(Archive) 100k SUBSCRIBER D&D STREAM!!

Originally aired 12/8/2017
Watch the ludicrous 9-hour Dungeons and Dragons stream to celebrate the Cosmonauts hitting 100k subscribers! We did it all for you guys.
Runtime: 9:06:19


Ethan Macias
Ethan Macias - 2 måneder siden
I want pizza, Meghan.
ZeeZee - 3 måneder siden
Ha, if I want to watch an eight-hour stream! Of course, I watch this stream every year!
Blue - År siden
Crazy to think y'all only had 100K subs just a year ago.
Ethan. Branthoover
Ethan. Branthoover - År siden
Dang I wish I had a group of friends to do this with
ShadowPacman - 2 år siden
im like 9 hours... shit i aint sleeping today
Raymond of Toulouse
Raymond of Toulouse - 2 år siden
I love dungeons and dragons
Daniel - 2 år siden
"Tasch is a girl!?"
Illusion 100
V_Tori - 2 år siden
let sight date the vampire, marcus
Naria Elren
Naria Elren - 2 år siden
The video is lagged behind the audio after awhile in. Still enjoyable to listen to the audio though.
Le poopie
Le poopie - 2 år siden
YOURE BLACK?!?!? Unsubscribed
Love your videos
They always make me laugh my ass off
Trevor V
Trevor V - 2 år siden
Can you do a review of avatar the last airbender?
Sorcha Miles
Sorcha Miles - 2 år siden
I can't find the website their using. Even when I google D&D tabletop it keeps showing their 3d game. Can someone provide a link?
Golden Knife
Golden Knife - 2 år siden
Roll20, like the person above me said. It’s free unless you want certain assets
Lucas O
Lucas O - 2 år siden
it's roll20
Ryan McLafferty
Ryan McLafferty - 2 år siden
kiss kiss marcus
rtdrtd123321 - 2 år siden
Dang! Longest I've ever DM'd was 7.5 hours
BearMaster4.0 - 2 år siden
DUDE another 30,000 subscribers in one day.
Bryan Bonilla
Bryan Bonilla - 2 år siden
Dann it I missed it
bob bob
bob bob - 2 år siden
Rip Walter, who was boiled alive
Bee gone
Bee gone - 2 år siden
now I know who's the best player
Air-tin - 2 år siden
Jesus Christ he's going to watch all of this?
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour
hahahahahahahaha haha hahahaha no - Marcus
John Doe
John Doe - 2 år siden
Total of 9 hours
Mr.Smiles1408 - 2 år siden
Are these guys in college?
Taco Nuke(Dapper Edition)
is that a jo man refrence Dan?
Eyþór Trausti Bjarnason
Video starts at 3:47
Yams - År siden
Oligarch - 2 år siden
Eyþór Trausti Bjarnason thanks
Smashblood101 - 2 år siden
Wow props to you guys
Smashblood101 - 2 år siden
It starts at 3:50 if anyone wants to skip
PREMIUM PICKAXE - 2 år siden
This will take awhile to watch
cole schubert
cole schubert - 2 år siden
9 hours Jesus