Announcing Cosmonaut Tabletop: The NEW Cosmonaut Roleplaying Podcast (ep.1)

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MayuriKurotsuchi - 11 måneder siden
Jason D.
Jason D. - 11 måneder siden
I do have a request though. The story of the dungeons and cosmonaut series has started, now i need it ended. Please someone write an official ending for this storyline.
Helix - År siden
I love that you're playing this game! I've tried to create a bunch of GM resources to encourage people to play. I think SWRPG deserves way more attention.
DaVinci 3
DaVinci 3 - År siden
My god if you get that sweet Disney money then this would be incredible
NoscoSays - År siden
Running my own rpg with this system. Absolutely love it! Looking forward to hearing your adventures.
Vivek - År siden
holy crap, this is AMAZING
starwars is great
starwars is great - År siden
Do you know if a video format would be possible
Aidz with a Z
Aidz with a Z - År siden
An Edge of the Empire podcast hosted by a YouTuber I already like? I couldn’t have asked for anything more
Jakey Baby
Jakey Baby - År siden
Stop talking to me in that sexy voice
You’re confusing my sexuality
Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm - År siden
i know I'm yelling into the void that is the Youtube commentary, but how does one upload their Podcasts (or really any audio) to Spotify and other Podcast-y places.
JMashProductions - År siden
I loved when you kept referring to the ship as "Seen Better Days." I feel like, if you guys need a moniker, that would be absolutely perfect! Definitely sad that there are no visuals this time around, but all of you are really exceptional! This cast feels very polished and I can't wait for more! I can't wait to catch up with the newest casts!
Jack dylan Smith
Jack dylan Smith - År siden
If love you to do more of these it would be rly nice
Joe Butler-Pracy
Joe Butler-Pracy - År siden
If solo was worth reviewing, the Scott Pilgrim is tooo
Philip Brooks
Philip Brooks - År siden
Luke W.
Luke W. - År siden
It would be nice to hear the odds on the rolls. Even if they were not technically accurate mathematically but at least relatively? Just to give a better idea as to the difficulty of a given action or the risk involved per se.
Retro Koval
Retro Koval - År siden
kiera - År siden
Aw hell yeah
Whosoever Believeth
Whosoever Believeth - År siden
In Star Wars, Cowboy = Nerf Herder
Blue Jean (they/them)
Blue Jean (they/them) - År siden
Setup Ends/Game Begins @ 14:30
AE - År siden
Are you guys considering live streaming when you play? That would be dope
Finn •
Finn • - År siden
Yo dude I watch your whole podcast and have a few questions:
1: Why did the people attacking Warren care about the droids on the planet?
2: How did K1D get made? He clearly is t any known droid based off the cover art
3: How did you decide to bring Han Solo out and tell everyone why they are wrong about his movie?
BenchRails - År siden
I would really love a separate channel for this!
WIlliam C. Howes
WIlliam C. Howes - År siden
I got two minutes in and I was genuinely getting concerned that he somehow figured out how to make a two hour video of just him talking about the new podcast.
Arvid Nordansjö
Arvid Nordansjö - År siden
Y A S !
Suomi poika
Suomi poika - År siden
Fuck yes
Lindo Dank
Lindo Dank - År siden
You should review that Netflix show with spyro the dragon I think is called skylanders academy
Joe9105 - År siden
Hey dude can we please just talk about how amazing Star Wars the clone wars animated series is on like discord or something. I’m serious, let’s do it
Titococo Nunez
Titococo Nunez - År siden
watch the amazing spiderman 2 or you gay
The Top Dawg
The Top Dawg - År siden
How often will these episodes come out?
Kieron Campion
Kieron Campion - År siden
I swear Cinemasins, YourMovieSucksDOTorg and Cosmonaut are the biggest dumpster fires on Youtube.
Kieron Campion
Kieron Campion - År siden
Kaiser Teelir
Kaiser Teelir - År siden
Kieron Campion context please
Rodney Moonga
Rodney Moonga - År siden
Hey, big fan of your channel
I was wondering wat your take is on the DC Animated movies.
Like the death of superman,justice league war, flash point paradox e.t.c 😅
Matt - År siden
dude, you should really review agents of shield. better than a lot of the MCU flicks
Fauxstralian - År siden
Could you talk about deadpool 2 and how some fans are complaining it had too much 'normie humor'/made for normies instead of dp fans, please? I'd like to hear your analysis
ZaNoshi - År siden
This is where the fun begins
Raph Valdes
Raph Valdes - År siden
taika YT? Taika Waititi???
Joshua DeBadts
Joshua DeBadts - År siden
This Star Wars DnD fan fiction is so cringey
Joshua DeBadts
Joshua DeBadts - År siden your subscribers have to listen under Spotify, Itunes, and Google Play to actually even get a "Variety Hour"
Lucas Houske
Lucas Houske - År siden
Hey, you should watch battle star Galactica you might like it
Emilia-Tan - År siden
Review the entire transformers franchise
Alijah B
Alijah B - År siden
Unrelated, but can you please do a review 500 days of summer?
Devan Hale
Devan Hale - År siden
react to the starwars resistance trailer..
Nick - År siden
Can you do a vid on the clone wars 2003 series?
Sid Todd
Sid Todd - År siden
How often are these episodes gonna be released?
REALLY digging this new show.
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour
Every other week on Monday!
these2kings0305 - År siden
I thought you were gonna review all the dceu movies are ya evah gonna get to that
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley - År siden
i rewatched Generator Rex lately and HOLY SHIT that show is a good time ! You should talk about it because it's so underated
E k
E k - År siden
you should do a video where you review and rank all the marvel after credits scenes!
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte - År siden
This is awesome!
Jordan Nguyen
Jordan Nguyen - År siden
If you ever play monsterhearts, I am on in an instant
spencer kairi
spencer kairi - År siden
Shite podcast
Princess Jello
Princess Jello - År siden
You could consider Google Hangouts also. I hear that thing runs great on everything from toaster oven to bleeding edge gaming pc. But if its a mic thing then... Idk...
My friends use discord and play on Wednesdays
And u know what that means: "It's Wednesday my dudes!"
Zane S
Zane S - År siden
This is a pretty random request, but I love hearing your thoughts on superhero media. Could you make a video someday about your thoughts on the CW Flash and Arrow series? Also, this podcast was pretty fucking awesome, nice job
Teddy - År siden
Hey Uncle Cosmonaut, could you do a video where you rank all of the actors/actresses in the MCU on how well they play the characters.
I just think you would do a really good job on the video. If not that's cool, Thanks!
Sightseeing - 2 år siden
Can you put it on Sound cloud?
simon welsh
simon welsh - 2 år siden
can you make a video recommending different obscure comic books?
Tom Spiegel
Tom Spiegel - 2 år siden
A few days ago, Rifftrax posted a similar video. They played _Krull_ games.
Nukannguaq Hegelund
Nukannguaq Hegelund - 2 år siden
El Snail
El Snail - 2 år siden
Please do a review on Logan. I know it’s been out for a year but I really do think it’s worthy of the status of the dark knight
csimpson14 - 2 år siden
Dungeons and cosmonauts is dead. Long live Cosmonaut Tabletop!
(Seriously though, I’m thrilled that we get more TTRPG from you guys. Great work!)
Noirpie - 2 år siden
Marcus, could you review that shitshow movie slender man?
Carth Onasi
Carth Onasi - 2 år siden
I will make majority of the comments