkeye got way less focus and they'fixed it by making their stories way less detailed (they basicly fucked over these characters so badly that they're gonna try rebooting them, what else is the upcoming Black Widow movie). But Thor is different. At the start of Ragnarok, he has two of his own movies, focussed on him, and plays a decently important role in both avengers movies up this point. But he's almost completely the same charater as in his introduction in the first movie. He a little less brash and boastfull and full of himself, but he's still full of himself (see the Cap half-lifting the hammer and he's very embarrassed), brash and boastfull,... You can't do this character's huge arc in one superhero film (cause superhero movie gotta superhero and stuff) and 24 minutes devided over two others. Cap and Tony had the big, last fall at the end of Infinity War and started their last chapter at the beginning of endgame, but Thor just isn't there yet. It also fits he's the last of them to go on because all of the others are older and very tired, but he's litterally about the same age as when it started, from 1500 and something years to 1500 and something + a bit. He's tired because he's depressed, and ending like that would be .... a message. And I don't agree with condoning such fatalism. Also good thing they didn't glorify him at the end. He still has to climb out of a deep bit, and that's a slow proces, and sometimes you slide back down a bit.
tldr: I don't think Thor was handled badly. It wasn't the best thing ever, but it was more than passable.
Simon Andriessen
Simon Andriessen - Måned siden
oh boy I want to add that I really like your content a whole lot and that my previous comment is and answer to the first time I strongly disagree with you. I also know I'm probably not as well-versed in comic-lore, movie critisism or storytelling than you are, and also that a lot of points come from a youtube video on how Thor was handled decently, and it's not okay to pass them of as my own. If it looks like I'm trying to sound smarter than I am, I'm sorry. But anyway I love your content so keep up the great work!
Aaron Levinson
Aaron Levinson - Måned siden
This is the kind of guy that would hate the Harry Potter series
Ran Freee
Ran Freee - Måned siden
Any one notice the time of this vid is 10/10
Ran Freee
Ran Freee - Måned siden
Oh oof, I kinda want to die now
Ehi - Måned siden
No it’s not its 10:09
Lord Mū
Lord Mū - Måned siden
Endgame is subpar. I'm surprised by this take
SincerestSix1 BrahSavage
SincerestSix1 BrahSavage - Måned siden
I know this is old but I rewatched this today and reminded me this is the only movie that has ever made me cry. Tony stark and captain america was my childhood and at 17 ive never felt so old.
Jesline Rene
Jesline Rene - 2 måneder siden
i agree but with hulk instead rather than thor because i understand the whole drunk fat thor and why they did it (thinking about all he lost and the fact he is suffering from guilt for being the one who could have literally stop Thanos from killing half of life if he aim for his head). i feel he was more depressed rather than funny. and even tho Hulk has always been a comic relief in marvel movies i feel like in here, it was too much. i dont know maybe Professor Hulk hit different i guess
Dolb didericksen
Dolb didericksen - 2 måneder siden
Infinity war wasn’t a cosmonaut quickie and this one is and this video was longer 😂🤦‍♂️
Fajar Setiawan
Fajar Setiawan - 2 måneder siden
You missed one important thing that makes Thor like that in this film. It is PTSD and Anxiety disorder. Fat Thor isn't merely there as a comic relief, he portrayed the bleakest expression of trauma left by the Blip out of all characters, even Tony.
Top Back Podcast
Top Back Podcast - 2 måneder siden
I thought Endgame was perfectly paced. I can’t think of any particular scene that didn’t serve a purpose. The only scene that could’ve been better was Ant-Mans return. Having a rat pressing the right buttons to open up the quantum realm was beyond dumb
Zach P
Zach P - 2 måneder siden
Anybody else thinks Infinity war is better then endgame?
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Would you make a video about Apokolips War movie. They say it is better than Endgame
Retarded Reviews
Retarded Reviews - 2 måneder siden
captain marvel just didnt feel as important in this movie as they insinuated in the cutscenes
napdragon - 2 måneder siden
imaginepeace63 - 2 måneder siden
That scene where Black Widow target practice is not even in the movie. I wanted to see that and it is not in the movie or the deleted scenes.
