Alita Battle Angel - Anime Movies Still Don't Work

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The_ltself - 14 dager siden
Ive never watched a single bit of anime, but i liked this film, so
Rulx - 18 dager siden
You didn't mention how bad the effects look
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - Måned siden
I had a lot of fun with this movie and it was actually my first introduction to this series and had no idea that it was an adaptation so I can give it credit for that and idk I just really liked it
Penny Omega
Penny Omega - Måned siden
What I don’t like about these anime adaptations is the creator’s fears of doing something new with the work. The movies are either too faithful or to far apart. I wish the directors explored the core elements of the anime but changed parts of it to add their own twist on it. What’s the point of wasting time with these movies when there’s nothing new that is done well in it? There’s gotta be something unique in them otherwise it’s better to watch the original product
Orc Savage
Orc Savage - Måned siden
Here's the summary of alita battle angel: a happy movie until 1/3 is done, then it becomes the new Hellboy reboot
87poopdealer - 2 måneder siden
Why were u eating cheese while making this
Doodle Animations
Doodle Animations - 2 måneder siden
Why is no one talking about edge of tomorrow!!!!!!!
Kusanagikaiser999 - 2 måneder siden
FUCK YOU this movie is freaking awesome and an incredible faithful adaptation of the first volume, wtf you know about Gunnm or Battle Angel, asshole.
Geryukin - 2 måneder siden
The only good anime irl film, imo, is the jojo part 4 movie
Mark Møller Hansen
Mark Møller Hansen - 2 måneder siden
Hugo dying is the best thing scene in that movie. He's so annoying and the actor is so bland compared to the other actors.
blaststorm rampage
blaststorm rampage - 2 måneder siden
I mean it was fun to watch but it wasn't really that much fighting in the movie to me it wasn't
Kaila V
Kaila V - 2 måneder siden
Alita would have made a kickass video game.
Gabe Hansen
Gabe Hansen - 2 måneder siden
This is my dad's favourite movie and he thinks anime is the spawn of satan.
Skywalking Studioz 500 subs pls?
I love this movie and the only anime I’ve seen is dragon ball when I was like 6.
Henry Swint
Henry Swint - 2 måneder siden
How THE FUCK does christoph waltz look exactly like ido in the anime
seafighter4 - 3 måneder siden
I did not finish this movie. Why did I not finish this movie? "Since I'm learning names already, why don't you tell me yours?" ... Who the fuck says that, especially after waking up only minutes or a few hours prior with no memory?
NameWithheld - 3 måneder siden
I absolutely love the manga, but Western audiences are not ready for the Jupiter Union or République Vénus, much less Anomaly.
Rodolfo Sandoval
Rodolfo Sandoval - 3 måneder siden
Definitely a 8/10 I think it's acceptable unlike other anime movies, I only think it needs minor improvements tbh
Choc Zebre
Choc Zebre - 4 måneder siden
this movie is the worse
Gold Silver
Gold Silver - 4 måneder siden
I guess you still haven’t seen Gantz: O lol
raven lord
raven lord - 4 måneder siden
I totally get it, that some media just doesn't translate well to others. Like try to imagine Alita as a Broadway musical.
B F - 4 måneder siden
The OVA this is directly adapting (not the manga source) actually covers the exact same story material in a shorter runtime.
spidy one
spidy one - 4 måneder siden
sorry man but you must be high
vinzer72frie - 4 måneder siden
GiTS did a better job adapting anime it's better than Alita imo a solid 9/10
john hoskins
john hoskins - 5 måneder siden
0:45-0:53 The Matrix: am I a joke to you
Unidad176 - 5 måneder siden
I really like manga, and when this movie was release i decide to read Alita (i didnt watch the movie and dont wanna really) and the manga(the 3 mangas really) was one of the best iv ever read, and is one of the few mangas i will read again just because is awesome!!!
Build a WALL
Build a WALL - 5 måneder siden
Ok I don't like anime but the CGI was gold so I like the movie and i respect anime most of my friends like anime
Build a WALL
Build a WALL - 5 måneder siden
MY DAD TOLD ME Anime girls aren't real and THEN my dad went to go get milk
Dean Calhoun
Dean Calhoun - 5 måneder siden
she looks fuckin dumb
Brandon Peterson
Brandon Peterson - 5 måneder siden
Christoph Waltz is really good in this movie
Adam Wallin
Adam Wallin - 5 måneder siden
I don’t watch anime and I still enjoyed it
Ph[c]ookie. T
Ph[c]ookie. T - 6 måneder siden
Stay away from anime, not for your sake but so that I can continue enjoying it.
AlitaBattleBot01 - 6 måneder siden
If nothing else it got me into anime and manga.