Oe'L. - 2 måneder siden
Fat Thor is funny pid
Julian McGrath
Julian McGrath - 2 måneder siden
bro wtf kinda games were you talking over
Hardusty - 2 måneder siden
Dude the "i am IronMan" was all RDJ he made it up in the moment
R.M.S Brand
R.M.S Brand - 2 måneder siden
Although I’m glad captain marvel wasn’t in this movie much because of her OP abilities and the main focus on the original avengers, I feel like she was still kind of underused. I mean obviously she shouldn’t dominate the movie since it’s more based on the older characters but for a character that basically was hyped to play the role of Adam warlock from the original comic, she kind of doesn’t really matter as much. Of course, the original infinity war comic is a lot different and Endgame is its own thing but her inclusion in this movie was a little too hyped up by the advertising and referencing in the infinity war movie. However, I’m glad we got her instead of Adam warlock or any of the other omnipotent characters of the original comic. While I still want marvel to showcase the more cosmic characters in their movies, I’m glad they didn’t throw in characters who were never established in previous movies.
brady thomas
brady thomas - 2 måneder siden
We need to find more words to say other than just cute.. but this was my favorite theatre moment in my life and I was totally invested and the last scene with Sam saying “On you left” and the portals all start to open... if that doesn’t give you goosebumps then you are crazy!
PositiveSarcasm - 2 måneder siden
tbh Nat's death felt very, very permanent to me. Maybe it's just difference in opinions, but I cried like a child over her death in the cinema.
Xavier - 2 måneder siden
Listen up Avengers!
This year we lost. All of us. Covid 19 is our snap. We lost friends. We lost family. We lost a part of ourselves. We have a chance to take it all back. You know your teams. You know your missions. Stay inside. Follow the rules. We get it back. One round trip each. No mistakes. No do overs. Most of us are going somewhere we know. That doesn't mean we shouldn't know what to expect. Be careful. Look out for each other. This is the fight of our lives. And we're going to win. Whatever it takes. Good luck.
Avengers Assemble!
GRIFFIN GLASS - 2 måneder siden
So who is ready to see the Beyonder in the next avengers movie or maybe secret wars. Who knows.
Spencer Kraisler
Spencer Kraisler - 2 måneder siden
No one:
Cosmonaut: "tHe pAcInG"
Nice thick Memes
Nice thick Memes - 2 måneder siden
It’s an 11 year build up
Greg Norsworthy
Greg Norsworthy - 2 måneder siden
Once I realized that they broke the cardinal rule that you can't use the stones to destroy the stones, I realized it was going to be all fan service and action.
It was beautiful to watch, but not something compelling to watch.
Harry Jude
Harry Jude - 2 måneder siden
"the original 'goons'" ... hmm, "goons" ...
Billy Two Cents
Billy Two Cents - 2 måneder siden
I still can't believe they brought Rey in at the end to kill Thanos and use the gauntlet to kill all the bad guys and Iron Man...
Billy Two Cents
Billy Two Cents - 2 måneder siden
I disagree on a couple of things:
They made it quite clear what they were going to do with the stones, Tony in particular is adamant that they bring everyone back to present day and change nothing else because he doesn't want to lose his daughter.
As for Black Widow, I felt as though it was made very obvious that her death was permanent, they reference it a lot and how anyone dying for the Soul Stone can never be brought back with the stones. They all try to bring her back and are very much upset when it doesn't work. Her death was also one of the saddest points in the movie, her and Hawkeye fighting each other to see who was going to kill themselves for good was something I didn't see coming until they got to the planet and I was just like "Wait... Oh fuck".
The only issue I had with the time travel is when Thor effectively screwed himself in another timeline out of his hammer.
Stoplight - 2 måneder siden
Alternate timeline Thor should be fine since Cpt America brings back his hammer at the end of the movie.
Fearz TML
Fearz TML - 2 måneder siden
I watched endgame on opening night. It was unreal
Giulia Gorini
Giulia Gorini - 2 måneder siden
I love you man, but like. Literally all the reasons you listed for liking this movie are my complaints for it 😂