I thought it was pretty good.
T33K3SS3LCH3N - 7 måneder siden
It may be a faithful adaptation in most individual parts, but it meshes so many story arcs together that it completely screws up the pacing and makes some moments just awful.
In the movie she only really keeps winning and improving, whereas the manga wrecks her right in her second fight and the doc gets heavily injured. And it's the doc, not some miracle adventure, that gives her the berserker body.
It's in that context that the bar fight happens - because the doc pleads for aid and Alita is upset at the bounty hunters responding with ridicule. In the movie she just arrogantly strolls in there and looks like jackass.
And all of this happens way before Alita's love interest or motorball are even introduced.
Camdenandroid - 7 måneder siden
That hellish abomination gives me the worst case of uncanny valley ever. What's wrong with your face?!
Marisa Kintu
Marisa Kintu - 8 måneder siden
Glad Hugo died,.
King Mobile
King Mobile - 8 måneder siden
Anime movies are good just not 3D animated ones and live action ones like Bleach Fade to Black and the dbz and dbs movies
railerswim - 8 måneder siden
In reality the major major issue with this movie is that productions can’t work fast and efficiently enough to get two - three films out in a year to properly pace the story and viewers can’t afford to go to the movies that often nor do production companies have the money to do that large of a budget and so the whole thing is limited by time/money. Both are fleeting.
Kye Dysarthria
Kye Dysarthria - 8 måneder siden
Your complaint about the difficulties of proper media transitions is applicable the to every genere; not just anime.
Daniel Bloomquist
Daniel Bloomquist - 8 måneder siden
I love your BGM decisions and this one cleft me in twain like a Boomerang Cutter straight from Kuwanger's hand.
Exterminator05 - 8 måneder siden
3:33 to 3:39
I don’t like anime but I loved the movie

Wait, that’s illegal
Fagachini Linguini
Fagachini Linguini - 8 måneder siden
I fucking hated this movie
Alien5000 - 8 måneder siden
I thought it was a good 6/10 movie, that's it, and yeah, that Hugo sucks.
Wendy Scott
Wendy Scott - 8 måneder siden
Alita is the one instance of the movie being better than the anime.
SpeedWeedon - 9 måneder siden
I just watched the movie and enjoyed it alot, but I did notice the weird ass pacing and some really bad dialogue. The action and designwork was on fucking point though and the ballsport scenes were highly excilirating action scenes for being full on cgi. Its probably the best "faithful" western adaptation of a manga/anime, as the best anime/manga based movie is still Oldboy by far.
Alan David
Alan David - 9 måneder siden
Garbage video as always
Only Memes
Only Memes - 9 måneder siden

I fucking hated this movie it sucked ass
Thomas King
Thomas King - 9 måneder siden
I agree with most of what you said... I'm just a little uncomfortable with how you tossed around the word "anime" as a homogenous story formula. Anime is a very diverse subculture, artform, *and* medium of storytelling. Saying that you "like anime" is almost like saying "I like books". You might hate Alita and other kinds of meme-able shonen battle anime but you may love "slice-of-life" realistic fiction anime. It's not quite as simple as "all anime stories do not lend themselves to adaptation" because "anime" is not a small unified thing.
BioGoji 1989
BioGoji 1989 - 10 måneder siden
Ahem, Crying Freeman (starring Mark Dacascos) and Guyver: Dark Hero (starring David SOLID SNAKE Hayter) are both really good live action western adaptations of Japanese manga. Don't bother with the first Guyver film, though, just stick with Dark Hero.
Damien DAMIEN - 10 måneder siden
I really didn't expect everyone to hate Hugo in the comments. I actually loved Hugo in the movie, and so did the rest of my family. Weird
BIueharvest - 10 måneder siden
I liked it but good God the dialogue was awful
JinxLove - 10 måneder siden
This movie was more based off the manga more than the anime but it’s really great for me it actually made me watch the anime and read the manga.
MLG RAZOR PIG - 11 måneder siden
People forget that it’s only western adaptations that are bad Japans pretty good when it comes to anime adaptations
This movie was pretty good.
Doc_ Trancy
Doc_ Trancy - 11 måneder siden
Let’s be honest though, even in Japan, live action adaptations suck.
mike gurgle
mike gurgle - 11 måneder siden
I'd love for a sequel but....where to go with it? Single movie imo fits this entirely.
DeadpoolAB - 11 måneder siden
Rouroni Kenshin.
Your welcome.
Metal Gear Wolf
Metal Gear Wolf - 11 måneder siden
Cerebral Static
Cerebral Static - 11 måneder siden
weirdly enough, I think the movie suffers because the Rollerball arc was crammed in there for spectacle, but they messed up Hugo. Hear me out: Hugo was supposed to be a pathetic weasel who survives at the mercy of powerful forces outside his control. His tragic backstory which fuels his desire to escape the city is massively undercut by A: A PG13 film greatly undercutting how dangerous the city is, B: removing the emotional throughput for his motivation by cutting out his tragic backstory, and C: trying to make him Likable. Hugo isn't likable, he's tragic, and pathetic. By the end of the story, his dreams are crushed, he loses his mind, and he climbs the tube to Zalem, only to be given one final middle-finger before dying. The role he serves in the Manga is critical in establishing emotional through-lines, and exemplify the core philosophical theme of ALITA: Nihilism. Hopelessness. Alitas story is a tragedy, and one by one, everything goes wrong, and almost everyone dies. Hugo is the beginning of that theme, and it did not translate in the movie.
Taylord - 11 måneder siden
This is one of the rare cases where we have a good adaption, but not a very good movie.
Taylord - 11 måneder siden
But not a bad movie either. For me it was just okay.
Raider9714 - 11 måneder siden
Love how half of of the comments are arguing about this critic being right or wrong but at the end of the day everyone has their own critique and tastes, something he might think is shit may be a masterpiece for another, if you have doubts just watch it and rate it yourselves... instead of believing someone that might have different tastes than you. SMH. people that can't decide for themselves and look for someone to rate something for them are too dependent and like someone else mentioned "a mindless drone"